Introducing Amberwood Doors -- high-end, custom made wood doors.

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At Amberwood Doors we
understand and appreciate the
wonders that a well made,
custom designed door can have.
Not only for the look of
the home, but for it's overall value as well.
We help you design and build
a custom door that truly
reflects who you are, and
we take great pride
in creating a one of a kind, made in Canada product.
Since 2004, Amberwood Doors has
provided a full range
of unique, made-to-order wood doors.
From single doors to double
doors with side lights and
transoms to recreational doors
for decks, sun rooms and pools, the office and your muskoka room.
We offer a wide range of
designs, wood types, stain
colors, glass options, and hardware.
Our products are available all sizes
and any finish or style.
From classic to contemporary and beyond.
Our consultants leave nothing to
chance and account for
space needs, colors, styles,
finishes, accessories and everything in between.
Once a design is finalized, our
in house draftsmen create
a rendering to insure exact dimensions
and specifications every time.
Each Amberwood door is hand
hewn by our professional craftsmen
using only the finest kiln
dried lumber, giving your door the best longevity.
Then, it is pre-cut, sized, and squared.
After parts have been shaped clamped,
the partially completed door is
sent to be finished by a Master Craftsman.
Our Amberwood Craftsman have an
average 15 years experience and 30 years for Lead Craftsmen.
Once the doors receive a prep
and final sanding, they're given
a full and thorough inspection before
the application of color and sealant.
Our builders handle only one
door at a time to ensure
absolute that absolute artistry goes into every project.
After a final assembly, the
finished product is ready to
be loaded, shipped, and installed.
Finally, we offer a
full surveying and fitting service
to ensure that your door
fits and operates perfectly the first time.
Our craftsmen use only the
best brands for our door
hardware which incorporate function,
style, and most importantly, security.
We can also compliment your new
door system with a very
large selection of accessories that
insure the quality, beauty and
consistency of your installation.
The Amberwood Doors
showroom is an excellent starting point.
All of our products on display are fully functional.
We are open six days
a week, so there's never any need to book an appointment.
Our showroom is staffed with a
dedicated team of door experts
who continually strive to meet
each customer's expectations and exceed
An Amberwood handcrafted door is
the focal point that can
change the entire presentation of a home.
We look forward to creating doors
that are fit for your castle.