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Episode 16 - Final
How come you're riding a bike?
Oh, you came.
Oh, hi.
Is it a couple bike?
You're making it so obvious.
It's because of my mother.
She tried to make us wear couple clothes as well, but I ran away.
But, you're not wearing the most important thing, the ring.
Oh, later . . .
I'm going to wear it once we get our marriage license.
Marriage license?
Nothing, let's go.

Ha Ni . . .
So by law, you're not related specifically to him?
What are you talking about? The sky and land knows that we married.
Do you know how many witnesses there were? You came as well.
Because of that paper . . .
That's the power of a document.
The stamp's power.
That means that I have another chance yet.
oh~~ yeah yeah, no wonder, I thought that this was too easy.
But is it true?
Is she going to do nursing because of you?Because you are going to be a doctor?
Oh Ha Ni is amazing.
She's like a star that orbits around Baek Seung Jo.
Isn't it expected that the earth orbits around the sun?
Oh my god, Baek Seung Jo you're the macho type?!
What? Still have a chance?
Can't believe it!
And what?! You're not going to register me until I'm able to pass the test to change majors?!
So mean and petty.
Since it's mean and petty, I will pass.
So we can make it like a buffet, and customers can personally make their own lunches with the food they like.
And if they order something they really like, then I can personally make it a lunch.
Doesn't that sound okay?
Welcome! Aigoo. You came?
What would you like?
Today, I want to eat Sam Gye Noodles.
Why do you always eat noodles?
You should eat rice, and bread as well.
Better than noodles, I wanted to eat the seasoned cucumber. It tastes so nice.
Probably I'm addicted to it.
Ah, what should I do? There's no seasoned cucumber left.
Eh? Really?
What is that? It sure does look fancy.
It's a tereré, which you use to drink mate tea cold! Have some!
Why should I drink what you have been drinking?
We usually share this between people. It means that you're friends.
Why would people share this one thing?
I'll catch something from it! Put it away!
You won't get sick. Tereré has a component that kills bacteria.
Drink it so we can be friends.
I don't want to be your friend. Just eat the noodles and go okay?
Then be my boyfriend.
I like you Mr. Bong. I liked you at first sight.
Let's be a couple.
Oh my goodness, this girl is absolutely crazy! Didn't I say that I have someone that I like?
Liar! I came everyday and haven't seen her once!
I haven't seen you date as well
If I like someone, do I have to go on dates and be a couple with them?
Just by myself, in my heart, I see this one person.
What is that?
You, don't come from now on. Alright? Don't come!
Oh Min Ah.
I'm going right now.
I'll see you later.
Oh! Ha Ni.
Long time, no see.
Why don't you come to practice tennis nowadays?
Just because you got married, you're skipping?
It's not that.
Change of major? Are you being serious?
Yes, I'm desperate.
I know a little about it because one of my friends is in the nursing program.
Employment and competition is really fierce for that program,
so not many people get in. How are you supposed to change into that major when you don't even have a chance?
I know that,
then what do I do? I really have to get in.
You're probably better off just studying again and reapplying at university under that major.
Try again? No way.
There's no way that the typhoon's gonna come at that time again.
There's something like that.
Ha Ni!
I, had "something."
With Hae Ra?
Are you dating?
We're not exactly dating, but we are eating hot dogs together.
Hot dogs?
What is that?
Hot dogs are very important.
Yah, but how could it be like this?
Can a person like another person this much?
Sunbae! It is very possible a person can like another person that much.
Joo Ri!
You came?
At first, his hair was pretty long. Maybe up to his shoulders? Isn't it long?
He comes everyday and tells me to cut it little by little. That's why it's that short.
But the strange thing is, he comes a bit later after work hours, and that's why I cut it.
He's coming to see you.
It could be like that.
To you who doesn't have certification, pretty great.
I've been studying.
Hey Jung Joo Ri, if you leave me and start dating, it'll be the end of our friendship.
Hey, since you're always in a room drawing all the time, that's why you haven't dated yet.
Aigoo Dok Go Min Ah, it's a waste of your face.
Why? She's cool.
Your cartoon ratings are really high.
