Então é Natal.

Uploaded by 420agentegosta on 26.02.2010

What’s a blowjob?
I wanna a fag.
There's this Permaculture thing.
anyone got a lighter?
I can't stand the word “Santiago” anymore... I started studying it.
... start saying 'spermaculture'. Santiago: right!
Party the party...
Christmas is coming..
Jingle bells, jingle bells Christmas is coming.. Here comes Christmas.
TP’s over? (referring to a Brazilian parody on 'Jingle bells')
I wanna see... ...don’t cry...
...don’t take the piss!!! ...don't look back...
Is there wifi here? Nope.
don’t regret anything ...
..I wanna see... ....A merry Christmas.
...love is born ...but if pain comes, grit your teeth and smile. ... can you be like that...so big like that, I thing so.
I need to sing it in my head, if not, I can’t do it
Chrsitmas is real... no one’ s sad looks like we’re having a Soiree here!
...for yooooou Is that Christmas TV ad for real? what was it? It was a caloi ad wannit?
...no... Was it Caloi's? ...dunno....This kid arrives at the church, goes up the stairs and sings in the church choir ...to yooooou
...but is this a Christmas carol? ...I donno. Hope so!
I've got chocolate for everyone Yay!!!
And what d’you get from Santa? ... a dildo..goes in here look Santa my arse!
Let’s play Santa Anyone got a cig?
... I've been bitten so much I’m gonna turn green.... Don't tell me about mozzie bites. I get goosebumps. ...proper green d’ya know what I mean? ...I got goosebumps all over. ...and I’m gonna turn green.
What’s this? It was the mobile.
Is this "Dildo"? No, it's Dido
Same shit.
Good one mate. good one?, it was wicked!
For you, for Christmas. Ooooooh With lots of love. for you to Shove it wherever you want.
for you to Shove it wherever you want. I hate white chocolate!
Her that opens her mouth. What was that big one she did?
Cheap! The most tacky thing she ever did.
What's that? Pangaea? When the continents slip apart.
Oh Fuck
You’re a twat you know that? Just cuz you shaved your hair you think you’re punk. Don’t push it Lourdes
disturbing noises uncomprehensible gibberish
…and she produces everything.
...she disappeared didn’t she?
...no, she launched an album last year.
Wow! Are you really that tired?
Breathing is everything.
...you gotta make it fly... ...it’s plastic...
...yeah, I got it in them “everything for a pound” shops? ...no feeling ...with feeling (singing)
...she's very rich. Do you think this is the F1?
...hmm, Yay! ...look at that, a cup. ...it's vintage.
Ooooooooh. Would you grab that rag in the loo Morena?
Happy new years, guys! Wait for me.
Happy new year again guys! Wait, don’t toast without me.
Disturbing noises Uncomprehensible gibberish
very cliché, break the glasses.
Disturbing noises Uncomprehensible gibberish
Hairspray, hairspray innit?!
Relax, breathing is everything.
Breathing is very important.
If you breathe properly, we'll have an amazing year.
guys, there's a kitten in the window.
lost Cry, baby, cry.
Thank you, Brasil.... ...I'm not a singer, I'm a journalist. Watch the wine’s arse mate.
My contact I thank God. You just have to stick your finger in it.
you gotta stick your finger in the bottle’s arse. I've been fingering for 2 years. Just bottles? Stop it!
Everyone! Hurray! Who’s bottle?
Anyone! Guys, do I need to get my cock out now
Awkward... ...this song’ s depressing... ...this song’s beautiful!
Red. Died.
party’s over.
Wait, it's just a joke love. I'm gonna blow Santiago.
Blowjob? and Enya?
Eew she must be all cold inside. And fat.
...me? Full of yeast. Living. Special ones. Very special.
Unpretentiously dubbing
My secret Santa... is a square...
...is it orange? ...what square?
fucking dull Christmas. Ho ho ho, init? let’s do something?
Anyone? ...me. simple. Get me some water!
Well, if you pay the same amount I'm won in the other place, I'll... ...I loved working with you... ...it's like, I'll do it gladly.
There, I take home... I only leave my place twice a week.
A Grand If you match what I'm making there... ...you know I said that once for a job init
Next! You won’t get an answer on the blowjob.
do you reckon I’ve got a small cock? Are you a boy or a girl?
I'm not sure anymore.
And so this is Christmas....
... and a happy New Year.