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Anil, Anil, Anil.....
What are you looking at? Lower your sari -Why?
Because this is a public place, and people are looking at you.
It will get dirty due to the wave -Tomorrow I'll buy you 12 more
But nobody has the right to see these beautiful legs except me
Do you love me so much?- No, I'm such a jealous person that...
...although there may be many Shobhas, you are only mine.
Why did you come late today? -Overtime in the office
This is a temporary phase, then you will be married to me.
And remain the Shobha [beauty] of my house too.
See the sunset for which you come here-Not to see it, but...
...I come here to see U,you look even more splendid at this time.
Let's have coffee, -Not today, this morning Mother...
...was ill so I'll go home. -Ok, as you say.
You have come alone, today? -Yes, Shobha had some work... home, so she left, will you have coffee?- No.
Brother, loving someone is different but the status of ...
...the person should be the same when we marry him or her.
Love is not bounded by this status, or any other thing...
...and by the way you are quite young for this subject!
Is that so? Mr...
Who are you?- He is Rakesh and this is my elder brother.
And you are... -He is my boyfriend. Right now he's being...
...tested. But he'll be my husband if we get along well.
What does he do? -He is an engineer-Then may God protect.., as you'll regret the decision for the rest of your life.
Because you will have to dance around her day and night.
Any more orders? -The secretary can't order his boss.
Yes you can, just like your father used to guide my ...
...father. I've always regarded you as my...
...elder brother. -Which means that I have lost my job!
Yes, from now on you'll be the boss, till I return from...
...Germany. Here, this is your power of attorney.
I have not told Shobha about this, so could you call her &....
...ask her to come to my place. So that, she'll not fight.
As you know her better.
Mother, Anil is going abroad for 1 year & you never told me.
Because you will be sad.-Which means I won't be sad now?
Yes,both of us will be sad but I must go and learn there, about...
...the plastic dye moulding, to fulfil my fathers dreams.
And time will go by. -So why did you call me? -As you...
...are expert in packing, come and help me. -You know how ...
...careless he is, go and please help him, so nothing is left out
Are you angry? Did I do something wrong?
No. -Then what is the matter with you?
You are leaving and then you say that time will pass away soon.
Is that the only thing that's bothering you?
Leave me. -See Shobha, I'll write to U every day and call weekly.
Had you not been there in my life,I could never go to Germany.
now please smile.
This tie and suit is of my choice, wear to in every..., you look very handsome in this. -Is it so? And what if...
...any girl flirts around with me? -Then, she'll be more smarter...
...than me.-You won't be jealous? -Never, even if you get married... her. But I'll be yours forever
Don't forget me after you go to the foreign land, dear.
Don't forget me after you go to the foreign land, dear.
Don't forget that I've offered you every thing that I possessed.
Don't forget me, after you go to the foreign land, dear.
Don't forget me after you go to the foreign land, dear.
Just for your happiness, I've gone through a lot of pain.
I have happily accepted that we are parting.
Don't forget me after you go to the foreign land, dear.
Don't forget me after you go to the foreign land, dear.
Your love is always on my heart and it has been the reason of... disease, dear. disease, dear.
I have taken the pain of my entire life
Don't forget me after you go to the foreign land, dear.
Don't forget me after you go to the foreign land, dear.
Now we will see this sunset after one year.-Why is that?
You see it there, and I'll see it here. -But, there is a time lag...
...of five hours. -So what the sun remains the same, isn't it?
Yes that is so true, so... -Stop it, do this after marriage.
If everything is to be done after marriage, then what's before it?
How will I leave without you for one year?-The same way like me
Do write to me every day. And give me a promise -I do.
I'll come back and marry you.
I'm giving the responsibility of Vinny, Mom & my house to you
Your house is not only yours but mine too. I'll take good care.
I'll leave now as it is time. Do write to me every day.
What is this mother? Please smile. -Son, you are going to...
...fulfil your fathers dream, so go and succeed in life.
Take good care, of mom.
Take good care and always be happy son.
This is your passport, ticket, and documents, have a nice flight.
Anything else? -No, but wanted your signature, there is a...
...meeting tomorrow, of the board of directors. -Tomorrow?
You won't be living with me today.-No, business first
And there is my flight today, so I'll be leaving as soon.
Meet my brother R.K, he handles all the business in Delhi.-Hello!
Where are you lost? She is J.K's secretary, Shobha -Bye brother.
He is three years younger to me and he is mesmerized like me...
...after seeing you for first time. -I wanted an off today
But you had just come! -I've some urgent personal work.
Do you need some thing, some kind of help, money or so?
No, thank you. May I leave.-Wait for a moment, I'd like to talk... you, please have a seat.
Shobha, you have been working here for six months now
I don't understand why you feel strange to me, there are many..
...girls in this office, who party around with me. I feel that...
...I should talk to you about this. I'm an well established person..
