Porsche 911 GT3 RS 4.0 review

Uploaded by autoblogger on 16.08.2011

Porsche asked if we wanted to return a car to Stuttgart.
No way, I said. Just call a logistics company.
But when they said it was this car I doubted that decision.
But now I regret that, I wish I didn't do it.
This is really a race car.
And while it is great to have lots of power on the Autobahn...
...we do miss a couple of crucial things.
iPhone connection, cooled or heated massage seats...
...air con, there's no normal rear window.
Porsche say they want to save weight.
But seriously, this is very cool.
As you've seen, we're driving a 911 GT3 RS 4.0.
This is the ultimate swan song for the current 911, the 997.
They took the crankshaft from the racing version, the RSR.
If you can't keep up with all different types of 911 anymore...
...never mind, we can't either.
They bolted that racing crankshaft to the other engine parts...
...and that resulted in a 4-liter engine that delivers, wait for it, 500 hp!
That's 125 hp per liter, that's a record for production engines.
You won't find more horsepower per liter anywhere else.
It doesn't have turbos like the GT2.
The GT2 might be faster but this car is more for purists.
This is a car you buy if you regularly go on the Nuerburgring.
And if you're really good, you can do that in 7:27.
That's ridiculously quick.
It also does 0-62 ridiculously quick: 3.9 seconds.
0-124 in 12 seconds.
It's all-round ridiculously quick.
Porsche hasn't just made the engine more powerful...
...they've given the whole car a make-over.
This is truly the ultimate 997.
There are aerodynamic changes.
Indeed, that great big spoiler on the back.
But there are also... What are they called again?
They are those little things on the front bumper.
They provide more high-speed downforce.
The rear spoiler, the flics and some other things...
...give this car 190 kg (419 lbs.) extra downforce at high speeds.
They've done their best to reduce weight.
Lightweight carpets, thinner rear window, no normal door handles.
On top of that, there are carbon cup holders.
In total it weighs 1,360 kg (2,998 lbs.).
That might not seem very impressive...
...but don't forget that they've added a roll cage...
...and it has the biggest production engine ever in a 911.
It's an engine that needs revs.
The maximum torque of 460 Nm is only available at 5,700 rpm.
You just have to keep that needle up.
The rev limiter kicks in at 8,250 rpm...
...that's an insanely high number for a big engine like this.
It's a hugh thrill.
It costs 256,000 euros.
That's a lot of money, more than I will save up for the time being.
So I'm going to floor it once more.
I don't have to change gear yet, it'll go on for a while.
It's about time now.