How to Breed and Train Homing Pigeons : Homing Pigeon Training Routines

Uploaded by expertvillage on 26.10.2008

My name is Joseph Shung Chiang Lee. I am a member of the Calcutta Racing Pigeon Club.
The birds are released about 6:30 in the morning. They fly and they do exercise and after that
exercise, they are allowed to rest for about half an hour and then they are put back into
the loft. They are fed light breakfast, little bit. The main feed is given in the evening
time like about 4:00 and all that. That is the time they are given the full feed and
then of course in addition, we give grits. The grits are made up of grinded bricks charcoal,
the caught fish that bones they are grinded up, some egg shells, even rock salt, sand
is mixed with it. These are to help them digest their food and to give them some minerals
supplements. Of course, some people do give some mineral supplements powder that we get
from the poultry farm and all that. Like during the racing time we always add in the drinking
water electrolytes or maybe glutens or glucose water that we make and give to them.