Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance - [Part 12 ~ Prankster's Paradise 2/3] (English Subs)

Uploaded by Cyberman65 on 16.07.2012

Jiminy and Sora: Pinocchio!
Jiminy and Sora: Pinocchio!
Pinocchio: Ah! Jiminy! Help me Jiminy!
Jiminy: Oh my... At this rate Pinocchio will-!
Sora: Leave it to me!
Jiminy: Pinocchio! You too!?
Sora: You guys have to get out of here, quickly!
Sora: You again!
Sora: Xemnas, why are you here?
Xemnas: A heart dwelling within even a doll, how interesting.
Sora: Pinocchio's different from you Nobodies
Sora: But just like Pinocchio...
Sora: don't you guys have hearts?
Xemnas: That may be
Xemnas: Nevertheless, do not forget that your existence is of some semblance to ours.
Sora: I'm like a Nobody...?
Sora: What does he mean?
Sora: I wonder if they got back safely
Blue Fairy: You are Sora, yes?
Sora: Yes
Sora: You are the Blue Fairy?
Blue Fairy: I have bad news
Blue Fairy: Gepetto went to find Pinocchio...
Blue Fairy: And was consumed by a large whale named Monstro
Sora: Huh!?
Sora: Do Jiminy and Pinocchio know?
Blue Fairy: Gepetto sent a letter that said that he was in still alive in Monstro's stomach at the bottom of the sea
Blue Fairy: They pursued in order to get him out
Sora: That's crazy!
Sora: That's crazy!
Sora: I'll go after them!
Jiminy: Monstro is the rumored King of Whales
Jiminy: They say that he eats ships in their entirety
Jiminy: And he's really ferocious... besides...
Pinocchio: Goodbye Jiminy
Pinocchio: Goodbye Jiminy
Jiminy: Goodbye?
Jiminy: I really did not expect to become bait but... I'll go too