SCHUNK VERO-S Nullpunktspannsystem (Quick Change Pallet System) | AMB 2010

Uploaded by SchunkHQ on 28.09.2010

This is the new Quick-Change Pallet System ...
... VERO-S.
It is a modular clamping system, ...
... offering the ideal clamping solution ...
... and maximum flexibility.
With solutions for 3, 4 and 5 axes machines.
We offer VERO-S tombstones, multi-clamping vises, ...
...pyramides in any standard dimensions.
VERO-S is a new generation, totally modified and improved.
Made of stainless steel ...
... and achieves higher pull-in forces.
VERO-S can be used for manual and automatic change.
Easy handling and operation.
Air pressure of 5 bar is used for opening the modules.
Self-locking by spring force.
Quick-change pallet systems are used for manual change ...
... of workpiece or clamping unit.
With the standard units an automatic change is also possible ...
... like in this robot cell for example.
Pallet handling with VERO-S.
Pallets and workpieces handled with one gripper.
Here the VERO-S is used as a robot coupling.
Come to the AMB show and convince yourself ...
... of our new clamping module VERO-S.