[Eng Sub] 120822 BAP - Weekly Idol Part 1

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Weekly Idol!
HD:Last week on Weekly Idols, finally, we left behind this white studio DJ: to Jeju
HD: Infinite caught Weekly Idols well
DJ: And we're also grateful towards Infinite Thanks for doing all the work and letting us take the credit
DJ: There has to be days like that too! HD: That's right~
DJ: What is this?
DJ: Why are we wearing these? HD: Now, what is this?
PD: This week there are very special idols from space coming, so to be able to contact them
PD: we have given you this space equipment
DJ: I don't know which group it is, but the boss' instruction is too much..
HD: When i meet these idols i'm gonna tell them a few words *meaning scolding*
HD: Let's try and contact them
HD: The special boys from outer space, BAP
BAP: Hello, we are B.A.P, Yes, sir! We'll work hard~
HD: Have you gotten funnier? I've filmed with him for a program before
DJ: You've been on a program with him before? But I haven't seen this guy before though...
HD: I recorded with him about 2 months ago He's really not a funny guy...
HD: When we introduced you guys we used alien sounds
HD: What is the meaning of that? DJ: Why do we have to do that? HD: Please explain
HC: Actually we are from this planet called Mato HD/DJ: Mato? Tomato? HC: What? DJ: Tomato
HC: We're from the planet Mato and it was during a reality show we recorded before our debut that setting was created
We also have a symbol, which actually is a masked rabbit
HD: Ah, a masked rabbit? DJ: Why did you come, while having created so much?
YJ: My age is 2000 years old DJ: 2000 years old?
YJ: We've been living for a very long time DJ: Are you messing/joking with your elder right now?
DJ: Yah, i'm older
HD: He's 10 000 years old~ DJ: If you're 2000 yrs old, then i'm 10 000 yrs old!
HD: Then what about Zelo? What kind of settings did you get? DJ: What kind of character?
Zelo: I'm a robot, a robot that controls everything
HD: How old is the robot then? Zelo: I'm 17~
HC: You're 1 year old! YJ: He doesn't have an age
HD: Ah, no age because he's a robot
HD: What else? DJ: We'll hold it and accept it
DH: My character is one who doesn't talk much, kind of like a ninja-ish character, my age is about 2560 yrs old
HD/DJ: right, right, of course... Yongguk-ah....Let's try and make this funny~
DJ: Let's anticipate alot
YG: I was a terroist HD: A terrorist?
HD: a War King? YG: yes
HD: How old were you? YG: 2800 years old
DJ: So you're the oldest? YG: yes, i'm the oldest in our team
DJ: Our Yongguk seems like the leader YG: yes, that's right
DJ: How old are you? YG: 23 years old DJ: ah, your korean age
YG: My earthling age, my earth age
DJ: Ah, so this groups is from that company Secret's company~ BAP: Yes
HD: Why don't we see Secret nowadays? HC: They're in the midst of preparing their comback
HD: Why are they taking so long? YJ: Because of us
HD/YJ: Ah, Because BAP have to do well *make themselves known*
HD: BAP released 3 songs right after one another, right? BAP: That's right
HD: Did it go well/Was it successful Yongguk-shi? YG: We gave our best
HD: Let's make it funny, okay? DJ: You can't take it so seriously and sincerely
DJ: You had a collab with Secret's Song Ji Eun where you rapped, right? YG: Yes
DJ: Do you love her?
DJ: Because that's not a normal relationship, right? YG: ah, yeah..
HD: Say that you love her
HD: This is your last chance
DJ: my lips hurt HD: Cue!
DJ: I remember you! You were the one who featured with Song Ji Eun
YG: That's right DJ: What's the deal, do you love her?
YG: I love her!
DJ/HD: You've worked hard! Good job!
HD: Until now it's been BAP!
HD: Considering that Secret is your seniors, you must monitor and watch their songs and choreography, right?
HD: We've seen BAP's normal manly dancing alot so how about Secret's cute and lovable dancing
HD: Could we see it for a moment? YJ: Yes, sure...
HD: Can we see it? Can we see it?! YG: we can show it, we can show it~
HD: We can see it, we're able to see it
DJ: As expected leader is doing well
HD: Beginning with Himchan the music will be played for each one of you, one by one
HD: Please give us the music!
Secret - Madonna
Secret - Magic
Secret - Madonna
DJ: Is this how Secret dances? HD: Like it's suppose to be DJ: Are you saying that Secret usually krump?
HD: Give us the music again!
HD: Let's just do what exist...like it's suppose to be What's with you DJ: Not beastly like this
DJ: You're overdoing it HD: Why do you have to do this, Why?!