But still I'm alone. Everybody dreams of a companion who'll...
...always be there in good and bad times. Who'll understand him.
I'm proposing for the first time to you today, will you?
This is impossible. -Why? -Because I love someone else...
...we'll soon be getting married.
You will get married, but have..
...not married as yet, no one knows what will happen next...
...some things are not meant to happen, and some are not...
Shobha, you know, I'm very adamant on getting my way.
Leave me. -You can't leave this offer & go out
I know these girls very much, they simply need a stamp of love
Leave me
I also don't want to work with a rascal like you, note this... experience in your diary.
Our eyes met. -What's next?-The flowers bloomed
What's next? -I lost my peace.-What's next?
We fell in love. -What's next?
Next we will get married and people will congratulate us.
Next we will get married and people will congratulate us.
Our eyes met. -What's next? the flowers bloomed. -What's next?
I became restless. -What's next? I fell in love. -What's next?
Next we will get married and people will congratulate us.
Next we will get married and people will congratulate us.
Till when we will face this bad luck,
Till when we will face this bad luck,
Till when'll we break the walls that the society has built,
Till when we will hide our love from them, and be free
This fear of getting insulted will no more remain -When we will...
... get married, and they will greet us.
What's next? -Will my dear sing romantic songs after marriage
What's next? -Will my dear sing romantic songs after marriage
Or will he simply sit beside me and make me lose my peace
After marriage, we will become husband and wife, you will have..
...a baby in your hands, and I'll simply plead for your company.
When we will get married and people will congratulate us.
Anil, are you sure you won't be having drinks? -You know Tom,...
...I don't drink. -Anil, I don't understand one thing.
Indians are known to drink so much of liquor! I was in the...
...Indian embassy for three years, there I've seen that Indians eat,...
...drink and romance a lot. What sort of an Indian are you?
I might not drink, but I'm a romantic person.
Yes I know, your girl friend's name is Shobha, whose photo... in your pocket, for 24 hours. I don't get this. You are here...
...for last three months now, and still surviving on the soda and... of your girlfriend. This is the saturday night, party around.
See we get 10 different girls here. -And they romance... 10 minutes and also forget in 10 minutes. But the Indian ... is not for few minutes but for a life time, my friend.
And that to with a single person.
Anil the girl is very nice, should I talk to her. -Go,
Who has come so early today?
Why are you so silent, Vinney? Come inside.
What happened? Why are you so quiet today?
Rakesh, I'm pregnant. What will happen now, my brother will...
...return in 8 months, we cannot get married before that...
...and till that time mother will come to know, she won't be ... to bear this. I've met the doctor, she says that it's too...
...late for the abortion, my life is in danger. I don't know what to...! I feel like commiting suicide.-Don't even think about it.
We might have done a serious mistake, but not a sin.
We love each other, we were going to marry after some days...
...but we will get married immediately.
But how'll my mother agree for it before my brother returns?
Don't worry, there'll be some way out. Now you have added...
...some more responsibilities on my shoulders. For a single ...
...person this house was more than enough, but now I'll have... look for a new flat and some money. -But this'll take...
...a lot of time. -No, my boss is a very good person, he'll surely... us. Today it's Sunday, I'll go to his place and tell him...
...about this. We will marry within a week or so. Is that ok.
This might be the first time you have come to my bunglow? -Yes.
Actually I've some urgent work otherwise I wouldn't disturb you
The thing is that I live in a one room flat given by the company.
But now I want to have a big flat and loan of Rs.50,000.
Why do you need all this for? -Sir I'm getting married...
That is good, but why this hurry?
After two years you will get promoted, then you'll get a...
...bunglow, a car, why are you hastening the thing?
I know sir, but the girl that I love is pregnant-Is it your child
What? -I have more experience, than you, the girl...
...who is pregnant before getting married is not a good choice...
... for a bride, my friend. -But she belongs to a good family...
...and is a very good lady. She is the only daughter of Seth...
...Ramlal Verma. -The one who owns a plastic industry?
Yes sir.
And the one whose son has gone to Germany. -Yes.
Sorry, I must have spoken too badly about your future wife... that you will be the son in law of this family, I must...
...congratulate you. Whatever help you need I'll give you, I'll call...
...the cashier tomorrow, you meet him.
Thank you sir, I'll never forget this help of yours.
What are your plans for today? -Nothing much, but I was going... meet Vinny today. -So you'll be going out today, then do me...
...a favour, I want some important documents from Pune.
I don't want any one to know about it, you could take my car.
You will return by evening. -Sir, where should I go in pune?
What is this? Who are you people? -Drive the vehicle,... we direct you.
I have done the job sir. -He didn't get a hint, right?
Not at all sir-Listen, take good care of him, but till the time...
...I call you, don't leave him. -Don't bother about it.
Hey friend, do you remember me? I remember you so much,
Please come early.
Is this Shobha. -May I know who is speaking?