I uploaded a new one yesterday. Do you want to see it?
Why did you draw me so fat again?
Because you're fat.
-How can you draw like this? -My arms are so big!
Omo, it's really the same.
Hey! What is this? Why did you draw something like this?
This Oh Ha Ni is now Seung Jo's wife.That's something to see while living.
Right? I found it interesting while I was drawing.
I'm not his wife yet.
Everyone says it's not going to work.
The test to change majors is hard.
But they say there's no way there are spots available in the nursing program.
What should I do, Mother? Marriage license.
Ha Ni...!
Follow me.
Marriage license.
We can just do it then.
What is this? Doing it his own way? What is he?
But still, I promised.
How is that a promise? He did it alone.
Oh, it's here.
Marriage license.
Signatures of 2 witnesses.
Well, your father-in-law and I can do that.
Will it be okay?
It's alright, it's alright.
First we'll report it, and then you can take the test.
You pass for the report and the report for your passing. It's just a different way of going about it.
Is that so?
Of course. What's the point in waiting when we don't even know when a spot will open up for you!
This is the problem. Identification.
We need Seung Jo's ID.
Does Seung Jo always carry around his ID?
What are you doing?
Why are you looking at someone else's wallet?
What do you mean looking through?
Your wallet was pretty so I was just looking at it.
Ah, it's so cute!
Should I buy a couple's wallet too?
Hey, Oh Ha Ni.
Are you touching your husband's wallet already?
It's not that.
It seems like there are a couple bills missing.
Hey what are you talking about? What do you see me as?
Aren't you gonna sleep?
I am.
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It's already been reported.
That can't be.
This is the first time we've been here.
But why is it already done?
Your husband registered it. Mr. Baek Seung Jo.
Baek Seung Jo?
Did you know that I took it?
Did you not know what was in here?
Seung Jo.
Why do you tease her so much?
It's fun.
I live for teasing Oh Ha Ni.
She tries hard when she has a goal.
Changing into the nursing program isn't easy.
I did it on purpose so that she would set her mind to it.
But then you touch my wallet.
I'm disappointed in you.
I'm gonna do it. I'll do it!
I'll work hard.
Don't be disappointed.
Well 1,000 hand outs for the time being.
Let's see how many lunch boxes...
Hey, but...
When will you finish all this?
The end is right in front of us so I think I'll have to pull an all-nighter.
Hey, but...
After that day, Chris hasn't shown up.
Is that so?
I was so busy I didn't know.
Ah paper cups...
Breathing techniques for the Heimlich maneuver...
Breathe into the mouth...
Ha Ni, Ha Ni.
Joon Gu?
Sit down.
Joon Gu is so cool!
By any chance, because the food is so good...
You're not confused are you? That could happen.
No. I like everything.
I like the way he looks. I like how he's like a man.
And especially the way he talks. It's like he's singing.
Oh I see.
I have to go to England on Christmas Eve.
But I don't want to go. I want to be with him.
If Mr. Bong tells me not to go, I'm not going.
You like him that much?
But Mr. Bong said that he has someone he likes.
Is that true?
Who is it?
He said that?
No. There's no such person.
I knew it!
Then Ha Ni, help me a bit.
Tell Mr. Bong that I'm pretty.
So Pal Bok Lunches!
Here, here, here.
Hello, welcome to So Pal Bok. Please go inside.
Wow, this is great Bong Joon Gu.
You had this kind of ability?
This is just for your opening.
Where did you leave Ha Ni and why are you with this girl?
Joon Gu!
Ha Ni, you came? Good job!
This is so that your business will unravel into greatness.
Buying this kind of present in this country...
I told her to buy it.
Oh really? Okay good job, good job!
We actually need this.
Oh it's 3 fold!
Boss Bong!
Your honored guests are here so you should say something.
Chef, what would I say? You may do it
What are you talking about? Boss Bong has to do it.
Although there may be some that already know...
There's a book known as the Michelin Guide.
It's a book that introduces the best restaurants around the world.
Getting even 1 star in that book is the most honorable thing ever!
The restaurant becomes a worldwide landmark overnight!
