"Madden '08": Building a Team Roster : "Madden '08": Trade Draft Picks During Draft

Uploaded by expertvillage on 16.09.2008

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The next thing I want to talk about as far as the draft goes is how to trade. How to
trade draft picks during the draft. As you'll see I have a trade alert up on my, up on the
screen right now. The Raiders traded their first round the first round pick, the third
pick to the Dolphins. The Dolphins ended up giving them the ninth pick in the first and
third round. So that's a pretty good deal but you can't do that straight away without
getting out of this menu. So I just want to show you how to do that. Right now I'm actually
in the NFL draft. I'm going to hit OK on the trade alert and then I'm going to hit B to
get out of the draft. That will bring me to this off season schedule. I hit B again. I
go to roosters and then I'm going to go to trade players and then here's where I'm going
to put my, my pick. Now if I want to trade my first round pick away, it's a really high
pick, but there's not a real sexy pick up there that I really want in the seventh spot.
I can actually trade that pick away. So you hold down your R trigger to go to draft picks
and you'll see those are all my picks. I have, it'll say what round it is, what pick it is
and the actual overall pick in the entire draft. So if I wanted to trade my number one
pick I would go ahead and select that and then go over here and this is going to be
the team that you trade with and let's say that I think that I can get the fourteenth
overall. If I want to trade down to the fourteenth overall pick, lets say. I would find the team
that has the fourteenth overall pick. You will hit your R trigger to go to draft picks
and you'll see it starts on the Bears. They have the seventeenth pick overall. What I
would do is hold my L trigger to find the team who has the fourteenth pick and I would
select their first round pick. Let's just use this one for example, it's the first pick
seventeen. Obviously they are very interested in this pick but I want to get more for that
so what I would do is click on the next offer for, for the trade and I would go to draft
picks again and what I would simply do is I would go to the third or second or fourth
round pick, whatever I would hope I could get and select that and go back to the menu
and it says they're all interested again. So you just want to keep by trial and error
doing better and better picks until they won't be interested anymore. Right now they're interested.
Maybe I could even get another pick right now, if possible. But that's how you trade
players while you're actually in the NFL draft.