Stephen Hendry 147 World Championship 1995 Crucible Sheffield Closed Captions HQ

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Commentators Clive Everton and John Spencer
Into the Reds now
That's another great shot, 24
Hitting the pack knowing he would have this red
To the right corner
Applause 25
Jimmy White with a lot to think about
Just unfortunate there for Stephen
Hampered by the Pink
40 , One good shot here now
He'll be forcing this and spreading the Reds
He should finish on the Black
To the left corner
41 Applause
I'm certain now we won't see Stephen Hendry
Take any colour, other than the Black
There is a 147,00 pounds bonus 48
For a maximum 147 break
Hendry has taken six Reds , six Blacks
Yes , and just the one red
To the baulk end of the table
That is certainly going to be a problem
But of course, every shot has
To be played to perfection
To keep coming down for the Black 56
Only two maximums ever made at the Crucible
Cliff Thorburn 1983 Jimmy White three years ago
This time two Reds available
Into that right corner
Now even Jimmy White will be willing Stephen
On to get this maximum
The frame already gone
Well he has the red into the centre 80
As i have said before the best
Centre pocket player I've seen
81 Applause
This is where it then starts to get difficult
Because you have only a couple of Reds
And you have to get perfect position on them
I still feel the awkward one
Is going to be that one 88
Towards the baulk end of the table
Thats perfect take the more difficult one
Of the Two 96
Well obviously to straight
This is where position has to be precise
Applause 104
Now the next two shots are the crucial ones
Certainly get on the Black here
Still has to get on that Red in the baulk end 105
In such a way that he can get back for the Black
So this could be the shot of the Tournament
I think he's got a little straighter
On the Black than he would have liked
He's got a chance
Well I certainly fancy him now to the the Black 112
But the unfortunate part is
He's put the Pink and Blue in awkward situation
Come off the side cushion, right hand side
Come for the black into the right corner
Applause 113
And now it seems just
120 The Blue and Pink is the only problem
But I promise you
These next six pots theres more pressure
And it will build and build
With each shot he takes
well that's the worst shot hes played
Throughout the break
Couldn't really get high enough
He could try and split them
But he's such a good long potter
I think it will be a long Blue
Into one of the corner pockets
Needs it to run a little 129
Now Blue into Yellow pocket
If he get this he will be pushing the Pink
Towards the centre pocket
Well the Blue is there
Yes! Applause 134
Great chance now !
Yes and listen to the roar
If this Pink and Black go in
140 Slow Down !
Well this would be a pressure shot
To win a frame but for a 147
I promise you the pressure
Has got to be the greatest ever
YES ! Applause HE'S DONE IT !
Stephen Hendry makes the third 147 maximum
In Crucible history
And takes a bonus of 147,00 Pounds