Your one and only friend, J.K -You. -I've got a news
The respect of the family that you are getting married into... in danger.
The name of your sister in law is Vinney, right?
She is going to be a mother soon. -What are you saying?
Won't you even thank me? He works in my company, I don't...
...know where he has gone for so many days.
What's the problem? You look tense. -No I'm not.
Are you all right? -What's wrong with me? But how did... drop in so late? -Just like that, I'd not met you for long...
So I came now. How are you? -I'm just fine.
Vinney, I'm going to be your sister-in- law, you are like a ...
...sister to me. Won't you talk to me about the things that you...
...might not discuss with Anil or your mother? I may help you.
This means that what I've heard is true. You are pregnant
I have done a big mistake. But how did you come to know...
...I'd only told this to Rakesh. -What did he say?
He said that we will soon get married. -Where does he stay?
I want to meet him. -Since five days he is missing, he hasn't...
...called me up even once. -May be he has left you and,...
No I've full faith in him. -Still what if your mother...
...comes to know about this?
-No, I'll commit suicide before it
The doctor has said that nothing can be done. I'll die.
No Vinney, you have done a mistake, by which our family...
...will lose respect in the society.
I won't let this happen.
Yes Vinney, Anil's house is my own house, and this is my ...
...responsibility towards my family. Don't worry, It'll be fine.
I'm Shobha here. -Who else could it be?
I wanted to meet you -I'm honoured. I wanted to hear this.
I want to discuss some important matter with you. -Then come in...
...the evening at my bunglow. -At your place? -Yes, in the office...
...we talk about only the official things, excuse me.
I beg you, tell me where he is?
Why are you so restless to know? -Just for Vinney's sake.
You know it better! -Yes I know, she is pregnant.
And the respect of your in law's family is in danger.
Yes, so please tell me, so that they will get married soon.
That is in your hands now.
To save the respect of the family, what can you do?
I can give my life too.-You don't need to do so much, marry me.
I had told you that I'll get you in the end.
By chance, I got the opportunity. -This is impossible.
I'll promise you that after we get married, Vinney and Rakesh..
...will get married.
Otherwise you will not be able to save the... from this dishonour by giving your life too.
Think twice before giving a reply I'm in no hurry at all.
Vinney loves Rakesh. And she is pregnant & wants to get married.
I am giving you the responsibility of my family...
Save them from this disgrace, just as I would."
"I had told you that I'll get you in the end."
Will I spoil my entire life, by marrying J.K, for Vinney's sake?
I'll commit suicide, doctor has said that nothing can be done.
No Vinney, every thing will be alright.
I had promised you that, I will save the pride of your family.
So today, I'm going to do just the same, there is no other way.
This is Shobha. -Why did you call me so late, what should...
...I do for you? -I'm ready to get married,
I was expecting this reply from you. So when should we marry?
But I have a request. -You should order now.
No one should know about our marriage, before they get married
I'd do just the same, don't worry
What are you saying, why should they get married, before Anil's...
...return, only a few months are left now for his return.
There is no other way out. Rakesh is all alone and he...
...respects his boss very much, he can't let his word down...
...and he wants him to get married to a girl he knows.
If Rakesh gets married to her, Vinney will kill herself.
I have called up Anil and he is fine with it. -As you say...
...but, this is the first marriage in the house, and that too so...
...hastily. -It's all in the fate. We think of some thing,
And something else happens. Good bye mother.
Take blessings of your elders
This is your good luck that you got the right husband, may God...
...always keep you happy. Only if this ceremony would take... in Anil's presence! Go and take the Blessings of...
...your sister in law.
May god give you all the happiness in life & never fight.
By listening to you we have managed to conduct this ...
...ceremony in a subdued way, let Anil come, we will arrange your..
...marriage in a grand fashion and fulfil my wishes
Now what marriage are we talking about, I've given up... dreams before coming to this place.
Congratulations J.K -Thank you.
Let me introduce you to them.
This is Rani, Shabnam, and this is Reena. These are my special...
...girl friends.
They all love me very much, just because I have ...
... given them a flat, a car, and 2000 Rs. allowance each month!!
May be it is not true but they give me love, which you ...
...will never be able to give me.
Excuse me I don't drink. -So who is asking you to drink, just..
...touch it with your lips, Honeymoon is not enjoyable till... drink champagne, just a sip.
No. -Now as I am your...
...husband, you'll have to listen to me. Drink this.
Except for this whatever you tell me, I'm ready to do it.
You neither listened to my request nor my order.
But whatever I desired has always happened.
Today is our honeymoon, go and sleep in the room upstairs.
How could this happen? I wanted Shobha to be my daughter in law
Even I was taken aback when I read this news, How could..
...Shobha get married to J.K when she was engaged to Anil.
First, she supported the marriage of Vinney in the absence of Anil.
And then she got married to Rakesh's boss.
Why did Shobha do this?-There must be only one reason...
