Miss A (미쓰에이) All about Miss A - Say A101 (history)

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Once a upon a time not too long ago...
"I like to introduce to you"
Do you know them?
Place: China, They entered a show called "the more you dance the more beautiful you get"...something like that
The 5 girls were introduced as a group of girls from Korea called "Sisters"
They were Fei, Jia, Lim (Apple), Sarah and Xiaofei.
Sarah and Xiaofei left because of personal reasons...
So, there were three...
Fei, Jia, and Lim
Lim left to go join Kpop Legend, Wondergirls (WG) as Sunmi left.
Then there were two :(
JYP knew he had awesome talents on hand with Jia and Fei, so he had to do something...
Well, we all know what he loves doing...
JYP introducing....another talented and lovely member to the group...
And they formed Miss A.
They were announced as a trio with the release of their first Single Love Again in early June 2010.
By the end of June with the release of "Bad Girl Good Girl", JYP doing what he loves and doing what he does best ...
JYP introducing...Min the talented, lovely, sexy, funny, energetic and extremely charismatic girl to the group...
...forming the Best Rookie Group and Top girl Group...
Miss A
Wang Fei Fei (Fei), Birthday: April 27, 1987 ,Nationality: Chinese ,Height: 164
Meng Jia (Jia), Birthday: February 3, 1989 ,Nationality: Chinese ,Height:164
Lee Min-Young (Min), Birthday: June 21, 1991 ,Nationality: Korean ,Height:161
Suzy Bae (Suzy), Birthday: October 10, 1994 ,Nationality: Korean ,Height:166
Sept 27 2010...Breathe, the 2nd single, the latest incredibly addictive hit by Miss A, I am hoping it will reach over 10M hits on Youtube.
Thanks JYP and JYPE for giving us top quality entertainment
Please keep supporting Miss A
Miss A Hwaiting