Let's Play New Vegas Ep. 6 Pt. 1: One of America's Most Beloved Monuments

Uploaded by AquatakatII on 31.10.2010

>> RYAN: Welcome back, Internet people. My name is Ryan and today we are playing
Fallout: New Vegas for the PC.
We're heading to Nipton. I think it's this way.
It must be this way.
We just got done with Primm.
Primm was pretty boring. I'm really hoping Nipton is far more interesting and exciting
and I'm really hoping I come across a voice actor that isn't awful.
The only voice actor that wasn't awful was Doctor Tigh.
Oh, I thought that car over there was a fish.
It looked like a fish sort of, right?
Oh, do I not like you people?
We'll shoot you anyway.
I've gained karma.
gained karma for shooting convicts. That's pretty wicked.
Do I need cases? I don't want cases.
I don't want your guns. I just want your ammonition because it doesn't weigh very much.
So what were those convicts doing?
Just hanging around a road?
That is an... that is an ass. OK.
Do I want to go in...? Oh god.
These guys mean busy-ness!
They mean busy-ness!
I will shoot you for the kingdom.
Oh, by the way, I changed my guy's head and it's ugly now.
What the hell is wrong with your face? Oh my god. It's a zombie.
OK, I have to kill the zombie and I will get karma for killing the zombie.
No? No karma for killing the zombie? OK.
It's totally unrealistic, but...
I'm sure the game knows that.
Fuck me? That's not very nice.
>> A-ha.
>> RYAN: Oh god.
Oh dear. There's just people just right here, just hanging out.
Seriously? Did we just watch...?
Internet people, did you see the same animation that I just did?
Oh god. Oh god! [whimper]
>> Damn.
>> RYAN: Oh god.
Oh god, I'm out of ammo. This is a problem.
What do I have that has ammo?
I don't even care what it is. Oh, I'll just use some dynamite. That'll work out really
Oh, do I have to use the varmint rifle? I don't want to use the varmint rifle.
[sigh] Oh well, what can you do?
Oh, unlocking stuff.
Yes, yes, I know how to unlock stuff. I played Fallout 3.
Come on...
Nope, nothing... Ooh.
I love first aide boxes.
Healing powder. All sorts of exciting things.
That's some things eating a...
Oh, I don't know what a hydra is but I want it.
Got some things eating a body... We're OK with that I think.
Got a reloading bench. Oh god. More of that nonsense.
I'm not impressed with you, game, for having nonsense like that.
And we've got another bathroom with nothing in it, so this was a...
This was a worthy endeavour.
Clipboard, coffee...
We'll take the ashtray with us I think.
Going to reposition this ashtray. It is now over here.
They're going to think whoever sat at that there was a smoker.
I'm so dastardly, Internet people. I'm so dastardly.
So, we got a sand...stormish thing there, some sand in the air.
Good attention to detail
whoever it is that made this game again.
Ooh, there's some friendly people over here. Friendly people!
Frien- Oh, you're not people. You're birds.
There's a not friendly people over there. Oh, dear god.
Oh, what the fuck is that?
What the fuck is that? Oh dear god. I am not going over there. Holy shit.
Holy shit, I'm not going over there. Oh my god.
Oh my god. [whimpery laugh]
Oh my goodness. OK, I'm just going to heal because I'm scared a little bit.
We'll just use this... this powder.
Oh god. That was just awful. Oh, I've levelled up again.
I would like some... We'll do seven to the guns, or eight to the guns
and then we'll do some to the... Make that an even 40.
Oh, more things like this. OK.
Do SPECIAL... Faster reloading...
Yes! Yes, educated. That is what I want.
Those are very large people shaking hands up there.
What is that?
OK, I don't live in America so I don't know the landmarks.
Is that an American landmark? Someone tell me.
Because I... Jesus. It's very...
strange and prominent. I almost just want to go up there and look.
Yeah, sure. We'll do a little detour I think.
Let's just go up there and have a quick look.
I'll teleport there.
Ehh, ehh, ehh, ehhh, ehhhh, ehhhguh.
Oh, teleporting's so hard.
Oh, Mojave Outpost.
"In the year 2271, the Desert Rangers of Nevada and the rangers of the New California Republic
met at this spot to sign the Ranger Unification Treaty. Under this treaty, the Desert Rangers
agreed to be absorbed into the NCR in exchange for NCR's protection of Hoover Dam, New Vegas
and southern Nevada against the forces of Caesar's Legion."