...for this, J.K has more money than Anil. So she might,...
I can't believe that Shobha can do all these just for the sake...
...of money. She might have been forced to marry him!
If it was so, she could've told you this before getting married.
We misjudged her, now don't even talk about her. Now what...
...we've to think of is, how will Anil face this when he'll return.
God will not keep the one happy, who betrayed my son.
Good afternoon sir. -Good afternoon.
I won't forget the favours you did to me.
Just do one more favour for me, I wanted leave for 15 days.
I must thank you instead. Hadn't you have an affair with Vinney...
...I wouldn't have been able to force Shobha to marry me
But she loves Anil...- She used to love Anil, now she is my wife
To break her ego, I'll see to it that she is not happy for the ....
... the rest of her life. She had insulted me in my office, that...
...moment I had taken oath to teach her a lesson,
And then you gave me an opportunity.
That means you were the one who got me kidnapped
Of course! I get whatever I want.
By hook or by crook. -I didn't know that you are...
...such a low person, I'll quit this job right now.
Why aren't you saying anything? Is everything alright at home?
What is this? -Till now I had never accepted ... as my sister in law, but today I came to know that you...
...are so great. Just for our sake you spoiled your life.
How did you come to know this? -J.K told me everything.
I had gone to ask for a leave, but there I got to know the ...
...reality, about why you married J.K., I was very ashamed and I...
...immediatly resigned from job -I didn't want Anil's family to ...
...know why I married him. I wanted every one to hate me.
But since you have come to know, promise me that you...
...will hide this secret from Anil, Mother and everyone else
Please promise me, -We shall behave the way you want.
Now both of you leave before he's here.
Oh mother, And how are you Ashok. -I'm fine. Welcome home.
Where is Vinney? -She's in Delhi Ashok nowadays works there
You go home and I'll bring your luggage. -Where is Shobha?
Let's go.-You're hiding something from me. Why didn't she come?
Mother, -The thing is..., -Why aren't you saying anything? Last..
...week she wrote to me that she would recieve me, Then I called...
...her up but she was not there, I'd told her mother about ... arrival. Is everything all right? -Now try to forget about
...her. She has got married.
What? Is it true brother? -It's true, Now she's married to J.K.
Could I speak to Shobha. -Mrs J.K.? She's gone out with J.K
Who's there? -It's me, Ashok.
Do you want me to sign on some papers. -No I wanted to talk.
What is it? -Are you the first man, who... being betrayed by a women? I understand the shock you've got
But you've to fulfill your father's dream, for which U went abroad
What should I do, brother? I cannot forget her.
I think that you should go some where, time heals every sorrow.
May be when you will get some solace, and think about it, you...
...will find that Shobha who caused you so much pain, was...
...never meant to be your wife. -If only this would happen.
You can always try, if you think me to be your big brother then,... as I say. I will book your tickets for tomorrow.
Bring the luggage.
Oh! how stupid are these anklets,...
Oh! how stupid are these anklets,...
One day they'll kill me due to it
My face turned red due to shame as they make noise on the street
How stupid are the anklets,
How can one hide his expressions ...
...when there is problem in the family
Whatever oath you take to hide it, it will anyway come out
The anklets have no religion such as Hindu or Muslim
Oh! how stupid are these anklets.
When I wear them they make a sweet sound,
But I also feel a pain like being pierced
And when I remove them from my legs, I feel as if I'm dead.
The anklets make my life & are my desires.
Oh! stupid are these anklets.
Everyone enjoyed your dance yesterday, it was great.
That was the matter of my father's prestige, it had to be...
...great, isn't it father? You are not eating anything,
...have these Parathas -It seems, even the head chef
...has seen your programme yesterday, he's mesmerised.
Everybody would have been! -We had to beat up so many,...
...people for her sake. -And send so many to hospital.
But I fear the one who will marry her and take her away...
...from me -No father, I will never get married.
Whether one wants or not, a girl has to get married someday..
...or the other, there is always some one made for them, but ...
...when they'll meet is written in their destiny.
How did you get this song? -Oh, I recorded it because it's ...
...a good song, have a seat. -No thanks. This song is the ...
...speciality of our program, you don't have any right to record it.
But now I've recorded it already.
We make & sing our own songs, we don't give them to others.
Why are you looking at the fishes, Mr. Saxena. you are not...
...drinking & you are'nt intoxicated -No I'm scared of my wife.
She won't let me in if I drink too much, I'll have to sit out...
...all night long, like a dog. -I know your past well.
Why are you still in sari, haven't I told you to wear the pink...
...chiffon maxi. Now go and make Saxena's drinks. And change...
...this dress within two minutes.
Give it to me sister in law, I'll make my own drink. Please go...
...inside. J.K. seems to be out of his mind.
Change your clothes in two minutes.
J.K. what has happened to you, insulting you wife in front of ...
