Safe Toys that Encourage Kids to Join the Rescue Our Planet Movement | Pottery Barn Kids

Uploaded by pbkids on 01.03.2011

In a lush suburb just outside of Bangkok Plan Toys
creates some of Pottery Barn Kids most popular toys
using methods that are safe for workers and environmentally friendly
Our toys are safe, durable and non-toxic
thailand is the world's leading producer of rubber tapping the trees for their liquid latex.
after ten to fifteen years the trees are cut down to make room for new growth
It's a sustainable source of wood that's responsibly harvested.
Plan Toys was one of the first companies to recognize that this wood could be reused
to delight and inspire children through imaginative play
adhering to the highest safety standards benefits everyone who comes into contact with these toys
the wood is kiln dried for strength and durability and never treated with chemicals
Plan Toy uses a special blue called E-Zero that is durable safe and free of toxic chemicals
found in many industrial products
the wood is coated with water base dyes instead of paint
to avoid any contamination by heavy metals
Pottery Barn Kids insure that all of the toys undergo rigorous testing
which meets international safety requirements
and are free of defects
the packaging is made from recycled cardboard and paper
and printed with soy ink
By looking forward Pottery Barn Kids and Plan Toys together
are creating a world where our children can play explore
imagine and grow in a safe environment
we're proud of our toys and our commitment to the highest safety standards