OBAMACARE VS. CHRISTIANITY! (@JohnFugelsang/Caffeinated #9)

Uploaded by POLIPOP on 18.09.2012

Hey, right wing Christians!  You’re oxymorons, and this one's for you.
Ya’ll right-wing Christians are doing everything you can to stop this evil that is “Obamacare”.
To some extent I agree, because I’ve got some problems with the Affordable Care Act.
This thing is so watered down, Dick Cheney is at Gitmo pouring it on Khalid Sheik Mohammed’s
face. But you know what, right-wing Christians? It’s a start. In a couple of decades these
bumbling Democrats might be able to turn this program into something we can be proud of.
And – it should have been you. Because health care reform represents the very core values
y’all claim to believe in every day. So look, if you guys don’t want to do it, fine.
But it’s time to finally stop calling yourselves “Christian”. Now I shouldn’t have to
remind y’all of this, but this guy Jesus that you claim to follow, dispensed healthcare
freely without thought of profit. In Matthew 10:7 he commands all of his followers to do
all they can to heal the sick. In Luke 4:40 he heals more people than can be counted,
and don’t ever forget the Good Samaritan – he paid for an uninsured stranger’s
health care expenses out of pocket. Christians have an inherent obligation to help the sick
and the suffering. And I know what you’re gonna say right now – “well, Jesus did
tell us to heal the sick,” you’re gonna say – “but he didn’t tell us the government
should force us to do it and pick my pocket, and yayayayayayaya”. But this is America,
where we allegedly are the government. Where we hire the leaders, for better or for worse
– so if you really believe in following these teachings of Christ, why don’t you
choose leaders who will devote themselves to caring for the least among us, the way
Jesus Christ told you to do? It’s like you guys walk into a voting booth and you say,
“finally I got away from Jesus! You can’t see me here, Jesus! Bababababa! This guy wants
to bomb Iran! F@ck yeah, take that Jesus! This one here wants to cut taxes for Billionaires
and get rid of Food Stamps for the needy! SUCK IT HIPPIE JESUS! Now look, if you guys
don’t want government to take care of the sick, good for you! That’s your choice,
but stop saying you want a government based on Christian values. In Matthew 10:8, Jesus
spells it out pretty clearly. He says, “ye who receive without payment, give without
payment.” Jesus started this whole revolutionary movement based on love, and you’ve turned
yourselves into a smug little selfish club, Prayer Against Care. But there’s good news,
right-wing Christians – it’s not too late to still do the right thing for your society.
You guys can still save healthcare reform from these bumbling, incompetent Democrats.
If you guys told the GOP that Medicare for all was patriotic, it’s Christian, and good
for the long term business of America, they’d have to obey you more than the aristocrats
that own them now. Instead, these shill right-wing politicians are gonna keep trying to scare
you so you keep on voting to defend the status quo and make the gap between the haves and
the have-nots bigger than Chris Christie’s Lipitor bill. We want to know what you think,
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- I’m John Fugelsang reminding you that it’s OK to call the Affordable Care Act
Obamacare, as long as you also call Social Security FDRcare, call Medicare LBJcare, and
call tax cuts for billionaires who don’t need tax cuts Wcare.