...your friends is a very bad thing. -You don't know…
this lady had insulted me in my office, that very moment I'd ...
...taken an oath to take revange on her throughout my life.
You might be seeing many figures in your account book every day... see my wife's figure today.
J.k. I knew that you were a big flirt, but didn't know that you...
...could be such a shameless bastard.
When did my friends leave? -After midnight.
I insulted you in front of them, -That's not a new thing, now...
...I'm used to it. -Are you a human or a stone?
Don't you have any effect of all my insults on you?
It does, but what's the use?
You listen to your heart, I listen to my soul
Why did you stop the song? Does this also belong to you?
I did a mistake by removing your cassette that day. My father...
...scolded me very much, he said songs are soulmates of everyone.
I promise I'll return that to you.-OK.
Listen, I shouldn't ask you, but why are you so sad?
Why do U keep yourself isolated Tell me what's the reason?
There is some reason.
I got to know the reason, some girl must have broken your heart.
Isn't it? What did she do? -She married someone else.
So what? You too get married to someone else.
You will get lots of girls to marry.
You can't marry just anyone out there. -This is also right.
Then do one thing, forget about her. Look, it's the sunset.
This is the most wonderful sight, take a look. -I hate sunsets.
Call the doctor urgently, tell the driver to get the car ready
Do you always sit alone for the breakfast here -Yes, will U join
Is this any kind of breakfast, these eggs, with this bread...
...and this lid, we have some thing different
What is that? -Alu & Gobi Paratha. And thick curd.
That is very much mouth -watering
Then why don't you join us tomorrow morning?
But what will your father think? -That I've invited someone.
Doesn't anyone have a hold on you? -No, parents have their ...
...hold on children. But I don't have any.
Meaning? -I was found on the river bank, as my father says.
I was lying unconscious then. He took me with him, & brought me..
...up as his daughter. So the one who was an orphan, has a ...
...father and many brothers and sisters today.-Brother & sisters?
Yes, the one who work with me in the programme.
Should I tell you something? -Yes. -Stop hating the sunset.
It's very bad to hate anything, It's a disease which will never... cured. Give me a chance, For what?-To remove the hatred
...from your mind. I'll be waiting for you on the sunset point.
You reached before me. -Please come
I didn't want to keep you waiting for me.-Someone will've to wait
Who would like to be yours.
Don't look here, look at the sun set. Have you ever...
...thought that this sun gives us life & spreads his golden charm..
...all over? There are many stars in the sky but none like the Sun
Did your father teach you all this, -No these are my thoughts
I am telling you all these so that you forget the past -I forgot.
What is your name? -Sona [gold] Oh!! -Why, what happened?
I was just thinking where does the golden charm of the Sun go
Now I have understood that it must be within you.
These are my special girlfriends, they love me because I have...
...given them a flat, a car, and Rs 2000 per month. It may not... true love, but you won't be able to give me even that much.
Everyday you look the figures of the accounts, now look at... wife's figure. I insult you everyday, but you...
...don't get angry ever. Doesn't it even effect you?
It does. But you listen to your heart and I listen to my soul.
You must be astonished to see me so early. You will be even...
...more astonished, I want one cup of tea.
Tea? That too at this evening hour?
Yes, times do change. But it takes a lot of time for a...
...person to change. Today I want to speak a lot to you.
Go and bring some tea.
What's wrong with you today?
Today I've realised my mistakes
Specially the type of behaviour that I had with you was not a...
...mistake but a crime.
I'm a criminal. And a criminal must pay in some or other way.
Don't speak like this. -No, let me speak today.
I want to repent. I want to say sorry for the way I behaved.
If you forgive me, then I'm ready to face any punishment
There is no need of that now It's enough that you've repented.
You think that we've just married
Come here, close to me.
You were right. We have just married.
Those days won't come again.
The future happiness will wash away the tears of the past.
You are very nice, Shobha.
Come here, please.
What were you doing there?
I was thinking that I was lost in the darkness of sorrow, and ... came from nowhere, as a light, and gave me hope.
Now that you are so much close to my heart, don't go away.
Look there,
When the sunrays touch these snowy mountain peaks, they...
...melt into a river and flow towards the sea, too meet... permanently.
I'll also meet in your love like the river permanently.
I'll not go leave you and go anywhere
May I know who is this? -The same one who loved you,
...with all his heart once. -Where are you speaking from?
The same hotel that you are staying in. I want to meet you.
Why? -To know, why did you leave me
Now I'm a married woman and... should not ask this sort of question to a married woman.
Don't ever call me. -Who was it Shobha?
A friend of mine. -How come?
She must have seen us here. -Don't worry, get ready...
...we'll go out. -Ok.
Ladies and gentlemen Nandkumar will sing to entertain you.
Sir, if you permit, I would like to sing a song -Sure, come here.
This is Mr.Anil Kumar Verma.
Mr. Anil, sing anything on love.
Love has become a trade now and trade has become love.
