POWER ON TEXAS: Klein ISD Teachers Take Charge in Developing a 21st Century Classroom

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>> In 2001, administrators in Klein asked teachers to come
up with a plan for the districts technology integration program.
A representative was chosen for each
of the district's 19 elementary schools.
Their task?
Develop a plan for a model, 21st century classroom.
>> The superintendent said this is your project.
You go forth.
There are no limitations.
The sky is the limit.
>> Based on that in depth study, four computers were deployed
to every elementary school classroom.
Then the teachers got busy learning how
to transform teaching through technology.
But, not everything went smoothly.
>> There was a lot of resistance from the seasoned teacher.
>> As with any group, you will have some teachers
who were saying bring it on, and you know, I'm so grateful
that you're doing this for me.
And there were others who might have initially,
the sense of what are you doing to me.
>> But training and ongoing support helped teachers get
over their initial resistance.
And soon, they began to notice a difference.
>> When you have struggling and gifted learners in your room
and every learner was running to get in the classroom every day.
My attendance was up and my discipline was down.
And what greater gift to have as a teacher
than to have those two things come together.
>> As technology was deployed throughout the district,
including one to one computing at the high school level,
even more benefits were realized.
>> We are farther along in being able to meet individual needs
with the use of technology than we ever have been able to.
>> Technology even allowed teachers to reach the shy kids.
>> Instead of just reaching the ones who talk a lot,
now I'm reaching all of my students.
>> Most of the time, I don't like to raise my hand
and I don't like to be called out and you know,
have everybody else know that I'm not understanding.
>> And finally, there were real, measurable results.
>> Number one, students were more engaged,
they became more independent in their learning.
And over time, we saw increases in math scores and other areas.
>> Now, several years into the process, the teachers
in Klein continue to build on their original vision.
>> Quite honestly, I have to tell you, every day that I walk
into a classroom and see the magic that teachers are creating
with technology and see the power of the products
that students are creating,
you just know we're on the right path.
And we're going to continue to get there.
>> To find out more about how Klein ISD joined the digital
learning revolution, go to powerontexas.com.