At first I thought they were really jerks.
Who are they to put stars next to someone else's food?
Right? But then the way they rate the food isn't just that it tastes good!
But it's about whether the food is always good no matter when you go.
A star is only given if the taste of the food is always great whether the chef goes through heartache or happiness.
So I too would like to receive a star with So Pal Bok Lunches!
Then the Goddess So Pal Bok in Heaven...
would be so happy, right?
Thank you. Thank you.
You're so cool, Mr. Bong.
Ah, Mr. Bong.
I have to go to England, but I don't want to go.
Tell me not to, then I won't.
What the hell are you talking about?!
Did I not tell you? ...
... I have no one but Ha Ni.
Ha Ni?
Oh Ha Ni?
Yeah, I have no one but Ha Ni.
You're going to England? Okay, go go go. Go and don't come back, okay?
Bong Joon Gu.
Oh hey.
What should I do?
Chris decided she was going to go to England.
She trusted me and told me everything.
I feel like I betrayed her.
Then why did you get involved in someone else's business?
She told me to help her.
You must like it.
For an ahjumma to have a scandal and all.
Why are you being like that!
What exactly happened?
You and Bong Joon Gu.
What happened...
that he's acting that way even though we got married?
Nothing happened.
It's just Joon Gu's character.
During Freshman year in high school...
Are you jealous?
Who's jealous?
Ah just leave it.
Let those two figure it out on their own.
If you keep getting involved...
it might get worse.
Just leave them alone,
until they figure everything out.
I guess so.
You did that too, didn't you?
You too,
after leaving everything alone,
you found out your true feelings.
I'm right, huh?
Hey, just study.
I'm right, aren't I? You were jealous earlier weren't you?
I said I'm not!
I know you were.
Are you crazy?
Hey! Aigoo cute.
Did you finish all the leftover dishes?
I'll get housewife's eczema like this!
Me too.
But, she's really not coming.
Yeah. Did she leave already?
Hey, hurry and come!
Let's hurry.

Chris is leaving.
You heard, right?
What does that have to do with me?
Tell me honestly.
Do you not like Chris?
Well . . .
There's nothing not to like . . .
Doesn't not seeing her make you curious?
You miss her, right?
No way.
To me, you're the only one. Didn't I tell you?
I told you
that you're my family.
I'm married, Joon Gu.
Now, Seung Jo is my family.
Yeah, that's right.
Ah, in that case
Then insurance!
Think of it like you took on insurance!
Whenever you're having a hard time, then look for me then!
Don't people look to insurance when they're having a hard time or in a sticky situation?
Joon Gu
Sit here.
All this time, Joon Gu, you . . .
you've supported me with everything I have done,
cheering me on and doing as I asked.
Thank you.
So this time too,
just this once,
just listen to me once more.
Sit here and calmly think about it.
"My heart feels this way"
"I know myself."
Don't just keep telling yourself that.
Just leave your heart to the swaying swing
while looking up at the sky.
They say that then you'll really see your own feelings.
Try it.
And so?
What do you want me to do about you receiving your draft notice?
Ah, no it's not that you should do something,
it's just, I don't know either.
For some reason, I thought I should tell you.
Don't tell me it's because I cried in front of you that day.
You don't think there's something special between us, right?
Oh, no!
Am I a fool?
When I knew why you were crying,
I didn't think that, so don't worry.
Then that's a relief.
I'm just saying this so
don't feel burdened.
When you're bored
When you really have nothing to do and you're really bored,
a letter . . .
Would you write a letter to me?
I don't want to.
It's bothersome, it's not even e-mail.
Right, it's not even an email.
Where do you have the time to write it, put a stamp on it, find a mailbox?
I probably couldn't do it either.
With that time you might as well sleep!
Then, I'll go.
Hae Ra
I have another favor to ask.
This is a real favor.
From now on,
don't cry alone.
Back then, you cried into my shoulder.
It didn't feel very good,
like my bones were melting or something.
I'm really going now.
Be well.
If I'm really bored . . .
I'll come visit you.
Sleepy . . .
I don't know when a spot will open up,
so I don't even want to do it.
