【MMD Cup 9】It's in the same pattern again!!! (Len & Haku...) Translated!

Uploaded by whocares0503 on 16.10.2012

I just got out of the bath.
It's so Hooooooooo...
It's so Hooooooooo...ooot!!
It's unbearably hot.
You can get into the bath.
Hey, the wind isn't blowing enough...
That hurts!?
You are too lazy because MEIKO isn't here.
Cover yourself up.
There's nothing wrong with this,
There's nothing wrong with this,is there?
It can't hurt,
It couldn't hurt, you know.
OK. Calm down, brother.
What if you got attacked?
By whom?
Me or ...
No, no. (lol)
How about a bath, Len?
Right after watching this program.
You're shivering. (lol)
s-Shut up.
What did you intend to do after pushing your big sister down?
I'm sorry.
Hey, you!
Don't worry. I'll be gentle.
What are you doing?
This doesn't hurt.
What are you saying!?
You'll feel good really soon!!
You are so HENTAI!!!
9th MMD Cup It's in the same pattern again!!!