Dance Showdown Presented by D-trix - Episode 8

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WHATS UP ELLE: OK so how do I compare to
Beyonce on a dance level?
BRYAN: Well, I mean, she's been doing it
for like 15, 20 years.
So she's like a professional.
I'll read between the lines on that one.
KHERINGTON: These sequins are getting in my crotch.
I don't have a bra on right now.
KINGSLEY: Put one on.
KHERINGTON: I don't want to.
KINGSLEY: Alright.
Have your nipples all [WHOOSH].
KHERINGTON: I have a hoodie on.
You can't see.
KINGSLEY: Alright, nipple girl.
KHERINGTON: Nipple girl?
KHERINGTON: I got a bra.
KINGSLEY: Thank God.
KHERINGTON: Woo woo woo woo!
Kingsley needs to be perfect because there is $25,000 at
stake, and he is up with three other great contestants.
And he needs to do this.
He needs it.
WHATS UP ELLE: Bryan's the best dance
partner in the world.
Because you won't see it, but he calls out the next step as
we're doing it.
BRYAN: Hey, here comes the lift.
WHATS UP ELLE: And he's like, "Look.
Jump up.
Go this way"
BRYAN: You're the best Elle.
WHATS UP ELLE: The one thing I'm confident of is that if
all else fails, I'm right here.
Cheesing it up, cheesing it up.
And if I forget a dance step, at least hopefully you're
paying attention to my face.
I am wearing heels this time around.
BRYAN: Mmhmm.
And we're doing harder choreography, so she is just
stepping up her game right now.
WHATS UP ELLE: Literally.
BRYAN: Literally.
Me and WhatsUpElle are coming for the championship.
And it don't matter.
It don't matter that you guys got millions and millions of
It's about dance.
Is It's about performing.
And we're going to bring it.
WOODY: How are you feeling?
WOODY: There you go.
KHERINGTON: I don't feel like dancing.
And it's nice because it's finals.

Wait, what?
WOODY: We're going to not suck.
KHERINGTON: I like that plan.
WOODY: Any fatherhood stories you want to share?
KHERINGTON: You have to oversell the strictness and
the disappointment you had for me when I step out in this
naughty outfit.
WOODY: I've been practicing it for 12 years.
KHERINGTON: There you go.
WOODY: To crush this.
KHERINGTON: That's just the beginning.
12 years is nothing.
Starting now, in the next 12 years, you're going to have a
heart attack.

SEANANNERS: Should I show off my--
LAUREN: Booty.
SEANANNERS: It went straight to awkward.
LAUREN: Did you see that?
SEANANNERS: I was trying to show off my back.
LAUREN: Oh yeah, it is sick.
SEANANNERS: I am feeling good, I'm feeling confident.
Whether or not it looks stylish and
smooth, we shall see.
I straight resort to this every time.
I'm like, yeah, I'm a boxer man.
LAUREN: How else are we going to fight the competition?
The $25,000 is so close, there's only three people
standing in our way.
And we are not going to go down without a fight.
We are going to be aggressive, and win this.
We've got to fight each other, but be a team.
SEANANNERS: But don't hit you.
LAUREN: Till the end.
SEANANNERS: Till the end.
LAUREN: They don't know that.
SEANANNERS: Don't spoil it.
LAUREN: Spoiler alert.
WHATS UP ELLE: Oh my gosh, look at the clone pods.
WHATS UP ELLE: I walked out, and this is my set.
It's better than anything I could have imagined.
This is my moment.
Because I keep getting the clones messed up with that.
BRYAN: Yeah.
BRYAN: All you viewers out there, a little
bit of slack, please?
WHATS UP ELLE: Thank you, thank you.
BRYAN: She's got triple duty.
Going into this final rehearsal, it's
a little bit tense.
Because we have so much going on.
Lifting and flipping and jumping over each other, and
possibilities for us to get hurt.
So the fact that there is even a chance for us to get hurt,
that's even a worry in itself.
WHATS UP ELLE: Thank goodness for Bryan.
Because I'd be freaking out.
I still am, but not as much.
BRYAN: This would be so amazing for me if Elle won
this, because she is somewhat of the underdog, she has a
little bit less subscribers.
But the fact is, she's the best performer, hands down.
WHATS UP ELLE: I'm feeling like I saved all my mistakes
for now, and we're just getting all the mistakes out
of my system.
I feel like one mess up or wrong move could be the
difference between $0 and $25,000.
So it's a lot at stake.
KHERINGTON: Where's your flask?
Get your flask.
Where is the Jack?
One, two, three, four.
Good, six seven, eight.
KINGSLEY: Do not dance like [INAUDIBLE] did.
That's all I tell myself.
And I think that's all the advice anyone needs in life.
KHERINGTON: Two, three.
I think you just need to be a little bit
higher for this thingy.
What's it called?
KINGSLEY: Mick Jagger or Marky what?
KHERINGTON: Marky Mark Roll!
KINGSLEY: Marky Mark Roll.
KHERINGTON: Mick Jagger.
I'm so proud of Kingsley, because he has
all the moves down.
He's been practicing his butt off.
It's just going to be a killer performance.
And it's going to be hot.
Hot, hot, hot.
KINGSLEY: Hell no Kherington didn't turn me straight.
I tried.
That's OK, I like you gay.
KINGSLEY: I like me gay too.
SEANANNERS: This is our dancing floor.
This is where we dance.
SEANANNERS: I think if we can end this day without punching
each other, it's successful.
LAUREN: That's not going to happen.
SEANANNERS: You're going to punch me?
LAUREN: I have ultimate rage.
Girl, you crazy.

