Lyoto "The Dragon" Machida interview from 09/30/2010 part 2 of 2

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it was really sportsmanlike, he saw that I no longer had the condition to fight him
and he didn’t even wait for the referee to interfere, he stopped right there
and got up celebrating his victory, obviously
but his manner and his attitude shows that the sport is taking the route that everybody wants it to take
of respect, of...
of fair play, the guy knows when to stop, when his opponent is no longer in condition
This shows his confidence, this shows the dominance of his technique
And how secure he is, without fearing a potential mistake by the referee asking to proceed with the fight
So he really showed a gesture of… a great fighter, of a good person and I respect him a lot because of that too
we will get back to talking to Lyoto soon regarding his next commitment inside the octagon
and that's where the good news comes in
It has been confirmed, the match between Lyoto Machida and Rampage Jackson
and all the other matches from UFC 123
Will be broadcasted live on SporTV, your champion channel in fighting as well
but just one good news is not sufficient, it isn't enough
Sensei is also giving out the official T-shirt of the Dragon autographed by the former LHW champion, role the tape
Access Sensei’s blog and let me know, what do I need to do to become once again the champion of the UFC
Who gives the best answer will get this autographed T-shirt
In the second part of our interview, the Dragon tells us how his preparations are going for his upcoming bout against Rampage
And primarily his plans for his triumphant recapture of the LHW belt
my style is Karate, I come from Karate
so I have been well studied
Until a while ago, I was an enigma
“damn, what is this guy going to do?” and so on
So now, I’m being well studied, and I’m also molding myself using my Karate, my art
but molding it to current situations
Because sometimes a strike that used to be effective is no longer effective because people have created a defense [for it]
and I have to adapt my style to this situation so that I can strike in another form, perhaps a bit different
perhaps changing the angle, the timing, because everyone is studying [my old self]
So that’s what I wanted to say, because this cycle will keep on happening
And this is nothing more than the evolution of the technique, and the evolution of the sport
Everyone has a “mother art”, in my case it’s the Karate
But Karate, I’m speaking of the stand up fighting aspect
It has all the aspects that a fight standing has of good
knees, elbows, but that were taken out of the art
by its sportive side
As it was with Jiu-Jitsu, the old Jiu-Jitsu had punches, kicks, but were taken out to make the sportive Jiu-Jitsu with the gi
So I keep training my mother art a lot, which is Karate
But also encompassing and adding situations more seen in MMA
For example, a cross strike, a take down followed by a combination or vice versa
These are things you’ll never see in the sport of Karate or in a regular Karate academy
So that’s what we’re searching for, that’s where our philosophy comes in for Machida Karate
We are encompassing MMA, this group of activities, this group of styles that...
Prepares you for the path of a real combat
I think the LHW belt, is the most disputed belt in MMA
There are a lot of good athletes, lots of them
I think it’s a weight class that embodies technique, strength, speed
All the aspects that are important in the development of the fight
Because if you go up to HW, the guy will usually have a lot of strength but loses speed
If you go lighter, the guy has speed but not the strength of a HW
But that’s not the same for LHW, it encompasses all of that
Making the weight class very disputed and strong
One may be faster, one may have better technique, and one may be stronger
But it all evens out, in the end it all evens out
This makes the weight class with a very high degree of competitiveness
That’s why I believe a lot of fighters have emerged and gotten to the top of the weight class
I’m used to the provocations to build up a fight
What happened in the Shogun rematch was a bit different
it was something that everyone was talking about because of the first fight
it was a bit different
There were no provocations between myself and Shogun
but rather there was the pressure on top of the fight that was about to take place
With Rampage is going to be a bit different, I know that provocation exists
they will always exist. He can talk about me, he can say what he’s going to do and what’s going to happen
but I’m used to this, I can eliminate most of this, because I know that everything will be sorted out inside the octagon
All the pre-fight talk will be meaningless, we’ll be there in the same conditions, in the temperature, of favoritism
In the same conditions, so everything will be resolved when the referee gives us the command to start the fight
Look, I always go back to the same key
The growth of the sport, the competiveness
Today anything can happen
today Shogun is the champion but Rashad comes from the Greg Jackson academy
which is a team that studies their opponents really well, and they go after the victory no matter how
and Shogun will do no different
he will also create a strategy to go against Rashad, so it's difficult to say, I think they are both capable [of winning]
Rashad can become the new champion again, or Shogun can remain champion
For me personally, I’d like to see Shogun winning this fight because I really want to fight him again
I say this here, with all my sincerity, I’d like for Shogun to win this fight
because on top of the title remaining in Brazil, I’d have the chance to fight him
for me nothing would be better than to win the belt against Shogun
So I’d like him to win because I’d like another opportunity to fight Shogun