WTF Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia People (Day 8)

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Hello internet
Welcome to Day 8
of the DeFranco Movie Club
the club of course
if you don't understand by the name
we watch a new movie everyday
which of course is easy to do together
because most of us are signed up to
so not saying you have to

but it helps
Day 8 is a very special day
because today we are going to watch
our first documentary of the group
and that is the documentary made by
dickhouse productions

Johnny Knoxville's group
and the documentary is called the
Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia
I originally thought the movie was about white supremsy
but I was wrong, the movie is actually about
a family of alleged
theives, I don't even have to use alleged, they are
most of them have been in prison
but the description of the movie is:
Hailing from Boone County West Virginia, a mountain dancer, Jesco White
may be the most famous member of the White clan
this is thanks to the 1991 documentary The Dancing Outlaw
but he's hardly the most colorful of the bunch.
This film focuses
on the rest of the family.
Director Julien Nitzberg spent a year with five generations of the West Virginia family
and spoke to various members of their community
including the sheriff
all to provide a colorful portrait
so I'm actually a huge fan of documentary
movies, I just love
to know that, it's just
a real thing, the last documentary I watched
was Restrepo, which I...
probably won't be in the first 30 days,
but if you are like "Ah man I watched
all the movies I was supposed to watch." And you have some down time
watch that movie, it's probably one of the best documentaries
I've ever seen, but a documentary is interesting
is usually because it
covers one person, or a whole group of people that are
so interesting, it justifies
70 to 90 minutes, so I'm hoping
cause this movie has a huge cult following
that it will interesting
so I'm going to start watching the movie
we'll be back in 15 seconds after you watch
this trailer.

we are back, so the Wild and Wonderful Whites
is a very intersting documentary
and it definitely made me feel somethings.
but let's try and break it down, it is this giant
family of people that don't really
work, they just get checks from the government for random
disabilities, do drugs
all day, sell drugs to buy more drugs
cousins sleeping
with each others husbands, nephews
shooting uncles in the face with shotguns
I don't even know how to do
wow, let's go into the
story, is it interesting? YES.
it's definitely a part of life that I've never
seen before, it kind of reminds of a
this weird period I had in my life
when I lived in North Carolina
there were definitely some mountain folk there
it kind of feels like another in another country when I think
back to that part of my life
people are just different, I'm not saying that they are worse,
it's just a whole different lifestyle
it's almost encoded in these people's DNA
to hustle, and just fucking go
crazy because at any point, you could die
and it doesn't matter as long you're having a good time
because if you're not high, and not having fun
this place sucks, that's the
general idea of this family and of this movie
so did it keep me interested the entire time?
YES. was the documentary done well?
YES. And while it doesn't have
a cohesive story, the
raw emotion you feel from these
people, is huge especially in the beginning
when they're high and mighty and really
fucking high,
and they sound and they act like they're
tough and they're rough
and then you see terrible shit happening to them
not because of anyone else, except themselves
and just the collective group brings every
single person down and some of these people
you don't care about, but moments you're just like
screaming at the screen, like it's it's like
you're messed up brother that has a drug
problem, I'll be like "WHY ARE YOU DOING THAT?!"
grandmother that is in this
movie, and she raised like 20 odd kids
by herself, she just couldn't keep
everyone on the right track because there were so many kids
she tried
her best, but ultimately without someone
there to scold them
stop them from being assholes
you see what happens when kids, Lord of the
Flies themselves into adults
jump into some spoilers
you do feel a little hope near the end of the movie when one of the
crazier of the bunch goes into rehab
and she only does it becaue the state took her baby
away, and you realize like she's
hit as near as bottom as she wants to hit.
so goes into rehab and she sees her kid
and she wants to be able to see her baby
and she starts to get to see her baby
and maybe there is this fucking hope, and you ultimately realize
there is a moral of the story
where you are is a huge factor
of you who become, for example I know that if I
stayed in The Bronx in New York
I would be a completely fucking different person
for better or worse and that if you don't
get out of that situation, then you're just going to be fucked.
and you may not even realize you're fucked
until you get that moment of clarity and you hold
on to it with all your fucking might, so what I would say
I definitely recommend watching this movie
shows you a different part of life that you may not know
if you do know, get the fuck out of there
and we're switching gears tonight, and
watch the movie, Unthinkable, with
Samuel L. Jackson, which is a movie I never heard of
but it's Samuel mother fucking Jackson
and I'm going to watch the shit out of that movie. And so that's the movie
we're going to watch tomorrow. Of course you can watch that movie
anywhere, but the easiest place to do it, is along
the rest of us, at
did I mention that they're almost kind of sponsor?
Maybe once, but guys that all for
this episode, I love your faces
and I'll see you next time