DJ: Are doing it 'cause you want to punch someone? That's scary~
Secret - Love is move Secret - Magic
HD: Together with BAP~Let's re-write the profile!
HD: It's BAP's leader Bang Yong Guk DJ: Your height is 180cm YG: That's right
DJ: You're taller than i thought HD: If you're 180cm and weigh 65kg you're very skinny
DJ: If you're 180cm you should weigh about 90~85kg
HD: The absolute best is if you're 173cm and weigh 95kg DJ: That's right
DJ: If you weigh less than 90kg you look skinny
HD: You have luxury collarbones?
YG: The fans saw my collarbones and said so DJ: It's not something you've said yourself, but what the fans say
HD: Could we see it for ourselves? YG: Ah, this?
DJ: Let's see the Louis Vuitton collarbones YG: They're not to that extent
DJ: Where are your collarbones? HD: Why is this luxury collarbones?
DJ: Yah! This is what collarbones are! DJ: These are collarbones, touch them!
DJ: What you have is bones YG: Ah, i see DJ: This is collarbones
HD: I have Authenic-collarbones and those over there are luxury-collarbones
HD: Your collarbones, if you pour water on them do they hold the water?
YG: Ah, honestly speaking when i showered i got curious so.. DJ: You've tried it before?
DJ: Now Yongguk-ah prepare, Open it *meaning shirt*
HD: Because it's luxury collarbones I've brought some water, let's try it out
Himchan: Show them~ DJ: Don't breathe!
HD: There it is!
HD: You can see it, right? Yes~
DJ: Luxury collarbones confirmed! YJ: acknowledged!
HD: Your specialty is rabbit-agyeo? Do you have cute charms?
YG: No, i don't have any cute charms... this HD: 5-6-7-8, Agyeo-time
HD: 5-6-7-8
YG: Honestly i really don't have any cute charms but they've asked for it alot here and there, so..
HD: What about cute-charms learned from Youngjae? YJ: Me? JU: Ah, Himchan~hyung
HD: Himchan, please show us proper agyeo 5-6-7-8
DJ: Do it just like that HD: In that tone, you have to do this.....5-6-7-8
DJ: This is something that has to be presented quickly Show it and move on quickly
HD/DJ: Zelo~ Choi Joon Hong Joon Hong~ Zelo: yes
DJ: Zelo, you must be someone who normally drools alot Since you have bib~ Zelo: It's seems like it
HD: Because he's still a child, a cute child~
HD: Now in the specialities/talents it's written: Categorized rap that you can do: LTE-rap and High-rap, what is that?
Zelo: In our first album, Warrior HD: You're talking about the really fast rap-part, right?
DJ: Because the rap is really fast, it's called LTE? Did the company create that name?
Zelo: The fans were the ones who personally named it that HD: Could we hear the LTE-rap?
HD: Can you say it alittle bit slower, a little
DJ: The heart, you angry guys, Dog food, Acorn HD: I also heard the dog food's acorn
DJ/HD: Dog food's acorn.. we heard until acorn Try to say even slower
Zelo: Since the words that echoes in my heart is different from yours, I'm mad so listen to my 4 measure nagging
HD: Even if he says it like that i still can't understand *moves on* Are you closest to Jongup?
Zelo: yes~ HD: but, why are you most awkward with Youngjae?
DJ: Youngjae, you tell us! Why do you think Zelo finds you the most burdensome?
YJ: He must dislike me Zelo: not at all, i don't have anything i dislike
HD: It became awkward again
DJ: Until the end Joon Hong isn't going to look at youngjae while talking
Zelo: I really haven't ever felt dislike towards you HD: You two, come here for awhile
YJ: Apple? Apologize? *sagwa means both*
HD: Both of you grab each others hips Ah, not like that! Grab each others hips like this
HD: You start at your forheads and then all you have to do is bring the apple down
YJ: Ah, while holding each other like this? HD: that's right
HD: Ready, set YJ: Wait a minute! Wait a minute~
YJ: Stand still, stand still HD: Ah! Seriously! Watch this, watch this!
HD: Zelo, come here DJ: Do it, Do it You do it like this~
HD: He spat in my face~
HD: You two, all you have to do is do it like this, okay? Properly now~
HD: You're doing this until it doesn't fall
DJ: Also, you guys are from the same team, right? YJ/Zelo: Yes~
DJ: You have to get to know each other better, get closer, If there are members who are awkward
DJ: Because a team is harmonized
HD: I saw it! Zelo was the one who avoided it DJ: Zelo is the one who still finds it hard around YJ
HD: No matter what, YJ and Zelo still have it hard Please hurry up and get friendlier �