Kolor Eyes 360° HTML5 Video player

Uploaded by wwwKOLORcom on 22.03.2011

Welcome to KOLOR EYES
An HTML5 360° video player based on WebGL technology
made by KOLOR
Once playing, you are the director of the video
You can look everywhere around you
You can also zoom in and out
KOLOR EYES proposes 6 different projection modes
ORTHOGRAPHIC shows the spherical video
Look at this 360° view !
RECTILINEAR is a standard lens.
PANNINI allows to display large field of view
while keeping all lines straight
Rear view mirrors are useless with KOLOR EYES !
LITTLE PLANET wraps the video around a small world looking ball
Of course this is all real-time processed
You keep all controls active anytime !
FISHEYE is a 180° fisheye lens
MIRROR BALL shows the world on a perfect spherical mirror ball
You can also add animation during video playing
Make the world spin with autorotation
KOLOR EYES lets you tune camera settings
You can set rotation speed
Other features are available
You can take a snapshot, save it and share it
You can toggle between HD/SD quality
depending on your bandwidth
Let's dive into fullscreen mode
for a wide experience !
All controls are reachable through keyboard shortcuts
You can play with projections
and camera direction to find stunning views
KOLOR EYES demo player provides 4 videos
Let's now have a walk in a park
Pannini projection is perfect for large view
Rectilinear projection is better to look
at small parts of the scene
3rd video is taken by an helicopter
Remember this is running in your favorite browser
No plugin is needed
You have NOTHING to install
Last video is a car race
Here again, Pannini is stunning !
Little planet is amazing too !
You can even take part of the race !
And get the live action the way
More info on www.kolor.com