Love has become a trade and trade has become love.
Love has become a trade and trade has become love.
Playing with some one's heart, and then leaving them...
Playing with some one's heart, and then leaving them... if they are toys,
This has become the habit of beautiful girls.
Love has become a trade, and trade has become love.
In the past it was known as betrayal,
In the past it was known as betrayal,
But now it's shamelessness
It has become the attitude of the respected people...
Love has become a trade, and trade has become love.
She was the goddess of the temple, ...
She was the goddess of the temple, ...
And she used to be very beautifull
But look how she looks now
Love has become a trade, and trade has become love.
Love has become a trade, and trade has become love.
You might have removed hatred from my mind Sona, but you...
...can't remove Shobha's memories from my mind.
How did you suddenly remember Shobha today. -Sona do you, ...
...know, Shobha & her husband have come to stay in our hotel.
So what? This is a hotel. Anyone can come and stay here.
I asked her to meet me, but she refused to me right away.
She's right. She's someone else's wife now. Had I been in her..., I would have done the same thing.
Do you always drink? -I've drunk for the first time today
And if you drink, will she leave her husband?
This is the first and the last time, I drank. I hate liquor.
Please forgive me, I was lost. From now on I'll do as you say
Come let's go to the hotel.
What happened to you? -Nothing, a sudden pain.
Please give me the medicine. -Yes, here.
Your face has turned pale, you seem to be in pain, I'll call the... immediately. -There's no need. Now no doctor can help.
Please don't say like that.
Now I can't hide anything from you. My liver is ...
...completely damaged, I have shown to very big specialists...
They have declared that I won't live for more than 3-4 months
This is the only result one gets, when he drinks day and night...
...and troubles his body.
I've realised this very late, but I wanted to improve,
I wanted to make our lives much better. I wanted to give you the
...happiness that I had taken away from you.
But now this won't happen.
Don't say like this. Doctor is not God. Nothing will happen to you.
You will become alright. -By falsely comforting me,...
...we can entertain our mind, but can't delay the death.
If the death can spare few moments of life, I'd like to...
...give you all the happiness of this world. and then leave this... with a smiling face.
What is this? This is not
what I had ordered.
This is what madam has ordered. -Which madam? -This madam.
From now on, all the English breakfast is to be stopped.
This is what I've ordered, Parothas, Lassi, and curd.
From now on you will be eating only Indian breakfast.
Which means that I'll have to follow your orders.
Yes, father says that I should take good care of you.
This is what your father says or is it you?
Eat your breakfast.
What is the case Mr. Joshi? -Mr. J.K felt seriously ill, his...
...wife is taking him to Delhi. Very sad.
Isn't this Shobha? -How did you come to know?
From your face. -The thing is that her husband...
...suddenly fell ill. -May God cure him soon.
Let's go and have the breakfast.
You must have felt bored sitting in the hospital for a long time.
Why don't you go home for some time. -I'm allright here.
Announcing this, I'm a little sad and also little happy today.
I'm sad as this is the last item of Sona, and happy due to the...
...reason that she has found her life partner.
A handsome, and capable person who is here, Mr. Anil Verma.
Fate had already written the time of our meeting
Only some days are left for our union
There are only a few days left for our union
Only some days are left for our union
There are only a few days left for our union
Only some days are left for our union
It is difficult to go away from this city.
Don't know when we will be able to come again.
Trying not to remember and forget...
Trying not to remember and forget... stupid my heart is.
In these few days, I have made so many relations.
Only some days are left for our union
Only some days are left for our union
Meeting and parting is the tradition
Meeting and parting is the tradition
This is victory & this is defeat. And this is what love is.
This also is my last song.
I don't know how many hearts I've broken with this decision
There are only a few days left for our union
Only some days are left for our union
The traditions of the world are like this
The traditions of the world are like this
All the bondages are like dreams
Although the heart bears all the sorrows...
How can one hold his tears
When the father sends his daughter away as a bride
And the daughter leaves her father's house
Only some days are left for our union
Only some days are left for our union
Only some days are left for our union
It's our honeymoon today. What are you thinking?
Why are you looking so sad?
Look into my eyes Sona,
Whom do you see? -Me.
You will always remain in these eyes, till they close forever.
Don't say these inauspicious things.
Then why don't you speak something auspicious?
Are you annoyed? -Will you try to appease me?
Where is my brother in law?
Come fast, I'm very hungry.
There was a call from Delhi, I'll have to leave by today's flight.
What's the hurry? Next week we'll go together, I also have... go to Delhi, in connection with the new factory work
No brother, it's very importent for me to go. Vinney'll stay back
Where is Vinney?
I was trying to comfort your niece. She won't stop crying.
Like mother like daughter.
Even I used to take you in my laps to comfort you.
So even now, do it for me.
I'm very hungry. Oh great! Dal and Kashmiri Pulao.
That's the reason I made it. -They are nicely cooked too.
