Creating a Simple Real Time Graph

Uploaded by celtkeene on 02.12.2010

hi everyone matthew from CELT here one more time
so if you have been following along on our faculty friday session you've probably seen
realtime graphic changed what that looks like as you can see our graph
right here it is the any information right now but what we should have seen
hopefully while we were participating together inside of the workshop as we
should see something like that start to happen
as we're collecting some sample data from our group
and this is a pretty cool trick and it's something anyone can do
using google spreadsheets and i'd like to show you what's actually happening
so you can understand how to replicate this very same principle
on your own
so at this graph here inside of
google docs is actually running off of the spreadsheet or another part of the
spreadsheet should say that's actually on one of these other pages of the
so to start out with is i went ahead and figure out what questions i
would ask
so here you can see that here the questions that we talked about
and hear the the values that we have
that everyone has called out
now what's happening is i've used an average formula you can see
equals average
and then cells A5:A30
so it's looking at the cell right here five
through thirty i was guessing to work and have more than thirty participants and
if i need to change that formula i could so that seems like a good place
to start
so what i did next as i use another page here inside of my workbook
to pull all of that data together so here i've got the same questions repeated
and you can see right here actually reference
this cell here
it's on another page
and you can tell it's on another page 'cause here it says questions that's the
name of the page of the workbook
A4 is the name of the cell and is pulling their value right over here
into the table and the reason that's important is because what it is i just
highlighted to use it six cells right here
click right here on this chart button
and this allowed me to create a chart nice and simply easily
from the data that we've collected i can see here the scale is a little bit off
actually really explodes differences between their two groups here even
though our numbers are two too far apart
so if we go to customization this little tab
actually set the minimum in this case and make the minimum zero and the maximum
now we can see those are much closer also change the color here too
give it a title, do lots of exciting things
so i hope this gives you an idea of how this charts working once i want to put
into a page i hit this little insert button right
you can move around or use this button right here
to move it to its own page
but this gives you an idea how i made this chart
what's actually happening behind the scenes as were using this in our presentation
have a great day