Easy Peanut Butter Dog Treats And Homemade Dog Biscuits With These Mixes

Uploaded by FrostingFran on 22.06.2012

Hi this is Frosting Fran with K9Cakery.com. And I’m here today to do a favor for my
associate, K9 Katie. She couldn’t make it because she’s busy in the kitchen whipping
up dog biscuits and dog birthday cakes galore. That’s what K9 Katie loves to do and that’s
what she’s doing at this very minute. So she wanted me to share with you a very special
treat. She has packaged her family recipe, award-winning, peanut butter dog biscuit mix
that she is going to share with K9Cakery customers exclusively. This is K9 Katie’s Family Recipe
Dog Biscuit Mix Peanut Butter Flavored. You can use it in the regular oven. All you have
to do is add a few ingredients. It’s very healthy. You can make healthy dog biscuits
from this and dogs just love the flavor. Peanut butter is one of the top selling flavors.
And here is the package. That’s K9 Katie right there smiling at you. All natural ingredients,
very healthy, and this would work very well with this new dog bone cake pan that we have.
Or even one of our mini dog bone cake pans or our mini paw print pan which you can find
on our website. Now let me show the other product that K9Cakery has from K9 Katie. And
that is her Peanut Butter Cake Mix. It’s all natural ingredients. Again, it’s a family
recipe, award winning, and all you have to do is add a few ingredients. And this cake
mix can be used in either the microwave oven or the regular oven. Just follow the directions
on the package. And this would be great to make a dog bone shaped cake with. Peanut butter
flavored. Dogs love the taste of peanut butter. It’s very healthy. Both of these new products
from K9 Katie, made exclusively for K9Cakery.com. Come over to our website right now: www.k9cakery.com
and check out the new Peanut Butter Cake Mix and the new All Natural Peanut Butter Biscuit
Mix made exclusively for K9Cakery,com and specifically for dogs. See you there!