I'll come to know only after eating it.
Give her to me, and you please eat.
I've become a maternal grandmother, now I want... be a paternal grandmother too.
Since the day my daughter in law entered this house, this house...
...has turned into heaven. Thank god, that unforunate girl...
...did not enter this house.
What happened? At least eat properly. -No, I'm not hungry.
May be he will come to his senses for a few moments
All the possible treatments have been tried. Now there is no ...
...chance of his recovery
Shobha, -Don't speak, the doctor has told you to take rest.
There is no need to cry for a person like me, I've made you...
...cry a lot. I've given you a lot of pain. I'm such a ...
...unlucky person that I won't be alive even to see my child
Shobha, bring up the child in your way
In such a way that his good deeds will...
...wash away my bad deeds
I've given you a lot of pain.
This is my last wish,
Hello Brother. -Hello.
I was waiting for you since last week. -I was busy with the ... for the factory so I couldn't make it.
The work I'd come to do is over, but it was necessary to meet... or else Vinney would have killed me. -Have a sit.
What's wrong? Is everything all right -Why?
You look very upset. -Yes, my ex-boss J.K expired, today was...
...his funeral, I'm just returning from there.
There were no chances of his recovery. But I feel sad for...
...the bad luck of Shobha
Bad luck? You should say it's her good fortune
All of a sudden she has got the the property of J.K. which was...
...her dream. -Brother. Thinking about her in this manner is a sin
Rakesh, no one knows Shobha better than me. If Vinney would...
...have deserted you and married someone else then you would...
... have understood how difficult it is to control one's emotions...
...after one's heart gets broken.
Shobha betrayed me and God punished her. -Stop it brother.
You have some misunderstanding. We had promised Shobhaji, and...
...hence kept quiet. But to change your attitude towards her...
...I won't remain quiet today.
Vinney and my love was pure and true. But one day we became ...
...emotional and then we committed a sin. We realised..
...our mistake when Vinney told that she was pregnant.
I was ready to marry her at the same instance, but you were ... Germany, and we couldn't tell this to mother.
J.K. kidnapped me with the help of some goons, because he...
...wanted to take revenge on Shobhaji at any cost.
Shobhaji met him, but he made a deal that she should marry him...
...immediately or else he won't allow us to marry.
In this situation, to save the pride of your family and...
...for my sake & Vinney's, she deliberately strangled her love..
...and set foot in J.K's trap.
Not just that, people started blaming her for getting married... J.k. for his money. But this is not true.
She transferred the money to J.K.'s younger brother.
And she left for her mother's place. Brother, I beg to you...
...please don't have a wrong opinion for Shobhaji
Hello mother. -You? -May I talk to Shobha?
Do you know about her husband's death? -Yes.
What will she speak in this state of mind?-I'll talk to her.
What do you want to talk?
Shobha, I feel sorry for J.K. -What was meant to happen ...
...has happened, but the tragedy is that he couldn't see his child
Shobha, I'm here to beg forgivance -For what?
For blaming you, cursing you, for thinking so wrong & hating you
I should be sorry, I betrayed you & married someone for his money
Shobha, I met Rakesh in Delhi and he told me everything.
Rakesh? I had taken a promise from him.
This was unfair for me. I would have already misunderstood you.
That would have been good, for the whole life you would have...
...cursed me and I'd have always loved you in my mind.
Shobha. -The body is in our control but not the mind.
Now we are the two banks of same river which'll never meet.
What do you want to say? If by any means, at any time I
can help you I'll feel that I've...
...repented for what I thought of you to be till now.
I'll leave. -Should I say something? -What?
Don't ever come here, and don't try to meet me, you'r married... With Sona, your life is full of joy, I don't want even...
...the shadow of my bad luck fall on your life.
Now you must go. Sona must be waiting for you.
You came without notifying me -My work got over early, so I...
...took the first flight and came here.
Did everything go well? -Yes, the factory will start soon.
So why are you so sad, you should be happy!
I had to work really hard in Delhi, so I'm a little tired.
Eat something, and then take some rest. Come on.
Hello, sister in law. -Hello. Is Anil there?
He's gone to Bombay hospital. -Bombay hospital? For what?
A factory worker was a little injured, he's gone to meet him.
Any special message? -No. I had casually called up.
Is the worker severely injured? -Which worker?
I had called up at the office, Ashok brother said that some...
...worker was injured and so you had gone to meet him at the ...
...Hospital. -That? Nothing much.
He'd burnt his hand, he'll get well soon.
Are you hiding something from me? -What do you mean?
A wife can read her husband's face like a book. My mind says...
...that you are surely hiding something from me.
You are right. I shouldn't hide anything from you. Shobha is ill...
...I had gone to meet her.
This means that you still have a place for Shobha in your mind?
Yes. I do have that place for her which is there for a goddess.
Which has a higher authority than a wife? May I ask why...
