Baman Piderman - Play Da Concert (Ep #21)

Uploaded by MondoMedia on 15.12.2012

im baman
im piderman
i com over da house
wer best friends
[ghost:] pumkin...
[baman:] make pumkin all better!
you remember.
[piderman:] aww, skinny small baman
why dont yu eat?
[ghost:] boop.
[baman:] piderman, r yu going to da concert today?
[piderman:] yeah!
but im worried about pumkin.
hes really nervous about being on stage.
especially becuz ther is going to be a music critic.
[baman:] oh boy. id be nervous too.
[piderman:] me too.
[baman:] wher did i-
wher did we get dese?
wher do newspapers com from
[baman:] scuse me
scubes me. sorry [piderman:] excubes me
excubes me!
[baman:] oh hi tubas dad
[piderman:] wut ar yu doing here?
*woooomp woop womp*
*wap wap*
*woop wip*
[baman:] aah no. dats not weird.
[ghost:] better.
[piderman:] ther really good.
baman wut are yu doing?
[baman:] iiiim da music critic.
dis is my new boss
[baman:] tuba yaaay ahahaha [piderman:] yu wer good! we liked you