120427 Taxi Onew cut (subs)

Uploaded by Onewthings on 26.04.2012

Sherlock in grandpa version!
Go in, go in first!
[Jonghyun, Onew pass]
[Members backlash]
[Checks out camera's angle]
Whoa how does it do all this?
[Makes a comeback with Sherlock's afterimage dance]
Onew is a DANGER: Frequent accident zone
It's true!
His recent ankle injury put a setback to activities
Thriving for perfection is important but please take special care when practicing
[Key has problems with not getting a solo introduction]
Yours is still good. Mine is frequent accident zone
Onew-ya. Did you have your hair like that to be funny?
Yes I tried putting mushroom on my head
Is the eldest hyung Jonghyun?
No Onew-hyung is the most..
How old are you?
I'm 24 (22 in other countries)
Q: There is a girl idol whom I like
Onew, Jonghyun: No
Is it not raining?
[What is this...?]
It seems Minho-kun was spitting
I got excited
I see why the company trusts you
I get cold sweats whenever I hear something like that
Onew-ya, we'll never edit this out
Random things like this will make it on tv
That's his charm
Once you get addicted
...you'll rethink of it during the night
Do you eat alone when you get hungry?
Something pitiful like that, I'm good at.
What if you're alone and fans recognize you?
They don't recognize me without makeup
Does Onew not have any siblings in your family?
Yes (I have siblings)
Then how did you get into the habit of eating alone?
Just a moment
You have siblings?
Ah siblings?
I thought you asked whether I currently have a house or not (hyungjae=sibling hyunje=current)
What a humiliation (for the mc)
Onew-ya what is this
You cannot see noona as an average woman
I'm a woman of good strength
You're getting too comfortable
Onew-ya there's a switch below your feet...
Tissue paper?
Onew-ya I think you have problem with your hearing
Onew-ya pick up your phone
Where's that switch?
Down your feet
Q: Which member is most popular in Korea?
(Onew singing something~ '3')
[Hot dogs have arrived!]
Thank you!
This bag is full of hotdogs!
Grab one each
Give the rest to Minho
SHINee forever!
This is your mic. Sing for us
This looks delicious
You guys ate this when you were trainees?
That's right
We bought one and shared
One bite each, back then?
That's right. It was cold
Saying something like, "Why are you eating so much?"
"No I just have a big mouth"
Onew's wish: I want to become a 몸짱(=best body) one day
Posing backwards, like this
[Taxi will always cheer for SHINee's future to shine]