Борзые парковщики./illegal parking.

Uploaded by StopXAM on Sep 5, 2011

The fight against illegal parking
Paid parking is this?
No, it's parking the newspaper
Show documents. It's a fake, not documents. (Documents expired for 3 years)
As long as I take the salary, I am responsible for these parking spaces. Can ask the boss.
We do not have to do with this park
We'll be back
Moscow, Petrovka Street, the Federal Agency of Water Transport
Hello, I would like to park You can not Why
this is the place for the boss
Why can not I park here? Show documents that it belongs to your, "Boss"
I have no documents
There are ONLY cars of our agency This place is the minister and his helper
Why does the Minister more than I do right?
Why do you have the right?
Because I am a citizen of Russia[thumbs up about for Russia]