LAUREN: Oh my God.
SEANANNERS: Are you alright?
SEANANNERS: Is it your back?
Ooh, that dug right in there.
SEANANNERS: While we were rehearsing, we had these
lavalier packs on our back.
And Lauren did one of these Star Fox barrel rolls, and
actually landed on the thing.
And it dug into her back.
And I was like, woah.
That looks dangerous.
Going to be icing tonight.
SEANANNERS: You want to chill for a sec?
I think that to a certain degree, you have to trust the
person that knows what they're doing, and that's Lauren.
I mean, I could move but I'm no Lauren.
LAUREN: It feels good, I feel like we're vibing, and we're
on a good wavelength.
Just remember, we have to be aggressive.
It's show day.
This is it.
We have to give everything that we have, and leave
nothing behind.
KHERINGTON: Let's just, I guess, walk through it.
Three, four, five.
No, don't go till six.
Back up.
You go to the right.
WOODY: You be nice.
And you're not remembering.
WOODY: I've come a long way since I first hit the dance
floor, but I'll tell you, the gap between being a true
dancer is still apparent.
It's huge.
Again, from the top.
It is a dance competition.
If his dance isn't up to par, it might not
look so good for us.
So he really, really, really needs to pull it together.
WOODY: That's the part I--
KHERINGTON: No, I'm doing my teaching, Woody.
You're not doing your learning.

WOODY: There were times when I felt like she
wanted to pack it in.
I'm just trying to sort of get her back on my team again.
KHERINGTON: Why weren't you doing it from what you were
doing in rehearsal?
You were doing it--
WOODY: I've never been a dancer.
This is what you get.
Yeah, so Kherington's hard on me.
And what do you say?
I think I'm frustrating her a little bit.
The things I learned I lose.
KHERINGTON: That's all the run-throughs we get.
Do you have any questions, concerns?
WOODY: Wish me luck.
KHERINGTON: That's not a question or concern.
WOODY: That's what I need right now.
It's what I need right now, a little bit of luck.
LAUREN: Help us out again making this guy win.
SEANANNERS: LIsten to her.
She knows what she's talking about.
LAUREN: We are busting our butts out here.
Seananners and I have worked so hard to get where we are.
We would love and we need your votes.
WOODY: Vote baby, vote.
We're going to win this, baby.
Team GamerTag, dancing king.
WOODY: So the second round was hard.
It took a long time to get this.
I'm proud of me.
When the world was crashing down on you, you stood up.
And that's how I feel about round two.
KHERINGTON: He did a great job being my dad.
Did I do OK, being your 16 year old daughter?
WOODY: You were awesome.
WOODY: Yeah.
Kherington, you are far too slutty to be my daughter.
WHATS UP ELLE: Allegiance, I love you guys.
We choreographed this with you in mind because we know you're
going to love it.
Can't wait for you too see this.
And so thankful for each and every one of your votes.
So thank you guys.
BRYAN: What's Up Elle, Bryan Tanaka.
WHATS UP ELLE: Bryan Tanaka!
BRYAN: We are one performance away from
WhatsUpElle winning $25,000.
Make sure you support this hot WhatsUpElle mama.
Baby, we're out of here.
We are mad out of here.
WHATS UP ELLE: We are mad scientists out of here.
BRYAN: Yeah.
KHERINGTON: I am sweating.
Are you sweating?
KINGSLEY: Yes, I am.
I feel like a whale.
KINGSLEY: Yeah, like I've been swimming in the ocean.
You've improved like--
KINGSLEY: Thank you.
So have you.
KHERINGTON: If one of my guys won, I would be so proud.
Knowing that these guys came from nothing and learned so
much and worked so hard, and became these dancers.
We need your votes.
Isn't that what Diddy said?
KINGSLEY: Vote or die.
KINGSLEY: I don't know, Obama?
But for us.
But he said it for Obama.
Don't vote for Obama.
But if you want to, vote for Obama, but vote for us, for
Dance Showdown.
And I'm going to stop talking now.