T-ara Hello Baby Ep 3 4/4 ENG SUB

Uploaded by PudLov3Icecream on 05.12.2010

Why do you want to keep the child yourself?
All come over here
Maden, come over here
This is so scary...
Maden is moving towards the qualified mothers team
This is the final chance!!
We are the real mothers!
Who will Maden choose?
This proof we are mothers already
I had prepared a lot but none of them got chosen
I even did i saw dinosaurs
But Mason went into the toilet already
This feels like our babies got stolen
Then we recognized you as moms now
But...you both must show us the side of real mothers
The dinner~ Ramen
How delicious is it~?
Its delicious untill 2 people eating ramen even 1 people died also you wont know
Firstly, put in the ramen and then put the seasonings
Split the ramen into half and put it in
Keep on putting in the ramen from the top and this will make the ramen more tastier(I not sure if its tastier or not)
Eunjung shi~ Is it delicious?
Its really delicious
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