My view of Autism "Cure"

Uploaded by kannprice on 01.09.2012

I just wanted to talk about autism
I saw yet another link to an
"x program cured my child of autism" vid on Youtube on Facebook today.
I saw a list of similar videos,
and I wanted to hurl.
Has anyone actually thought about what curing autism means?
To many of us with autism, to "cure" us would mean destroying who we are as people.
I have autism; always have, always will.
I will never be "cured."
I'm high functioning, even without any fancy training sessions with I was young.
I don't argue that a lot of people need help communicating, learning to handle
everyday life,
and a lot of families might need help
with the related difficulties.
But leave the daydream and movie fantasy of the perfect, social, "normal" kid in Lala Land,
which is the only place it exists.
Not all humans are social,
hugsy butterflies,
not even all normal ones.
Don't mistake molding a kid in your own fantasy image for helping them with difficulties.
And that covers any kid, no matter who you're talking about.