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Figs are delicious, and they were actually considered the first form of clothing, if
you know what I mean? Let me tell you how you can grow them in a small space. You know,
something I hear a lot from folks is that: I would really love to grow some of my own
food, but I have much room at all, really no space. Hey, it doesn't take much space
to grow some of the most delicious things you've ever eaten in your life. I'm crazy
about blueberries. Look at all these blueberries. And guess what? They're growing in containers.
I have 5 containers of blueberries here, 3 different varieties. And look at the fruit
set. I'm giving them a little feed. I fertilized them just as they were coming out of their
winter slumber. But I'm giving them just a little bit more, as these blueberries began
to ripen. You see, about a month and a half ago they started swelling, or the buds did.
And you can see these beautiful flowers. And then the honey bees showed up and they started
pollenating. And what you have to have to produce blueberries like this is–you need
at least varieties that flower at the same time, so you get that cross pollination going
on. And what I like to do is make sure I plant them in large containers, and I set them down
in saucers. And I got a drip irrigation system here. This keeps the soil consistently moist.
And you can see just how well they're producing. In the fall, the foliage on these plants,
well, it's just outstanding. They're beautiful plants. Hey, in my fruit production, in this
little space, doesn't just stop here. Come on over here, let me show you. Now take a
look at this big guy. This is a fig. It's actually a Brown Turkey Fig. And I don't bring
these in in the winter, even though you might think that's such an Italian thing to have.
Actually, I got the idea of growing them in containers on a trip to Italy, where I was
sitting out at a restaurant in a little patio area, and they had big pots of figs. And it
was really beautiful. But just look at all the fruit on this fig tree, it's just fantastic.
Now, as I said, this one's Brown Turkey. And I don't have to take these containers in during
the winter. There are some varieties that can really take much colder temperatures.
For instance, there's one called Chicago Hearty that is hearty up to Zone 5--Chicago--and
it can take temperatures as low as zero. Now, I wouldn't say it would survive in a container
exposed like this, but it would in the ground. But anyway, it just looks great as a landscape
plant. And just look at all these gorgeous figs. Hey, if you're enjoying these segments
on how to grow some of your own food in the tiniest places, tell a friend about them.
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