Taurus PT709 Slim Slide Disassembly and Extractor Replacement

Uploaded by stuthewise on 26.10.2012

I've ordered and extractor from Taurus to replace the extractor on my PT709 Slim.
And so in order to replace it, I'm going to have to disassemble the slide here.
So I'm going to show you how to do that.
So there you see the extractor, right there.
We're going to take that out and the way we're going to do that is by removing the back plate here.
And you can see, I've done it once before and I was doing it wrong.
So I kinda messed up my back plate there a little bit, down at the bottom right there you can see that.
And it's not just as simple as sliding that right off,
because you see that, the orange plastic in there?
That houses the firing pin assembly inside of that plastic sleeve.
And that plastic sleeve, back here, sits in a slot in this back plate. This back plate is slotted,
and that orange sleeve sits in that slot.
And so as long as that is sitting in that slot, it basically locks this back plate into place.
So what we've got to do is move it out of the way.
And this is, you know, being one-armed like I am, I can't do this by myself, so I've had to call my son in here. Let me show you why.
You've got to move this forward, okay? So you can just slide a screwdriver, or some other flat device, down in here
and then push it forward...
and you can see the sleeve moving as I do that.
That's all you need to do. It'll only slide a tiny bit, but you've got to hold it forward in order to slide the back plate off
so it's not sitting in that slot in the back plate, okay?
And so my son is going to do that.
So what I've done is I've moved the sleeve up just enough to get it out of the way of that slot so when we release it,
it doesn't pop back into that slot and now we can more easily remove it.
Once we've got it out of that slot -- that sleeve out of the slot -- this moves a lot easier.
And so it's not difficult at all.
So we just apply leverage to it, and once I have enough room to stick a screwdriver down inside the sleeve
I go ahead and do that, and then use it for leverage, and boom, it pops right off.
And this plunger here...
also pops, uh, it applies pressure, but it doesn't sit in a groove like this plastic sleeve does,
and so you've got to be careful with that, that it doesn't pop out.
Then you've got the sleeve that holds the firing pin mechanism right there.
And then... [to Mason] go ahead and let that go buddy.
From here, you've just got to force it out.
I just grab this part of the firing pin assembly...
and push.
And it will just slide right out.
And there you go. There's your firing pin.
Okay? Slides right out.
Now the extractor.
You've actually got to do this from the rear, right here.
It seems like you would just pull it out right here, right? And it actually moves. But in order to get that out
you start from the rear, here.
And just pop it out. See that?
And from there, it just slides right out.
So there's the extractor.
And now, now that I've gotten it apart, all I've got to do is wait for the part to arrive from Taurus.
They shipped it yesterday. It should be here in about a week.
And when it gets here, we'll put the new extractor in and we'll reassemble everything and put it back together.
So! UPS man came today!
Delivered me an extractor. And I'm happy to say it was four days earlier than expected.
Which is nice, because when I called Taurus I spent an hour on hold, Monday morning, and ordered the extractor that day.
The order didn't actually go through until Wednesday, and it didn't actually ship until Friday.
So it took them four days to ship it from the day that I ordered it, but UPS made up for it by delivering it four days early.
This is the old one here. That's the new one there.
So let's take it out of its bag and get a closer look at it.
So far, the only difference I can see between them is that one is worn -- the old one obviously -- and the other is not.
Otherwise they look pretty identical to me.
Now one thing that the representative from Taurus told me when I first called them up, is that you are not to use steel-jacketed, er, uh, steel-cased ammo with it.
Apparently their extractor isn't designed to work with steel-cased ammo. A disappointment.
This is also a metal-injection molded part rather than a machined part, so...
Which, you know, shouldn't make that much of a difference, but they do wear out faster and they are weaker than machined parts, generally.
So, let's put the new one in shall we?
Very, very simple.
Make sure you have it facing the right way, first of all.
So, uh, with the actual extractor part -- the part that grabs onto the rim of the casing -- facing down, angled downward a little bit.
Just slide it in there. And then...
You can see there, it's kind of angled.
Then I'm going to have my son...
help me out here again.
You need to push down on the firing-pin-block plunger.
Right there.
So I'll have him do that while I push it in. So go ahead there Mason.
And then -- [to Mason] go ahead and let go.
And boom! There you go. It's in.
Just that easy!
Now we can put the firing pin assembly back in. It just slides in, same way that it came out.
Push it all the way in there.
And the back plate will just slide right on.
Now everything's sticking out, so you'll actually have to push it down before you do that.
Mason, go ahead and hold that down.
Okay, let it go. Now the plunger.
Okay, let it go. Okay.
And then, it'll just slide right on.
And you hear that snap? That's the sleeve snapping back into its slot, and you're done!
Now we'll take this guy and shoot it and see if the extractor, which is exactly like my old extractor, takes care of the problem.
Which hopefully it does. Because I really don't want to send my gun back.
Must be doing something wrong.
Okay, go ahead, go ahead and let go.
Here, I'll... oh!
Yep. No, it's in there.
Okay, here. I'll do it, and then you push...
Oh, it's in there backwards! That's why.
Make sure you have it facing the right way first of all.
It doesn't... what in the world?
[Laughs] There we go!
So, there we go.