OK, I see. That's not too bad.
This place looks like it might be helpful to me.
>> Hey. >> RYAN: Hey.
>> Coming from the north? Must be crazy to brave those roads.
>> RYAN: What is this place?
>> Outpost, Mojave Outpost. Watching a lot of nothing feels like a big brahmin pen for
They've been stopped for a while, waiting for the roads north to clear,
or their clearance papers to go through.
Looks like you've walked a way, so if you need to shake the dust off, head to the barracks.
The bar's there.
Not much, but better than nothing.
>> RYAN: Oh. Any work around here?
>> Nothing I know of, but if you've come from the north
it means you can travel freer than most around here.
Might check the barracks. Someone might need you to hoof it somewhere.
Just be careful when you go up on the roof. Got a sniper watching the road.
If your gear's in need of repair, HQ's also worth checking out.
Talk to Major Knight. He'll be able to help
provided you've got a pen and plenty of ink.
>> RYAN: OK. What are those statues of?
>> Those two?
Represents unification. Mostly good for shade.
Won't do much else when Legion reaches us.
>> RYAN: OK. >> Watch yourself.
>> RYAN: That guy was quite nice. I like it when the people are nice to me.
OK, so this is an NCR Ranger Outpost, Mojave.
Oh, look. It's a pack brahmin.
Hello, people that have the exact same facial structure and animation.
>> Howdy.
>> RYAN: Oh look. That person stopped his animation to say howdy as I was walking away
very naturally.
OK, so I want to go to the barracks? Is this the barracks?
Nope, that's the headquarters.
I don't know how I know that.
I know that because I came in a certain proximity of the door and my brain was just like
FFFUFUFUFUF NNG, headquarters!
I just sort of knew it like I know this is the barracks.
I love video games so much.
>> Hey. >> RYAN: Hello.
Hi, Lacey. I'm pointing a gun at you.
>> New face in the outpost, must have come from the north.
So, what do you have?
>> RYAN: You're ugly.
What do you have for trade?
>> Take a look. >> RYAN: OK. I won't make you guys watch me
do boring things with the... trading.
Oh, a hydra restores a limb. That's exciting.
OK, I have no idea what this thing does, though.
Turbo? Oh god. Is that like on old computers where there's a turbo button?
OK, got some stimpaks and some things.
Any work around here?
>> Work around here? Might check with Jackson in the main building or Ghost on the roof
but watch out because... Well, she's kind of a bitch.
Don't tell her I said that though.
Might take a bullet some night while I'm going to the latrine.
>> RYAN: Oh my god. >> Fine then.
>> RYAN: Seriously.
I can't...
I can't take the voice acting.
It's soo bad.
It's so incredibly bad.
Like... OK.
This is coming from someone who has literally played all of Gothic 3 from start to finish
as both and an evil person. Seriously.
>> You a courier? If so, this might be your lucky day if you don't mind walking a bit
and your eyes are good.
>> RYAN: OK. >> I think there's trouble in Nipton.
No traffic from there on the roads
and while I can explain that away, the smoke from the town I can't.
I'm sure it's been hit. What I need to know is if anyone survived it.
Might be Powder Gangers with all that smoke in the air.
If there's anybody left, they'll be in the Nipton town hall. Go there. Check it out.
Let me know what you find.
>> RYAN: OK. >> Alright. Look at you, all fired up and
ready to go.
Wish the others around here had the kind of attitude.
Listen. I don't want you getting killed for this, so if you head there and head into trouble
I'm asking for eyes and ears, not your life. Alright?
>> RYAN: OK.
>> Mind yourself on the plank going down.
>> RYAN: I'm going to Nipton anyways, so I figure, why not?
>> OK, so where else? There's a...
There was someone in here. I forget his name.
Someone in the main... I'm guessing this is the main building, I don't know, it's not
labelled as a main building. Is it you?
>> Caravan, citizen, pilgrim, or...?
>> RYAN: Um. Courier.
>> Just need something for the log book. Keeping tabs on traffic throughout the outpost.
Mostly just in, not out these days.
If you're looking for the commanding officer, he's in the back.
Although he's got a lot on his plate so if you speak with him, keep it short.
Also if you need any gear checked, we can get you up and running again.
Once you fill out the work orders and sign for the parts, of course.