Lazze Metal Shaping: Stainless Steel Panel in the Bead Roller

Uploaded by lazzemetalshaping on 09.02.2010

Hi I'm Lazze and this is going to be the next trick in the bead roller with a skateboard wheel.
And we find out new things all the time to do in with the skateboard wheel and
this is amazing. And you going to love this. Look at this side or half of motorcycle tank.
This piece here probably took 10 or 15 minutes to make. And I cut out the piece, shrink the
edges little, so I got little shape of it, and then I run this pattern in, in the bead
roller with the skateboard wheel and it just curved it even more. So this, this is design
that it's impossible to do with any other dies in the bead roller. Here's another shape
that we also can do. But what I going to show you now is to make this in stainless steel.
We never done that before so I don't know how this going to look like. But we going
to make it now and hopefully it will going to turn out good.
So I took 20 gauge stainless steel
with the protection plastic on it and I going to run it and it's going to be surprise
for me also how it's going to look like when we are done. But I prefer to keep the plastic
on because it's so fun to take the plastic off in the end. And it's shinny on the other
side, this going to be the back side.
So what I going to do here now I going to, see here, I going to start there. And then
I going to start probably there. And I do all this stuff by freehand now. This can take
a little practice to do but you can also draw the lines if you want to follow the line.
This is stainless steel and as I said we never done that before. So this, this can turn out
totally different. But I'm pretty sure that it's going to look very, very beautiful.
So now I going to cross this over. And this is something we can do with the skateboard wheel
because we can -- it doesn't destroy the first bead that we made.
Think we can leave it there? So what I going to do now I going to bend it little back so
it's little more flat.
So what I going to do now I going to take the plastic off and see how this looks like.
Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow, wow.
Isn't that something?
So now you have something new to think about. That you can use the skateboard wheel for
in the bead roller. And you can use this in any bead roller. It could be little tough
to have a hand crank bead roller. But you maybe have a friend that can help you to crank
the bead roller when you run the piece there. But this, this is amazing and you can make
profile any, any shape you want with this. Good luck. Go to my website
for more information and free videos.