...and when did this place get created?
Don't ask me this, I would only say that from the moment we... married I'm only yours and will always remain till death.
You've provided me with all kinds of facilities then what ...
...reason brings you here? -There are some things which don't...
...have any reason. Somethings just have to happen, like...
...the love between us.
That's all over now. -Tell me one thing. Don't you remember...
...those days? -I do. But what's the use of all that? Whenever I..
...see the sunset I think that it has set and it's dark now.
Shobha. -Anil, love never dies. It has to be killed by killing...
...our dreams and ambitions. -Teach me how to kill...
...our dreams and ambitions, I promise you that I'll forget you.
Why have you come to dig on same old hurt which can't be...
...cured. Why have you come here? Why?
Sona! -Sona? Where is she? -She's gone. The thing, that I...
...dreaded the most has happened. You immediately go...
...home and plead her. Seeing us so close, she shouldn't...
...misunderstand us. I don't want to ruin both your happiness.
Promise me before leaving that you won't meet me again.
This should be our last meeting.
Till the time you are in the hospital, I'll come to meet you.
No one can stop me. The moment you get cured I won't meet you...
...again, this is my promise.
Has Sona returned? -No. Why do you ask? -Shobha is sick.
I had gone to meet her. Sona suddenly came there and went...
...away quite suddenly. -But what do you've to do with that witch
Mother please stop this.
What? Sona's accident? I'll reach there immediatly.
Did you check the Blood Pressure -Yes Sir.
Anil, you can take your mother home. It's not good to stay...
...with the patient right now.
How are you, Sona?
I'm fine...but,...
Don't worry, god will once again fill your lap with a child.
Hello Shobhaji. -Hello.
I had some urgent work so I had gone to Delhi. So I couldn't ...
...come to meet you. How's the baby? How is your mother?
When did this happen? -Five days have passed
God is testiing me to see how long can I bear the sufferings
Now I'm all alone. I don't want to remain alive. But still I'll...
...have to live for my baby, I'll have to,
One doctor is happy till the time when he can say that his...
...patient is all right. But Some times it's not the case.
What do you mean? -Your wife is physically fit, but..
...she can never become a mother again.
No doctor.
Don't cry daughter. -Mother you had blessed me ...
...for a child. I wanted to give you a boy who would grace...
...this family when he will grow up. But due to me, your... won't get a child.
If I cannot be a mother what will I do by living, I should've...
...died in that accident itself.
Don't cry.
A child is a God's gift, you can't have a say in front of him.
You should not be cursing yourself. It's not your fault.
It's the fault of that unfateful lady who ruined your life and ... my daughter-in -law's life too. -Mother.
It's all your fault. She married someone else for money and yet..
...your eyes have not opened. Couldn't you control? -Stop it
I won't stop today. My mind is in flames. You have got a wife... Sona yet you went to meet her. Sona woulden't have met...
...with the accident if you never went to meet her. -Stop it.
You don't know the reality. You are blaming the one whom we ...
...should have worshipped. -Worshiping that rascal?
Mother you have forced me to reveal the truth.
This girl, your daughter and my sister. Ask her what Shobha...
...has done to save the pride of our family.
She was pregnant, before marriage.
I had done a mistake, mother. - If that mistake was not covered
up, it would've disgraced us. If Shobha wouldn't have married
J.K. Vinney and Rakesh wouldn't...
...have got married. -But why?
Since, Shobha had insuted J.K. he wanted to take revange, after...
...marriage he has harrased her a lot. She has gone through a lot.
And this, she has done just for your sake, to save your pride.
And I have always thought wrong about her, and blamed her
I was wrong. I've committed a crime. God shouldn't forgive me.
But I've done a sin, and you were punished for it. -Mother,
Don't say this, mother.
You?-The one who has...
commited sin in his previous life..
...or one who's born at a wrong time is only punished. Like me.
Shobha. -Once you wanted to make me your daughter in law
And I have always considered this to be my home
I had never thought in my dreams that someone ...
...will suffer because of me.
In one way I'm responsible for what Sona has faced.
No Shobha, don't say this. Today only we come to know as to...
...what sacrifice you have made to save the name of our family.
That was my duty, mother.
That too had some flaws. I've asked for a few moments from... and came to correct them.-Daughter. -Shobha.
Just one string of delusion is left, that I want to get rid of.
Please make him yours, sister. -Shobha. -Treat him as your son
What are you saying? How can one mother give her child to...
...another women.
How could she be a another woman? Sona is Anil's wife...
...and your daughter in law.
I'm a widow and in spite of my bad fate, I can make a married...
...woman happy I'll think my life to be successful.
Sona, I'm handing him over to you, please make him yours.
Call some doctor.
No, I've spent so much time, that no one can do anything now.
If knowingly or unknowingly I've done any mistake, forgive me.
I've a last wish, make this baby like you.
All the bad fortune has been washed away in a moment.