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Hello I am Celia,
and I am here with Pottery Barn
on my family ranch in northern california
the art of living is the philosophy of the pottery barn brands
this place is a perfect sample of what that is because you know, we are no strangers when it comes to bringing
comfort from indoor to outdoor that is about entertaining.
Food is the essence of it
and then the environment
and the feeling it is when it kinda holds it all together. This place really personifies the art of gathering, the art of entertaining. And really the way we all
and that we all
spend time here is about
it's in a very casual way - you know, the food, the cooking,
the conversation, everything it is
it keeps us all alive and excited, and at the same time we have simple guidelines,
which the way
it makes it easy for us to entertain particularly for me, being kind of the hostess.
You know, my family and my friends are the most important part of my life
so I create an environment that is wonderful, really, and warm, and welcoming. It is of what inspired me
to decorate and bring every element into the house It has to be wonderful
but at the same time
it is very accessible and it is very, uh, you can be fearless in the house, and if something breaks, C'est la vie, you know, we replace it.
Pottery Barn has some great solutions for entertaining starting with terra cotta dishes, you know that they are wonderful
to showcase
the olives and tortillas
come to life when you bring extras to the table. The mason jars with candles inside
really create great ambiance and great lighting and everybody loves a party to look good. So tapas is a perfect party because
it really gives the hostess great freedom, and it gives the guests participation in the party.
so I may have three or four or five dishes that I use as an anchor for the party that
but then all my friends and family as they come and join the party
sometimes they get inspired and bring their ham and they bring their tortillas
that they made that day or they want to make at the party
Uh, they bring a bottle of wine that they tasted when they were in Argentina
it's very open and meant to be engaging and it really does
and the fact that tapas are meant to just kinda
as you go to the table you pick, you mingle around, you have a glass of wine
you talk. it makes it very diverse, very unconstricted. An that I think is really the essence of tapas,
is being in an unconstricted way of entertaining and everybody can have fun.
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