Jerry Jones - Memories of Texas Stadium

Uploaded by HuddleProductions on 11.04.2010

(crowd cheering)
Jerry Jones: When I look at the stadium I remember specific dates and times in the stadium
but in general I think about, man look at the twenty years that's gone by
and how much your life just has gone by.
So I think all of that serves us when we do look back but I can look back at so many
positive, positive things. I look back at the initial things as much as anything, when I first got involved.
First time I came down here to watch a game
Bill Parcells was on one side and coaching the Giants and Tom Landry
on the Cowboys side, there were thirty thousand people in the stands
and so I wanted to see how I could handle that.
(exploding sounds)
Chris Yates with Huddle Productions Captioning by Charles Hogge