[ENG SUB] 110112 Kim Junsu Interview on YTN News and Issue Part 1

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Subbed and Translated by christabel88@twitter / christabel88@DBSKnights
Subbed and Translated by christabel88@twitter / christabel88@DBSKnights
Subbed and Translated by christabel88@twitter / christabel88@DBSKnights
Announcer: Welcome JS: Hello
Announcer: It's nice to see you. JS: Nice to see you.
Through our twitter now, and the many fans who are viewing this broadcast, I can really feel the many fans that you have had during this period.
Around you, as you will be able to see later, there are really many fans... and I heard that the tickets for Tears of Heaven were sold out within 5 mins after the start of ticket sales. Are you aware of that?
Yes, I found out through an article.
Did you expect it?
Because this round, it is hard for me to be close to the general public through this musical, I did not expect to receive this much attention and love.
So because they are full of that much anticipation, I do feel some burden, but I am preparing very hard.
From your fans's point of view, even though it is not a concert, going to watch this musical is still a chance to see you in person.. did that influence you?
Well there are some parts which are affected.. for starters, as I will be standing on that stage as a musical actor, I hope to show a side of me that isn't lacking.
What is Tears of Heaven about?
I play the role of Jun. Jun is a Korean soldier who has been dispatched to fight in Vietnam.
And in the midst of it, finding love, getting betrayed, agonising and worrying over the fact that anyone can get killed in a war.. it is a musical that contains such things..
It will start playing from February onwards and I heard that the role you play is a man who holds everything when it comes to love. What is the real Junsu like?
Are there any parts which are similar?
For me.. how I feel with regards to love, saying it with my own mouth is a little like that.. Always...with regards to love.. What should I say...
I definitely do not treat it lightly. I always think that having sincerity is the most important thing and I willl also apply sincerity..
This is your second work with regards to last time's Mozart right?
Yes. It is my second work.
There must be many differences between your first and second time right?
The first musical...In any case, it was my first challenge so I was nervous. For this round, because of the amount of love I received for Mozart, I think that I should display even more energy than that
It is true that when I think if that, I get more nervous. Because this round, it is a created work and it is not something that is created as one thing.. If there were some exisent film, like in the case of Mozart
I could watch the films and practise.. but as this work is something which we create everything: our lines, actions, movements together with the other actors, I do feel some burden, but because of that it is fun.
What was toughest about becoming a musical actor from a singer?
Since it is the first time I am acting, that would be difficult. Singing as a singer and singing in a musical is different.
The feeling is different, the parts where you have to pay attention to is different. Like when I am singing in a concert, I display my ability and sing the song in my own way. But in the case if the musical there are many roles,
When the situation is sad, you have sing with sadness, when it is a happy situation, you have to sing with overly emphasised joy. As such thoughts have to be kept alive in e midst of these, I think the areas where you need to pay attention to are different
I get it. Now, I will ask 3 questions which cannot be avoided. Well, it is ok to avoid them, but let's ask them with the hope that you will not avoid them. It is ok to skip one of the questions.
Let's receive the first question.
Handphone. I still do not know what kind of question it will be. Shall you just look at the theme and give an answer? JS: Ah, Just look at this and answer?
Yes, just look at the theme first.. JS: Ok, I understand. Female announcer: We are not going to ask him for his handphone number right? ^^
Has a celebrity received calls from commoners asking them out for a date? And, has your heart ever beat faster when you receive such requests?
JS: asking about me? Announcer: Yes.
I am not saying that I received a request for a date from someone, but there were people who stirred up and hinted at something similar.
Were some of them celebrities? JS: Yes. Announcer: Who? JS: wa hahahahaha
How was it during those times?
Firstly, I must like that person.. Because I am not the kind of person whose heart will flutter just because anyone tells me that they like me.. Well, of course they were good people... well..
Was it someone from a Girl Group? Well, I don't think there was only one person, there were probably a few..
There has been some talk about trainees who spend a lot of time together during their trainee days... cos they develop feelings for each other after being together for so long..
Yes, you don't have to tell us exactly who is it, but is it someone from one of the girl groups?
JS: There are people who are from girl groups... Announcer: more than one person.. i see.. JS: Yes. haha.. Announcer: you seem uncomfortable, let's move on to the 2nd question
Ah! On the other hand, was there someone whom you wanted to ask out on a date? JS: Yes, of course.
Announcer: But did you do it? Ask the person out? JS: No. Announcer: You just thought of it in your heart?
Well, there wasn't any fate, and just looking at the outer appearance of the person, the first thing that attracts you would probably be the way she looks
But if you want to date or fall in love with a person, you have to lok at their personality and everything else and like those things about them too. So if you just look at the outward appearance, what you do or feel is another story..
While carrying out activities, have there been people whom after meeting them in person, you found out that there were not who you thought they were. Friends and girls included.. JS: Yes, there were..
Were you disappointed? JS: Compared to feeling disappointed, I will get the feeling that "Oh, such people exist".. something like that~
Let's receive the second question.
Anyone, for one time... Will you answer? JS: Yes.
Anyone, for one time, will experience some predicament in their lives.. Junsu too, Us too, anyone elso too.. Have you ever had such an experience? How did you overcome it?
JS: So.. Troubles? Announcer: Yes, difficult troubles in one's life..
Difficult times.. of course there were many happy times too but..of course i have such times too.. as I think that anyone will experience such happy times and difficult times..
When was your most difficult time? After your debut...
My most difficult time was last year. The year which started from the end of last last year. Last year.. what I think is that many things happened to me that year.. Though of course good things happened too...
I felt like I had many thoughts about my own self. and in those thoughts, to that extent, I also tasted important things, and also once again thought carefully about even the trivial matters.
To me, even though it was tough, now I don't see it as a bad thing, but with a good and positive attitude, think of it as part of the study of one's live. That kind of study is not something you can achieve easily
I want to think of it in this way, that I studied that first.. In the future, I want to work harder so that I can be happy and be able to smile more..
During that process, I think that you lost some things and you gained some things.. What do you think you lost?
If we talk about things that I lost.. well.. there were many.. things that I lost.. the people who were around me before that thing happened.. I lost those..
If we talk about things which I gained.. the people who have been together with me since that difficult period till now, giving me their support...
Subbed and Translated by christabel88@twitter / christabel88@DBSKnights
Aigoo Junsu sshi, I can feel that you are tearing up.. ㅠㅠ It is a difficult question. But the next question is very easy, let's move on to the next question.