No, Seung Jo is expecting me to do this.
Right, I can't disappoint Seung Jo.
S.J HEARTS H.N Happy Love
Come outside.
I have something to say.
I guess there are times the draft comes out this quickly too.
What a pity.
Oh really?
You're the only one sad to hear that I'm going to the army.
Even my parents were glad, because tuition is so expensive.
But I didn't come here to say that.
I wanted to thank you.
To me? For what?
Didn't you always tell me?
You don't need to prepare special events or anything.
Just sincerely
telling the truth is best.
Of course.
Did you confess?
To Hae Ra?
Why would I confess? But I did do something similar to confessing.
Did you know...
Honestly, watching you I've learned a lot.
I didn't do it at all because I was afraid of failing.
Or being afraid of being rejected so I didn't confess.
I was always like that.
But watching you I began to think, who cares if I fail.
And who cares if I get rejected.
This was my way of thinking, this mindset.
I learned all of this watching you.
There are a few things I know!
In any case, thanks to you I had a fun time.
That's why
this older brother of yours would like to..
give my Ha Ni a present.
Ok, give it to me.
Not that kind.
You said you wanted to get into the nursing program right?
When I go to the army,
I'll open up a spot for you in the nursing program.
How could you do that Sunbae? You're not even in the nursing program.
Ha Ni
In this world our country is the only one that
has a very great system known as the accompanying draft system.
Remember last time when I said I had a friend in the nursing program?
He's a man. He shares a room with me.
When I get drafted, I'll take him with me.
He said he'll go with you?!
What's he going to do if he doesn't go? I'm taking away the room from him!
If I get rid of the room he has nowhere to go!
If I go to the army he has to go to the army too.
If I go to a secluded island, he has to go and catch tuna or something--
So I'll make a spot somehow.
The exam.
I can't do anything with the exam! So you have to do well and get accepted!
Aah of course!
Aaaah! Assa! Thank you so much, really!
Sunbae! Thank you! Sunbaenim!
Thank you!
Are you this happy to see me go into the army?
Yes, I'm so happy.
Please cut it short.
It's already very short. Do you want to make it shorter?
Oh, okay.
I'm going to the army.
Then . . . we can't do it with this.
It's okay.
Don't worry,
I will wait for you.
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I requested a change of majors!
The exam is right away.
Yeah. There aren't many days left.
But what can I do?
The competition is intense.
Do well.
How can you go to sleep already?
What do you want?
You have to help me study!
Pick out the questions you think are going to appear on the exam. It's your major.
What are you talking about?!
Please Mr. ESP Baek!
I beg of you.
In order to inspect the patient's nutritional status,
when is the best time to inspect the patient's abdomen?
4 to 5 hours after a meal.
The 3 premises of setting up a goal in order to motivate someone?
Be detailed.
It must be achievable and yet slightly hard.
Also . . .
By yourself . . .
That's right! It has to be set on your own.
See, you need a goal to be more motivated.
I even set up a goal for you.
I have a goal!
What is it?
If I pass this time,
a date on Christmas Day.
A date?
We got married without even a proper date.
And during the honeymoon, too.
If I pass, let's go on a date.
All right.
All day. Full.
Shall we practice the practical skill portion?
The practical skill is giving CPR.
I read about it, but
I still haven't tried it yet.
About 100 compressions per minute.
So then,
About this much.
Ok, I'll try it.
The Heimlich maneuver.
Uhh, check for breathing.
There's no breath.
Open the airway, mouth to mouth
Hey, what are you doing?
This is an emergency.
You're feeling it?
That's not it! What do you mean "feeling" it?
Hurry, what's next?
Next, chest compressions, 30 times . . .
Are you treating a sick person or a healthy person right now?
I thought it would hurt.
One-two. . .
Arms straight.
Four -- how is this?
Rest a bit.
Come here.
I have a lot to do.
This is study as well.
Ah, Eun Joo.
I wanted to ask you something.
Gosh. . . hyung!
Oh Ha Ni sister-in-law!
Next to your room there's a way before adolescence' me
So please watch yourselves
I'm sorry.
