Eric's message

Uploaded by heyheeymymy on 16.12.2008

"Hello, 1o de ESO del instituto Menéndez y Pelayo!
My name is Eric Rundquist and I am an English teacher in Spain.
I'm from the United States of America, and I live in the state of Montana.
I've only been in Spain for two years, but I really like the people
and I really like teaching English.
Well, it's almost Christmas time
and I'm really looking forward to this Christmas
because I have a big vacation planned out.
I'm going with my family to Antarctica,
that's in the south, close to the South Pole.
and I'm going with my mother, my father, my sister, my brother
my grandmother, my aunt, my uncle, my cousins...
and I can't wait!
One of my favorite things in the world are penguins, and I'm going to see millions of penguins!
And, with a bit of luck, I'm going to catch one and bring it home for Teresa.
Teresa, do you like penguins?
do you want a penguin?
do you have an iceberg? Because you can't have a penguin in your house without an iceberg.
As everybody knows, in Antarctica there are no cities. There's hardly any people.
In fact, they don't live at buildings. They live in igloos.
Igloos are small houses made of ice.
And you can make fires inside and it gets really warm, even though it's ice!
But we don't always go to Antarctica for Christmas.
Usually, we just stay in Montana and have a Christmas tree for my family.
We decorate the Christmas tree and we put or presents underneath,
and then we eat a huge dinner.
And... on the 25th of December
Santa Claus always comes to our house!
Now, I'm afraid I have to leave. I have important things to do tonight.
I wish you all very happy Christmas
and a happy new year!
And I wait anxiously for all the questions you have on my Christmas,
about America,
and about the universe!"