Stained Glass - How to use a Soldering Iron

Uploaded by DiamondTechMarketing on 24.06.2011

Hi I'm Diana with Diamond Tech, I'm here to show you how to use the Studio Pro 100 Soldering Iron
The 100 Watt lightweight iron features a built in temperature contol,
A 1/4 inch chisel style tip, a stay-cool grip insulated handle and a quick change nut for easy tip changes
It also includes a stand
Here's how it works. Cut, grind and foil glass pieces to fit your pattern
Now you are ready to solder
Assemble your glass on a heat resistant surface, hold them in place with metal pushpins or layout blocks
Brush flux along the copper foil edges, this will allow the solder to bond to the copper foil
Using the soldeing iron, tack the glass together with small beads of solder
The 1/4 chisel tip is perfect for this type of foil project
Run your soldering iron along the foil, apply more solder as needed to create a round solder seam
The stay-cool comfort grip makes soldering comfortable
Repeat soldering the seam on the otherside, this will permanently hold your glass pieces together
Look for the Studio Pro 100 Iron at your local stained glass and hobby shops
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