The Blueair 600 Series Air Purifier Review

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\f0\fs24 \cf0 Ok so what I wanted to talk to you today about is the Blueair models.
This particular one is actually a 601 and this is apart of the 600 series. You have
three different models in there the 601, you have a 603 and then you have a 650E. The 650E
is an electronic model where the other two are a little bit more manual. There's pro's
and cons to that but that's a good thing. This particular one is a 601. The good thing
about this is it is a manual but basically you have three different speeds, you have
off, one, two, and three. So an air purifier is really good if you're trying to get a lot
of the dust and pollen and so forth out of the air. If you have allergies or asthma or
something like that it's great to get those things out of the air so you can breathe a
little bit better, a little bit cleaner air. The way this particular unit works is it's
got a fan inside of it and it draws air from the bottom section down here. So as it draws
the air in then it starts to push it thru these filters. You have one filter here, then
you have another filter\'85one on either side of the unit that it's pushing that air through.
This particular filter is what's called a HEPA silent filter, and what that means is
it's able to clean the air of particles that are .1 microns and larger. That's a pretty
small particle so that's a really good thing. It's cleaning a lot of stuff out of the air.
And it cleans that at an effectiveness rate of about 99.97%. So it's cleaning a lot of
stuff out of the air and that's really good. The one thing that I really like about the
Blueair is the fact that it is considered one of the quietest units on the market. In
fact, on speed one this little blue light will come on, and that's basically the only
way that you know it's even on. You can hardly hear it at all. Once you turn it up you can
start to hear it a little bit, but on speed one you can barely hear it at all. I can tell
you that in my bedroom, this is what I want. Now you can also use it for some other places
in the house, typical bedroom size is about 300 square feet. This is made for 640 square
feet. So you're able to use it in a bedroom but you're also able to use it in other places.
So if you're trying to clean the air of dust and pollen and so forth and you've got allergies
and asthma, this is the unit for you.\ \
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