Here, take these to relax!
Did you say it was 2 sessions?
The first is the writing exam and the second is the interview.
What would they ask? I'm so nervous.
No there's no need for that.
You'll do fine after eating this!
Hurry and go. It's almost time.
Ha Ni, Fighting!
She could have taken the easy route, but she chooses the hardest one!
Gosh, how does he know exactly what's on it?
I really must have married an amazing man.
Min Ah, what if I really get into the nursing program like this?
Number 68, Oh Ha Ni.
I'll get back to you later.
Hello, I'm number 68, Oh Ha Ni.
By any chance are you the snail?
So you eventually got in.
Why should we choose you?
Ah, yes, as an additional acceptee.
Oh, you got lucky.
A quick and accurate act of CPR,
increases the probability of survival by 3 times.
But if it's done incorrectly the patient can die as well.
In real life someone gave CPR to someone whose heart stopped.
They did it incorrectly and eventually went to jail.
Really? It had to be done for the person to live.
- After all, murder is murder. - Murder?!
What would you do?
If someone can live or die by me giving CPR,
I have to try,
hoping they'll live.
Is that so?
Then, try it!
You have to check to see if they're conscious first!
Are you alright?
You're not going to report it?
Someone please call 119!
Hey, are you treating a sick person or a healthy person here?
Stop. That's enough.
The people of our country will not call it in unless you say, "YOU do it!".
Just a second ago you said "Please report it!", right?
The call probably still hasn't been made yet.
And you have to press in hard enough for it to be 4-5 centimeters deep.
But you nearly crushed them with 6-7 centimeters deep.
This patient probably is 100%
dead from a broken rib piercing their lung.
If this was a real situation,
you just murdered someone.
We can't choose a murderer as a nurse.
It was announced on the spot.
She said they can't pick a murderer.
Oh my goodness!
What did I say?
I told you that Oh Ha Ni sister-in-law and being a nurse just doesn't match.
That's right.
I was nervous even though it was a mannequin.
When she said the mannequin was dead,
my heart dropped.
How in the world could I treat a person?
Ha Ni.
Then, what are you going to do?
I must have reached beyond my abilities, Dad.
I shouldn't have made the decision so easily.
Oh, I should hurry and pick a major.
I will go upstairs first.
It seems Ha Ni is quite upset.
Really. She must be really ill fated with that professor.
What to do? I guess there's no date after all!
There's nothing we can do.
I'm going crazy because I want to go on a date with Oh Ha Ni!
I can't break it because a promise is a promise.
Shouldn't just having dinner together be alright?
What are you doing in here, doing this? A young guy like you should be playing outside.
Why should I do anything on Jesus's birthday?
That's right!
Chris is leaving today, right?
That's right, Chris said she was going to leave on Christmas Eve.
That's right.
Really, she said it was a 7:00 o'clock plane. I'm sure of it!
Right about now, she should be at the airport.
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This would be good.
He said that this bag looked pretty.
I'm late!
Cell phone!
Motorcycles are trouble makers!
I'm sorry. Is there any way that I could get there faster?
What can I do with the traffic?
What should I do?
There's an accident.
Anyway, motorcycles cause accidents!
Is that person dead?
Are you alright, young lady?
What should we do? What should we do?
Someone do something.
You've just murdered someone!
Are you alright?
What to do?!
She seems to be unconscious!
Did anybody call the ambulance? Someone call the ambulance!
What should we do?
No air for 5 minutes is brain damage and over 10 minutes is death.
Let her be!
If you wrongly move a hurt person
and damage the spine, they can become paralyzed completely.
Did someone call the ambulance?
Someone must have.
No one called?
Ajusshi with the blue jacket.
Call 119.
Oh, yes.
Oh. She's alive! She's alive!
That's a relief!
What kind of person is she?
Oh my god, that's such a relief.
Excuse me!
Do you have a ticket?
Did the plane going to the UK leave? Can't I just go in for a second?!
- You can't go in without a ticket. - It'll just be a minute!
Just for one minute.
What's up with you, Bong Joon Gu? Why are you here? Are you crazy?
Mr. Bong.
