Isha Foundation: Sadhguru interview at WEF 2006 with CNBC

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So what's the connection between economics and spirituality?
Well i met an interesting visitor last evening and he taught me a new phrase,
fringe spirituality.
His presence show cosester.
Speaking impeccable english and no hindi at all Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev
is the founder of the Isha Foundation.
The WEF handbook describes him as a spiritual leader supporting efforts to link spirituality
and commerce.
I didn't know of this specialization when I asked him what brought him to the World
Economic Forum.
Spiritual process is not really fashioned that way.
It is just that
because in many ways
the economic well being has come to large numbers of people these days,
at least in certain segments of the society,
and they find it still not working somewhere
in terms of well being.
So there is an urge to turn spiritual
but they may not be going totally out so
they're looking for the fringe spirituality.
Fringe spirituality.
I am hard core. (laughter)
They're looking for fringe spirituality where it is a spiritual agarbatthi,
spiritual candle, spiritual bath soap
all these kinds of things.
But uh,
fundamentally this is happening because there is an urge to look for something else.
as outside is,
fixing the outside has not really worked.
Well have you been
fringe spiritual in this World Economic Forum?
Or holy spiritual?, What has your participation been like? What essentially are you here for?
I'm here to,
to some extent,
talk about
economics as
inclusive economics. Inclusive economics
is only possible when people are in a certain state of mind and experience.
The economic leaders in the world
every thought that they generate, every act that they do
has a huge impact
on huge masses of people.
So how they are within themselves is my concern.
If we make them into truly peaceful and joyful human beings.
See whenever a human being is peaceful and joyful within
his external activity is very concerned and generous and gentle.
It's bound to be so.
If I meet you when you are happy you are a wonderful person
If I happen to meet you when you are very unhappy you could be mean, isnt it?
You've been able to reduce spirituality to pop spirituality, a phrase or
a manthra or something that people need to follow. Do people come up and ask you for
that? Give me a line, give me a manthra.
There is no line. Right now what I'm offering it's called as Inner Engineering.
So it's a technology it is not a belief.
It is not uh,
just a philosophy
or a belief system. It is a technology.
As there is a technology for external well being,
there's a whole technology for inner well being
which every body must make use of.
Whatever they may be doing,
but the leadership in the world, because they have such a big impact on every body's life
they are my concern too.
What is this technology? Could you elaborate a little more for us?
Like for example, see we are doing external engineering right now, see
your body doesn't like the outside temperature in Davos right now,
so here we are having the right kind of temperature for our bodies.
This is engineering isnt it?
Which has brought us external well being.
Similarly there is a whole technology to create an inner climate,
the way you want it.
If you had a choice of
creating an inner climate.
I don't even have to ask you.
I'm sure you would make it very joyful for yourself.
You wouldnt make it in anyway strife ridden.
So to be free from strife and stress,
when people are handling huge
and when their lives
their acts and
thoughts make a big difference
for large numbers of people in the world.
I think the first responsibility is that
they must bring that peace and
joyfullness within themselves, so that their lives become
not in pursuit of
happiness but
as an expression of
their joy instead of
operating from
short term ambition.
They could operate from long-term vision
for every body's well being.
Thank you very much sir for your time. Thank you.
Well that's a rack from day two. I'll be back 0:04:24.750,0:04:26.580 here same time tomorrow
giving you more updates on the World Economic Forum 2006, it,s Davos everywhere.