O abandono à vontade de Jesus não é quietismo nem fatalismo

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Moment of Reflection
The abandonment to the will of Jesus, is not quietism or fatalism
(From "Trust in Love" by Father Jean d'Elbe)
It is abandoned, that our great desires find their perfect fulfillment.
St. Therese, wrote that he would have liked "to clarify the souls, as the prophets and doctors,
walk the earth to proclaim the Gospel even to the remotest islands,
have been missionary since the creation of the world and be so until the end of time,
all have suffered martyrdom. "
Found a way to accomplish all this, Love is in the heart of his Mother, the Church.
And how it was Love in the heart of the Church?
Living in full conformity with the will of God, which is only Love.
Living abandonment is to find a perfect harmony in God,
then it is because God is Jesus, who writes all lines, all words and all letters of our lives.
It is astonishing to see how the sanctity of all saints was consummated in total abandonment.
All their efforts, all your prayers,
all the lights that they have received from Heaven have led to the abandonment.
When Our Lord is a reproach saints, a St. Gertrude
a St. Margaret Mary, for example,
is the lack of abandonment He complains that most of the time. Shortly before his death,
exclaimed St. Margaret Mary had finally understood what he expected of it when he said:
"Let me proceed. '
"Your Sacred Heart, she wrote, will do everything for me, if we leave it.
Want, love and desire for me, and will supply all my defects. "
As St. Margaret Mary, hear a hundred times a day Jesus who says:
- "Let me proceed. '
In your difficulties in your problems, whatever, in your daily life
is sometimes so difficult, so distressing, when you ask yourself:
"What to do? How? "... listen to him to say to you: - "Let me proceed."
And you reply: "Thanks for everything, Jesus."
And this is the most beautiful soul of a dialogue of love with their God almighty and loving.
St. Therese had come to have no other desire than to love Jesus was not crazy.
She wrote:
"We also do not wish suffering or death, and yet I love them both;
but only love is what attracts me. Now it is only the abandonment that guides me, I have no compass. "
"Your heart is full of Jesus' will.
Oh! if my soul was not already full,
if I had to fill it with feelings of joy and sadness, which happen so quickly,
would be an outpouring of grief and bitter! But these alternatives can not emerge very gently to my soul.
So I cherish a deep peace that nothing can disturb.
If the Lord to give me choose, not choose anything. I only want what He wants. It's what makes me love him.
I confess it took me a long time to achieve this degree of abandonment.
Now I find myself in it. The Lord took me and put me there. "
As I ask the Lord to take you and also that you put there, deep in her heart!
This abandonment is so simple the summit of holiness, is the culmination of love.
When St. Teresa of Avila, in the "Interior Castle", speaks of the spiritual marriage,
culmination of the mystical life, describes him as a union of charity accordingly.
"Such is the ineffable ardor with which the souls desire that the will of God be accomplished in them,
who feel equally satisfied with all that pleases the Divine Bridegroom order. "
What is practically the abandonment?
According to S. Francis de Sales is to be prepared to ask for nothing and refuse nothing,
seeing the will of God in all the creatures and events in the present.
Of course that:
- We have to reason and judge.
- We have to form our plans and act as if everything depended on us.
I stress this point because abandonment is not quietism or fatalism.
- If you have a problem to solve, you must inform you, seize the data well this problem,
study them, look for the best solution and follow it.
- If you get sick, you need to call the doctor, follow his prescriptions. That there is nothing to reproach you.
At least, that is your absolute good will.
We must strive to do what we do, with the greatest fidelity,
the greatest generosity, telling, however, with all our weakness, so you can never say:
"I did everything I could!" Unless Mary, who can say that? We could always have done more.
But anyway, we worked with the best will in spite of his own misery, never forget,
moreover, that Jesus is there and brings us.
And having done so in relation to him, we never worried about the result.
(More) - If he wants an apparent setback - and I mean: apparent
because a defeat willed by God is not a true debacle - everything is fine: "Thank you, Jesus."
- If he tear up my little plan, lovely kiss his hand.
It is His wish to perform, which are otherwise more beautiful than I myself could do.
- If you allow a great success, according to my views, "once again, thank you."
I was impressed to see sometimes good people,
very pious, heroic mortification, austerity, in temperance,
denying holocaust, that slays us really, of their own will.
At one point or another, moan, gasp and ask the Divine Master
something different from what He has given them.
Thus out of true mortification, the real meaning of the word.
Jesus has always His victory, when has our abandonment.
He just needs our abandoned to accomplish the wonders of God
that has prepared her heart for all eternity. What hurts all
which paralyzes the providential in its action upon us, there are material difficulties.
That is a difficult material to the One who created heaven and earth?
There are his enemies. He will reign in spite of his enemies.
What The clogging is a lack of faith and abandonment of those who call themselves his friends
and they should be His faithful instrument.
The barriers we who put them on our own reasons,
our little plan that we have so much attachment.
And how many times why?
For fear of a cross, for fear of a humiliation, a place of joy,
earthly ambition, lack of confidence, mainly.
Remember that beautiful passage from the Gospel, when Jesus cries out:
"Do not be anxious for your life, what ye shall eat;
nor about your body, what ye shall put on.
Look at the birds that neither sow nor reap,
not pile up in barns and are fed by the heavenly Father.
See how the lilies of the field.
Do not get tired or spin. But even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of them.
And you, O ye of little faith, you are worth more than they "?
But it says in the Gospel:
"Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and everything else shall be given you besides."
And here's what not to do:
- Does not seek first the kingdom of God.
- It was first its own advantages, money, interest, ...
- And Jesus himself away
- In any case there be setbacks, contradictions, very difficult times and even distressing.
But if there is that part of our complete confidence in him that we have, Jesus will arrange everything.
Draw good from evil, and even there to take a much more good than if there had been bad,
and the proof has been an immense good for you.
YES: proceed as if everything depended on us,
but trust the result to the Divine Master whom everything depends, really.
+ Blessing of God Almighty and Merciful
Father, Son and Holy Spirit descend upon you, strengthen your will, the will of the Father,
And stay forever! Amen!