SAM - The Student Accommodation Manager from AMAC

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Hi, I’m Janice Brown.
Director of Services for Students with Disability at California State University Fresno.
In 2008, we started using SAM after about a 2 year venture of seeking a resource that would really help us out.
At that time everything in our program was haphazard in a multiple different resources.
We were using excel and access and nearly every staff member used a different product and stored data a different way.
Trying to put together a report for audit purposes was really a multi-week task.

The Student Accommodation Manager, also known as SAM,
is offered by AMAC as the affordable online student accommodation database
developed with disability service providers for disability service providers.
SAM helps disability service offices manage the day-to-day process of providing accommodations to students with disabilities
all in one place from any location with minimal IT Support.

We use SAM for everything.
Every aspect of the disabled service program is very detailed.
Whether it is tracking your student data.
But it is also the different services that are tracked and how we use those services.

What you see here, this is what they call a dashboard.
Every staff member can set up the dashboard the way they want.
Which means these are examples of reports that I look at all the time.
I want a quick reference as Director, I need a quick reference as to what are my numbers.
I’m often asked what is your student count?
How many students do you have temporary?
This allows me to give that information instantly.

AMAC operates as a department within Georgia Tech’s Enterprise Innovation Institute also known as E eye squared
and Georgia Tech is a member of the University system of Georgia located in the heart of downtown Atlanta.

Because SAM is hosted using Quickbase,
our customers receive the same service levels and benefit from the same security of data
as these well-known companies without having to hire or rely upon internal IT support.

And SAM has a secure, hosted environment.
Confidentiality is easy to maintain.
As the administrator, I determine individual access to everything from a report to a specific piece of data.
It is very simple to use.
It is a web-based product that really allows us an opportunity to access data from any location we are at
and all of my staff to access the data.
My name is Jenny Johnson.
I am a disability management specialist for services for students with disabilities and I am a counselor for students with disabilities at a CSU campus.
And what I really like about SAM is that we can see everything about the student.
I can see if I need to contact him by email or phone.
I have access to that.
If I need to know the student’s disability, his accommodation and case notes.
Who he met with and when he met with them.
If he has any tasks pending, tests he requested.
Most importantly, what I really like to see is the student’s schedule
and if the student comes to me and needs some kind of faculty accommodation letter,
I can easily go to that class and click on it and have access to his letter which I can easily print out and sign off on.
When using SAM, our customers have the opportunity to generate predefined reports at the click of a button,

or they can use the powerful report writer that allows them quickly and easily find, filter, and transform any of their data that is saved in SAM.

SAM can also serve as a forms repository

and SAM can auto-generate accommodation notification letters at the click of a button.

SAM is an affordable solution designed by disability service providers to help disability service providers organize and manage:
student data, disabilities, accommodations and accommodation letters,
confidential case notes and more in one central location making day-to-day activities flow more efficiently in a very user friendly way.