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Hi, I'm Amanda Hass, and I'm a professional cook, and founder of One Family One Meal,
and today I'm here for Pottery Barn Kids to make puff pastry tarts.
They're so delicious, and a really great idea for entertaining, or even for an easy dinner.
So I'm going to start by using some puff pastry and cutting it into smaller pieces,
and there are so many different types of puff pastry on the market now, in the frozen section of your grocery store.
And this one actually doesn't have any preservatives. It's just fresh butter and flour and salt. It's amazing.
They normally come in a two-pack, and I let them defrost in the refrigerator over night.
So then they're really easy to work with and a little more pliable.
Now, I'm going to use a pizza cutter to cut these, because it's super fast,
and they don't have to be perfect. I think,
you know if you wanted to get meticulous you could use an actual ruler, but I think it's kind of fun when they're not all exactly the same.
My kids certainly won't notice, and neither will my guests. So I'm just going to try do do about nine.
Let's so that, and then I'm going to trim the edges off of that one,
and before I put the toppings on, I'm going to put them right onto my baking sheet,
to make it a lot easier when I go to put everything on. I love puff pastry because it's a really neutral flavor,
and so you can put either sweet or savory flavors on top.
Today we'll do savory. Just squeeze a couple more in and we'll be ready to put those toppings on.
Okay, great, it's ready to go.
So now I've got all my toppings, and what I'm using today is a really neat combination.
I'm going to start by putting a little Dijon mustard on each one, and I'm actually going to leave a little bit of a border around each one,
so that you have enough space for the puff pastry to actually puff up around it.
My friend Tori Ritchie from Tuesday Recipe thought up this recipe, and I love the mustard with a little bit of shallot on it,
but you could certainly just brush these with live oil, and they'd be great too, and they'd be a great base for any other ingredients.
I have another version where I actually use caramelized onions, and blue cheese and slices of pear on them too, and those are delicious.
Okay, now that I've got the mustard I'm just going to sprinkle a little bit of shallot on each one.
You certainly don't have to use them, I just love that sweet flavor of the shallots.
And again, I convince my kids to eat these. I think it's because they look like pizza.
Then I've got my gruyere cheese, which is really sophisticated, and kind of a nice change from, let's say, a mozzarella.
But you can certainly use any kind of swiss, fresh mozzarella would be delicious too.
So now I'm just going to top them with some fresh tomatoes, I got these beautiful tomatoes at the market,
and you can just do one on the smaller ones. If you wanted to double up you could but I think this is a really pretty presentation just with one,
I'll make a couple with two. And we're of course going to put some color on these with some fresh thyme, which will be really beautiful.
Again, think about any combinations you like yourself, and you could certainly put those together on these tarts.
I love basil with tomatoes, of course, but there's something about the thyme I really love,
oregano would work as well. So here we go, we're just going to give them a sprinkle, a little salt and pepper,
and some egg wash around the sides. The egg wash truly just gives it extra color, so you get that really beautiful brown crust.
Okay, let's do our salt and pepper. Tomatoes tend to be bland, especially if you're buying them and they're not in season,
or, you know we're not all as lucky to have them in season all the time, so make sure you season them really well with salt and pepper.
It's just such a fun food, and it's so easy.
Alright, now my egg wash.
I've just taken one egg and I've beaten it. You can certainly use just one egg yolk with a little bit of water,
and you'll get a bit of a darker crust,
and then these are just going to go into a 375 degree oven, really easy.
And you can choose whether you want to serve them hot, while the cheese is still melted, or allow them to com to room temp.
I think they're delicious at room temperature. So now I'm done with the egg wash,
and I'll just put them in the oven for about seventeen to twenty-two minutes,
and if your oven cooks a little bit inconsistently, you might want to think about flipping them half way through your baking time,
so that they brown really evenly.
So I've just taken my tarts out of the oven, they're gorgeous, they're beautifully puffed, and brown,
and I'm just going to plate these on one big plate today,
but if you wanted to do a more elegant presentation, or you wanted them to look like individual booklet tarts,
you could certainly serve them on peoples' plates with a beautiful mixed green salad next to it.
That'd be really pretty. This is a really fun way to serve them to a crowd, or to your kids.
They're ready to be served. So for this and other easy recipes,
you can visit, or my website,