Manage Windows Azure Services

Uploaded by windowsazure on 07.06.2012

Windows Azure opens up a world of possibilities
Work with the tools you love and manage the cloud from any platform
From one web interface, you can manage your projects, resources, and budget
You can quickly deploy, monitor, configure and scale your applications
and services
The new portal features a clean, modern user experience that works across all major
browsers and devices
The navigation bar on the left lets you quickly switch between the various
Windows Azure Services
Want to host Web Sites but don't want to manage a whole server?
Choose a name and you're up in seconds
If you want full control of the server, creating a VM is just as easy
Configuration takes seconds
No matter which Windows Azure Service you’re using, getting started is quick, easy and consistent
Once you're up and running, the portal gives you insights into the health and status of your Services
You have full visibility into the resources you’re consuming
And all of your management tasks are available on the command bar
The interface is intuitive and consistent across all technologies
Windows Azure’s rich monitoring views are available out of the box and can be tuned
to fit your needs
Configure your Services and critical settings like diagnostics and logging
The cloud is dynamic and Windows Azure will scale with your business
As your load changes, it’s easy to scale your Services up or down
Automate these tasks using PowerShell
Both the portal and PowerShell experiences are built on top of our
public, cross-platform REST APIs.
The Windows Azure command-line tools for Mac and Linux also use these common APIs.
Look for more videos that talk about managing each of the Windows Azure Services.