Barfi - Awesome Engineering A Train Made From Maruti 800 !

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We had the size and design of a basic train.
We had references and photographs.
But the problem was, after we make the train, how will we make it run.
Anurag told me, "I've an old 800."
"Try with it."
I said, fine. I asked for the 800 to be delivered to Filmcity.
Then I was confident that this car could work out.
We fitted this train over the car.
And then, slowly,
playfully, jokingly, we made a train in 2 ½ days.
The specialty of this is that everything is made of ply.
This is ply.
Here we have used thermocol.
Like.. Look at this.
We have used thermocol. We can fit it back.
These are PVC pipes. - Okay.
This too is a PVC pipe.
I'll show you the most interesting thing of this train.
Its petrol tank.
This is the petrol tank of this train.
We fill petrol in it.
A train has two headlights.
One in the front and one at the rare. - Yeah.
This is its rare headlight.
If you go to see, it is a utensil used for cooking.
We have fixed a bowl in it.
And on top of it..
On top of it we fix this net. - Okay.
We fix it over it, like this and it looks like a headlight.
The driver is the most important part of it.
Which is.. Me. I ride it.
I have to sit in it and drive it.
And this is how I get my judgment.
I can't see anything on my left.
The exhaust pipe..
Inside it we fit a smoke machine.
And a blower. - Okay.
The combination of the two helps the smoke come out.
Plus, we install a smoke machine on the side as well..
Smoke comes out from there as well.
Look, a wok. An iron wok..
An iron wok is what we've used to make the front headlight.
These nuts and bolts are made of rubber. - Alright.
These nuts and bolts are made of POP.
We have placed rabbets and all.
Look at this. This is a chain made of thermocol.
This chain is made from thermocol.
We're paid for cheating and lying.
As long as it is looking real in the film, I..
It doesn't matter to me.
"Diving into the river of dreams.."
And the most special thing about this is that..
..this Maruti 800 is brother's first car.
It was my first car. I was very emotional about it.
And..I romanced my wife in that car.
So, I mean, it was..
Now I won't even fit in it.
Back then I was leaner.
"Diving into the river of dreams.."