The Guild Season 6 Production Diaries - Days 7 & 8

Uploaded by geekandsundry on Sep 24, 2012


JEFF WINKLER: Yes, so today is day seven.
We're shooting for the next three days.
We're shooting outside.
We have about 30 extras today.
And today, yesterday, and tomorrow, and all of last
week, actually, we had a southern California heat wave.
So we're looking at about 90 degrees to 105
degrees, to 107 degrees.
And it's hot outside.
And that's something that everybody's had to battle.
We're constantly giving people--
I think we've gone through 11 cases of water so far today,
and it's only 3:00.
Everyone is just battling this heat.
But one person that has to battle this
heat the most is makeup.
Makeup's constantly having to run up, pat him down, and him
them look like he's dry.
And same with Codex, when she's out here.
And it's really just been Codex and Vork today.
But now the entire "Guild" cast is here, and we're going
to be filming them for the rest of the day.
So I'm sure makeup is going to be going crazy.
We have three makeup people today between so many people
on set, and so many people are going to need attention
because of how hot it is outside.
STEPHANIE LAWRENCE: Hi, I'm Stephanie Lawrence.
I'm one of the makeup assistants on the set.
And it's freezing.
I don't know if you guys can tell but--
no, I'm kidding.
It's been really fun, we have a great crew.
We have great food, especially since I'm vegetarian.
And we're having a good time on set with the actors.
It's pretty awesome.
Anyway, just be on the lookout for "The Guild"
season six coming up.
Not a lot of struggles today.
Today's been great.
We do have a lot of background, so we
have a lot of extras.
And "The Guild" has this awesome organization, The
Guild of Extras.
So they've got all these fans of the show that year after
year have been the people in the background.
So I think if you stop frames, you may be able to see people
in like season two, three, four, five, and six that have
been recurring in the background.
So it's really great when you have this crowd and these
extras on set, because there's a lot of energy.
Because there's so many people, and it's a lot of fun,
a lot of great energy.
So every morning, literally every morning when I drive
here, I'm like, I can't believe I get to direct "The
Guild" today.
Like, it's just unbelievable that you get that kind of
So I'm thrilled to be here, and be with these people.
KIM EVEY: So this was a huge day for everybody.
It was literally the hugest day that we had in terms of
sheer number of people that are gonna be on this shoot.
We had, I think over 35 extras.
We had the entire cast of "The Guild." We had the entire game
company cast here.
And we had every--
I feel like we had every speaking role.
We had a lot of people, we didn't have a lot of space.
So a big issue of today was clearing space out so that you
could put things or people, and then clearing it out again
so that you could put those things and people in other
places that they needed to be.
So it was all like a big puzzle all day long.
And right now, I am helping art department prep for
tomorrow by removing these [BEEPING]
from the outside of this cubicle, because
every little bit helps.