Baava (2010) w/ Eng Sub - Telugu Movie - Part 9

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l'll sleep here. - Okay.
What happened to light though it has dawned...
Where is our sun? Why isn't he rising today?
ls he hiding behind the clouds?
Has he gone forever never to return?
This bier is a cradle carried by four people...
He has slept forever leaving us alone...
He says water in the black pot is lifespan...
He has spilled everything from my heart...
lsn't there anyone to check the God?
Can't he stop him from playing with my life?
He cremates with dying lamps...
Veerababu, you father died for the humiliation.
When he went there to talk about Varalakshmi,
they beat him mercilessly.
They made even servants to beat him.
Veerababu, stop!
Hey you stop!
No... no... Please don't harm him.
My father!
You killed my father unjustly.
My father died!
What did you say?
Did my mother face difficulties because of my father?
After so many years of marriage, did she come to you to complain?
My father looked after her so well.
He took care of me and my mother so lovingly.
You killed him.
Had you accepted their love years ago?
We wouldn't have spent years like orphans?
My father isn't responsible for this.
You don't know what is love!
lf you'd spent a day in my home, you'd know what is love.
When my father reached home tired,
my mother massaged his legs and put him to sleep.
lf my mother dozed off, my father used to massage her legs.
That is true love.
Love isn't feeding or buying jewels.
Give what their heart seeks. That is love.
Mad man!
What do you know about love?
We are childhood friends, aunt and uncle's children.
We are married too.
Yet we are living separately and going through hell.
To unite our families.
Varalakshmi is here because of my father.
He took a promise from me to enter here after you accept me as son-in-law.
People honour even enemy if he comes home.
My father is your son-in-law, isn't he?
You beat him to death like a dog.
You killed God like my father.
My father is dead.
My father is dead.
Come Ramana.
Are you fine, father-in-law? Where is Varalakshmi?
She's unwell so sleeping
Why are you like this? Come let's go. - Where?
Won't you come if l don't tell? Come. - Leave me.
Where are you taking her?
To my house. - Without marriage.
Engagement is over, half marriage is over.
That's why l'm taking her.
Why are you talking like that?
Tell me how to conceal her affair with Veerababu?
l know who is coming here and what's happening here?
Nothing must happen, before she loses her virginity,
l must marry her.
l'm not a good man like that Veerababu.
l'm like acid inside a bottle.
Don't let my real self come out. - What the hell will you do?
Father! - Hubby!
Come on boys.
Greetings madam. - Greetings.
Till now it was problem between two families only,
now it has become a problem between two villages.
Veerababu married a girl in that village in haste or in rashness of youth.
How it may have happened, it is marriage,
Can we watch silently if they take away our village's daughter-in-law?
We must go together and get her.
The problem is mine, l'll find a solution.
Even Lord Rama took help from monkey army.
Keep up the promise given to your father.
Entire village is here, for donation or fight.
You may have many fights between,
but one must always be just.
Veerababu married Varalakshmi wittingly or unwittingly.
You say he tied, did you see him tying?
You? You? Nobody has seen it.
You believed his words and followed him like sheep.
But l'm engaged with Varalakshmi in the witness of family members.
Tell me now, who is just and who is unjust.
Let's ask Varalakshmi, we'll know if they are married or not.
Who said that? No need to ask the girl.
Bother about traditions and culture only.
You had your say regarding temple matter too.
We are still sad for not uniting Rama and Seetha.
Till now you used your criminal intelligence to play with Gods.
lf you want to play with our lives, we'll not keep quiet.
Yes, we'll not keep quiet.
We know how to tackle if you're adamant.
We know how to tackle you.
Okay, entire village is on one side.
You say you'll do anything for Veerababu.
l'll send Varalakshmi with Veerababu as you say,
but will you give your Lord Rama in return for this?
Till a while ago l wanted to convince you and take my wife with me,
you've beaten your father in twisting situations to advantage.
l don't know these twists.
Mine is always straight deals.
l'm telling you now,
l'll take my wife and Goddess Seetha too alone with her,
let me see who will dare stop me.
l'll not watch fun if you take her.
One gesture is enough, they'll take your life.
Tell them to come, l'll kill three in one punch.
Come, let's fight it out.
Wait, l'm talking to them.
Why are you getting angry?
You threatened and we too did it.
We too have honour as much as you have.
That's not the way, right?
lf two people want one thing the higher one pays gets it.
But Varalakshmi is not a thing. Bride!
lf she has to become anyone's, we must take a decision.
What do you say Veerababu?
l'm ready to die for my Varalakshmi.
No need to risk life, just win over my son in cycle race.
There's no twist in it.
lf you win, you can take Varalakshmi and Seetha too.
lf you lose, Varalakshmi will be here only,
you must give Rama to us.
lt means the temple will become ours. What do you say?
Veerababu, don't accept this challenge.
lf entire village objects, he'll not do it.
So never go to the weaker side. Always be in the stronger side.
l'm ready for any challenge.
What are you saying?
We came here for village's sake, will you stake God himself?
The problem is yours, face it on your own. Let's go.
Stop... stop... Please stop. l beg you, please stop.
Think peacefully.
Not only Veerababu even my daughter's life depends on your decision.
Give an opportunity to my nephew,
he'll bring Varalakshmi and Goddess Seetha to your village.
l beg you.
What's this? Please get up.
Though he's mischievous, he's like our son.
We got worried about losing Rama also if we lose. -
Lord Rama is there, we accept this challenge trusting him. - Yes.
Your support is his strength.
Veerababu will surely win.
Suddenly you started loving your nephew.
Let's see that also.
Cycle race is on coming 15th. Get ready.
We are behind you, come.
Don't under estimate him, we must be careful.
Turn yourself into a striking thunder and lightning...
Run faster...
Turn yourself into a raging fire...
Fight yourself out...
Turn your blood into hot lava...
Make your enemy also come seeking refuge...
Come as Arjuna who strung the mighty 'Gandeeva' bow...
Hunt like an attacking lion...
Thirst for war and win over seas...
Make victory your target and fight the skies...
March forward like Lord Rama and Lord Shiva in one form...
Let your celestial dance be never seen before performance...
Hello, referees please respond.