I was right. So I was right!
I saw everything. You came here to get me, right? You're here to tell me not to go.
I didn't come here to stop you. I came here to see you off.
I came here late because there was traffic in the subway.
How come you're here and not inside?
Did I get the time wrong?
No, I went inside and just came back out.
If I went in, then my heart,
I thought it would hurt so much right here.
Tonight, it's really just me.
Ha Ni went to see her husband.
Jong Gu . . . looks like he went to the airport.
That rascal.
Merry Christmas!
She's all right.
You've done well. Did you learn first aid?
I didn't learn it, I just . . .
If you didn't do it, then something big could have happened. You saved a person.
Business hours are over.
Excuse me.
It's nothing.
There was an accident on the way.
If you were going to send a message, you should've sent it fast.
I was worried that something happened.
Are you okay?
Nothing big, right?
I thought you left.
I'm hungry.
Let's at least eat a hamburger somewhere.
Never mind. Where would we go like this?
We'd better go home.
It's really hard to have one date.
Even though I had told you that before.
Ha Ni is right here. If not for Ha Ni, I wouldn't have been here right now.
Whether that is loyalty, friendship, or love,
whatever it's called, Ha Ni is nailed in right here.
Do you understand?,
So what?
So... so... because of that...
I mean, I can't erase it, ever. Are you okay with that?
I don't like it! How can it be okay with me?
Then I can't do anything. Go!
Then I'm going to nail it in too!,
If Ha Ni is just 1 nail, then I'm going to nail in 10, 20, 100 nails.
I'm going to nail it all over Mr. Bong's body!
Are you trying to kill me?!
With that many nails a person will die, not live!
Even 1 is this hard.
Really? Then . . .
Oh flowers! I'll cover you with flowers!
Because I don't like it when Mr.Bong is going through a hard time.
Kiddo, give up on the analogies.
I made a new batch of stuffed cucumber.
Why don't you come and have some of that?
Come on, let's go.
Hey, let go! People are watching!
Hurry, hurry!
Hey, wait. Let's go together.
Aren't cars not allowed here at night time?
Then why did you go in? What if we get caught?
Just don't get caught.
Isn't it exciting doing something we're not supposed to do?
As long as we don't get caught.
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Baek Seung Jo, you had this in you?
I had no idea.
That's cool.
I'm all kinds of charming you don't know about.
You're in big trouble now.
You've totally fallen for the magic that is Baek Seung Jo.
This is a collect call. . .
Hae Ra, it's Kyung Soo! Press 1, press 1!
If you would like to continue, press 1 and if not, please hang up.
Hae Ra, thanks for accepting the call.
Making a collect call?
Ah, I'm sorry.
It's just that it's Christmas Eve. What are you doing? Where are you?
I'm out with my friends.
Oh my, why in the world would I think of you, Sunbae?
Really, little by little.
Do you eat well in the army?
I thought this year would be the busiest, but it's the most quiet.
I like it. It's been awhile since I was able to spend time with you like this.
Does he not have any plans? Why didn't he go out?
Anyway... Merry Christmas!
You're the Sunbae now.
I still haven't met a patient.
You already saved someone.
And killed a mannequin.
Truthfully, I feel weird.
It's really different from practicing on a mannequin.
I didn't get scared.
All I could think about was having to save her.
I even forgot that I had a date with you.
I had purely wanted to get into the nursing program because of you.
It was much more amazing than what I had thought.
I'm thinking about reapplying.
I'll help you.
It's a cool Christmas.
It's Christmas year round,
if I'm with you.
Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas.
Hey, what if someone saw us?
Who's going to see us?
Hey, they say the calm cats are the first to climb up the wall..
Were you always so quick to move?!
What did you say?
[Hey! Hey Oh Ha Ni...]
Here please.
Excuse me. Please give us three more side dishes.
Here you go.
Excuse me!
Thank you.
Who should I make this out to?

Lee Jin Ki (?)
This is good.
What is it?
Who are you here for?
I'm here to visit soldier Wang Kyung Soo.
Yes. Hey - open the gate.
Have a nice day!
Have a good visit!
I love you.
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