The Making of "Rainbow Town" - Written by a Kid ep. 4

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Oh my God, these roses.
What's going on in my life?
What am I going to do?

MIKE DIVA: Hey, guys.
I'm Mike Diva, director of Rainbow Town.
YOUNG FEMALE SPEAKER: All the houses were painted rainbow
with the sky and sun.
MIKE DIVA: So we shot the whole first
part in my front yard.
And since we're relatively low budget, we had to use a ladder
instead of a crane like I originally wanted.
So Jan, my student photographer, got up on the
ladder and shot Matt Mercer walking down the street.
That's how you do a low budget crane shot.
YOUNG FEMALE SPEAKER: The sky is all the rainbows.
There's not an inch of blue there.
MIKE DIVA: The most expensive shot in the video
was the limo shot.
YOUNG FEMALE SPEAKER: And there was a beautiful woman
named Cylincia.
MIKE DIVA: We bought these poles, this red carpet that
you don't even really get to see in the video.
Basically, what we did was had the limo park.
Nick, the AD, opened the door.
And then Jan walked up.
And then Cylincia got out of the car.
And we cut.
I wanted it to look like the camera just swooped in and
then swooped out.
And all of a sudden, there's a ton of people there.
But there was no real easy way to do that.
MIKE DIVA: But what's cool about speed ramping shots and
stuff is basically I was able to cut when we zoomed in on
her face and then move everybody in.
We have two minutes to where I could get people where I
wanted them.
Then I had Jan match the shot as much as possible
and then whip out.
And when you speed ramp something like that, the eye
doesn't really catch the subtle
differences between the shots.
So it looks like it zooms in and zooms out.
And it's all one shot.
But really it's two.
YOUNG FEMALE SPEAKER: Then a girl named Sally
McGrease saw her.
MARISHA RAY: Hi, my name is Marisha Ray.
And I'm playing Sally McGrease.
MIKE DIVA: Marisha Ray was really awesome to work with.
She's been in a bunch of web series.
MARISHA RAY: I got involved with this because I knew
who is a producer.
And he works with Mike all the time.
And they actually had a girl who was
originally playing Sally.
And she dropped out, I think, is what actually happened.
So he called me.
Working with Mike and the team was absolutely amazing.
And it was a blast.
Who knew that shooting a kid's imagination would be--
I mean, I guess I knew it'd be crazy.
YOUNG FEMALE SPEAKER: Part vampire, part girl.
MARISHA RAY: But it was amazing.
So I'm really excited to see, after all the special effects
and everything, how it all turns out.
It should be fun.
YOUNG FEMALE SPEAKER: It's an X. And she is a part pirate,
part witch.
MIKE DIVA: OK, capturing the half witch, half pirate was
kind of a challenge.
But, luckily, we had an amazing costumer and makeup
artist on set.
JAN NEWMAN: Hi, my name is Jan Newman And I designed the
costumes for the witch, for the witch pirate.
And then I also did the styling for our biker vampire.
I know some of the people involved.
And I guess they recommended me because I got a random
email saying, hey, we have two weeks until this project.
Can you do it?
And I went, sure.
And I loved the concept.
It sounded great.
Sounded like a lot of fun, a good challenge.
MIKE DIVA: I think that it really helped bring my vision
together, which is basically I wanted the most cartoonish
line drawn down the center of the face.
JAN NEWMAN: I loved the idea of a full
split down the center.
So we even have the witch pirate even has a split wig.
So one side's blond.
One side is black.
And so it corresponds to the rest of the outfit.
MIKE DIVA: I run a very tight set.
There's no horsing around.
There's no lollygagging.
There's no tomfoolery.
I'm just playing.
I like to have fun on my sets.
I want to make sure that it's as fun as possible.
Because when it comes down to it, everybody that I work with
is really passionate about the same stuff.
They're all having fun doing it.
And I like to keep things lighthearted.
It's a fun time for all.