Последний день реперформансов | Last day of reperformances

Uploaded by Armianovski on 30.01.2012

Last day of reperformances
Now let's breathe in silence
Think what we have done during this project
What we have togerther gone through
How it was beginning
We were another persons when we collected documents
And now stop talking
Think how we are thankful to each other
How we have done this
about this experience
and now let's say with closed eyes
thanks to each other and good-bye
Dear visitors of art-centre Garage, our centre is closed
I'm so sad.
I have even cried today.
It's so pity that it wouldn't be anymore.
Of course I have thought it'd finish
Nevertheless it comes suddenly.
How much reperformances do you have today?
3 - Imponderabilia, Luminosity and Skeleton.
The door of wardrobe is opening and there is such picture.
Why are you dressed, take of your dress.
Once during dark Lataringian autumn in France
I came suddenly to Mestsa art school
on a lecture about performance art I came suddenly to Mestsa art school
on a lecture about performance art
And there was a video of Marina Abramović performance
where she is cutting a star on her belly
the first version on this performance
It was shooted on grainy black and white film.
It's duration is about 2 or 3 minutes.
The lecture was given by very old lady
who could not use her Mac laptop
and asked to do this a young man
However she successfully pressed a button play for Abramović movie
and dipped to her notes, probably sleeping.
The video was autorepeated.
So there are pictures how Marina was cutting her belly
drops of blood appeared,
very dark drops of blood on black and white film.
During 1st screening there were few gasp "oh, no" among audience.
Girls hided their faces.
However, after the end movie started to play again.
There was a portrait of Abramović friend,
as I understand the performance was a protest
against her imprisonment in Yugoslavia
The film was the same.
I thought maybe there would be something new
or probably it should be watched twicely
Everyone else also were interested
but it was the same and hardly seen.
Screams became louder
Nevertheless old lady didn't pay attention to her students.
After about 7th or 8th time she stopped it
and continued the lecture
So it was the performance about another performance.
I remembered this quite good.
Afterwards I saw Abramović name and invitation on the facebook
to a casting for reperformances.
Despite it was far from all my interests,
abilities and notions about myself,
I went there.
I explained to myself that I'd accompany
my friend photo-model
and at the same time look there.
Photo-model, of course, didn't pass.
And I became enthusiastic and came here
what I'm very happy about.
We have about 5 minutes.
Undress, take off your clothes.
Children were played into gestapo in a cellar
Despite he is tickling even more he is joking
We have given an interview.
And the first thing journalist asked,
even before camera was turned on
Could you explain why it is not a madness?
I talked with him, then Maya, and someone else.
Then I met with Maya in wardrobe and she told
probably after those interviews
they would believe even more
that we are crazy.
insight soul movement
as we are enlightened
I'm looking like this every morning
I wake up with pomade and makeup
My number is 8...
2nd entrance on the left
So comrades
Maya, are you preparing to lie? I'm ready
I'm ready to lie down. This is what I was dreamt
Poor morning visitors
They would be welcomed by sleeping skeleton
Sleeping under skeleton
Sleeping princess
And what if there would be queers
We've avoided this
It's not the end of the day
Yeah, surely today this is very actual
Sanya, did you taste the soup
from coconut milk and pepper yesterday?
Yes, delicious from chief-cook
Here it is the last cup of soup
I started to think about this day
on the 3d day of workshop
that sometime it'd come
And I was always thinking about it
There is so much sediment
Let's eat one while it is present
Asya, you would go with Kristina there
It seems to me that after this work I would never undress
There is one man looking on Nabieva last 10 minutes
I'd bath in clothes
Ah, she has secret admirer
New one?
He is looking only to her
Nabieva is like magnet
It's uninterersting take off clothes in Europe
Exposition good-bye
Let you go first
It is too early, isn't it?
No, it's time
Petya, how are you?
What happens?
I was changed. And where is Lesya?
She went under Skeleton. At once?
Ah, ok
What's up? What happens?
Be carefull, don't step on Yulia
She is hiding into yoga mates
Girls, go on
It's so pity
Valya, you don't love me any more
Take with you!!! Pants! Jewelry! Cover for saddle!
One security told to others: 3d, 3d, I'm 4th
Now a man'd come to you in orange clothes
He has 3 steel balls in a hand
Yes-yes, 3 steel ball in a hand
Would he throw it?
Ah, who knows
He was standing in front of me
And I was thinking he is just standing
However when he left and securities started to tell this
I was hanging and thinking
Really, you are doing Luminosity
and if someone throw a ball at you
The main point is that you could not move
A person was late. What do you want?
It's easier for me to cancel your entrance
There was no person. Petya was added
Here Olesya was shifted
You could not stand 2 hours, right?
Yes, I can't. And who was late?
Ok, but would she like to change?
If it is about 500 rubles, let me give it to you from my pocket
Valya what are you talking about?
And I don't understand why is this talk
Why do you want to brawl because your entrance was cancelled
Ok, let's return everything back
Let you lie under skeleton and I'd go to the corridor
It's impossible
You think up sudden movements
The decision is made, cancellation is not possible
Workshop let's go
This is absolutely impossible
I didn't expect that everything would be like this
I thought I'd grit my teeth and endure
whims of this naked people
their genitals
I thought it'd be completely another way
How my perception of some persons have changed
it's unbelievable
I didn't see you. Seriously
As in Avatar, it's so pity to refer to such perfunctory film, but
I see you!
At some moment I really started to see you
and sence some features
This is so incredible experience
We all went to this more than month
when we collected documents
Someone spent
honestly everyone spent years to be here
We all passed long way anyhow
If we think about it we'd understand
that small things, meetings have lead that
I've 3d eye between eyebrows
that Petya Armianovsky have been shooting me
that Valera who is invisible
but present here and eat baton comments everything
that Anton has told my future by Taro cards
And they are discussing something and interrupt me
while I'm giving the interview
This is all unbelievable
And honestly I'd say that with many of you
I think I'd never meet or start to communicate at other obstacles
However I'm endlessly thankfull
Oh my God, it is like at Oscar ceremony
Give me a stick
I want to say thanks to an academy, my mum, daddy,
Zhenya Shueshov
I'd not say this to Vova because he overkiss me again
Generally I'm thankfull to everyone because
Vova could overkiss you without a reason
I'm receiving Oscar
Vova I'm getting Oscar
This video would be shown to my grandchilds and my husband
and here some man whom I'd never
I'd never, God forbid, see
I want to thank all of you that
you have made it happen
that you came, have done
and allow me to know myself and gain this experience
I hope you would forgive me
if I was not right, rude
bitch, unfair
shit, what else?
What else have you said when I wasn't in checkroom?
That's all, wonderfull
one more time thanks
Honestly I love you very much
We are on the place of crime
Last evening of the Marina Abramović exhibition
What happens here?
Who is weak squad?
Who doesn't clean up after herself?
Who is a pig?
Look at your mirror!
Are this your work?
Of course
I'm joking
Translated and subtitled by Piotr Armianovski