Interview with Eric Saade on Hallå P3 (Sveriges Radio) - Part 2

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That was Eric Amarillo's "Om sanningen ska fram"
Eric was here earlier this week and if you want to hear that, you can do so on our webpage.
We, Eric Saade and I, are here both on the radio and in a web-TV on
And there you can see me wearing both a hat and a headset.
It's a hard combination.
But you do it good!
I'm doing it very good!
We are soon going to talk on the phone again. First we're going to do an inquiry.
A man who called yesterday was very into our producer Yourim.
Called back today and ask her out and we might be able match make our first "Hallå P3" couple!
Absolutely, absolutely.
Now back to you Eric, we have a call!
Hi! Do you have any fun question for me?
Yeah, what's your funniest memory from any tour?
From my tour? Oh, I have many memories.
For example, we sat an attendance record in Bollnäs on my latest tour.
There where 25.000 people there. That was absolutely fantastic.
That's something you don't see very often. When there are so many people.
And then people have thrown some sick things on stage. Eee..
What's the funniest thing you have got?
Eh, I don't know if I can...
No, okay.
Okay, a pink dildo one time. I didn't bring it but it was thoughtful.
A nice thought.
A very nice one, yes. So there happen a lot of fun things on tours.
Many nice memories. But the best ones are when it a lot of fans appear.
Okay. I just have one more thing. I have a person here who likes you very much.
She's in the car in front of me. Elina Johansson is her name.
I wonder if you could send her a special hello.
Okay. Hey Elina Johansson.
I hope everything is good with you and where ever you're going I hope you drive careful.
Thanks so much.
Alright. Thanks!
Take care! Thanks for your call.
Bye. A mail now
Haha. So cute. It's fun that there is so many people from other countries
who knows what I'm doing here in Sweden. A Swedish radio show.
Indeed. Now it's ringing again.
Hi! What's your name?
I'm Fredrik.
Alright, hey Fredrik.
Hi! I have a question for you. What will you be doing when you reached 50?
Oh. 50 years old? It's a long time till that. 30 years left.
When I'm 50, I hope that I'm done with this, how should you say, pop part of my career.
I want to develop throughout pop as long as I can of course.
But I probably won't be able to sing and dance pop when I'm 50 maybe. Some could.
Michael could. But anyway, I hope I've broadened.
I might do a little bit of everything but I'll stay within Entertainment
because that's all I can do. That's what I'm good at.
Right. Your voice may develop to a huge one.
You'll never know. That can happen. Thank you so much for your question.
Yeah, thank you so much. Take care Fredrik.
Continue to call Eric on 0770 93 00 32 and we're also available on e-mail.
All you have to do is contact us. Just do it.
Erik Hassle's "Stay Away" here in "Hallå P3" with Eric Saade!
But he isn't only here you can ask questions.
My fellow workers on the news will have, because of the tragedy in Norway,
a chat available from 14 o'clock.
There you will be able to discuss phobias of Islam and right-wing extremism with Lisa Bjurvald,
a journalist and writer. She has also worked for the anti-racist journal writing "Expo".
You can leave your question now on P3 news site. The chat opens at 14.00.
Eric, now you'll get to talk on the phone again.
Hello, my name is Hanna!
Hi Hanna!
How old are you?
I'm nine years old.
Nice nine. It was a long time since I was nine. Do you have any funny question for me?
Yeah, how do you become an artist?
Oh, I suppose there isn't any right answer on that one. But you should just be yourself,
all the way. And then you have to work really hard for it,
which I had to do since I was 15. But it's just about being yourself
and then you'll have to realize that people will both hate it and love it
since everyone has different tastes. If they like you for who you are
I guess you have succeeded in becoming an artist.
I see.
Do you think Eric is a good artist?
He is my favourite.
Of course.
Thank you. Did you watch "Allsång på Skansen" yesterday?
What did you say?
Did you watch "Allsång på Skansen" yesterday?
He wonders if you watched that TV show yesterday with him dancing and singing?
It maybe was a bit too late?
Yeah, could be.
I was away.
Thank you so much for your call and have a great day. Bye!
We do have another e-mail here: "Hi, what does "Put your hearts in the air" mean?
You're the best! Greetings from William with 8 and Filippa with 6.
'Hearts in the air' means all that we've been talking about now,
being yourself and put your heart in front of your brain.
It's a metaphor for that, because sometimes you think too much.
Sometimes you should just go with your heart instead of thinking
and be affected of what people write or say about you.
So it's a bit about giving all them the finger and following your heart.
I'm very much for that. That's why many of my songs are about that.
And that's also why I talk about that a lot.
Actually, I've been through a lot of it in my life.
You have to be able to go your own way and not care about what others say.
'Put your hearts in the air' is to put your heart before your brain.
Great. Now we know that.
Now you'll get to wish a song.
Right, speaking of 'Hearts in the air' I have this great rapper J-Son.
He might have realised the best song in Sweden this year.
It's called "Destination sky" and here it is.
That was J-Son with "Destination sky"!
Your dream song.
Thanks for that one. We have received some comments on our webpage.
Many from Russia! Here is one: "Great. Very well said Eric.
I agree that everyone should get to go their own way and be who they want to be."
Oh, cool!
You can leave comments for us on our webpage. Now you'll get to talk on the phone again.
Alright! Hi!
What's your name?
Okay Nicole, what's your question for me?
Which one is your worst trait?
My worst trait… Oh... That's a hard one! Maybe that I talk too much sometimes I believe,
especially when I talk with people who can be a bit dangerous.
No, but when I talk with media I talk too much sometimes
and I see that as a bad trait when I sometimes say things without thinking first.
Does it happen often that you forget to think before you start talking?
Yes, I work that way. I say what comes to mind and that is both good and bad
which I've been talking about the whole time, that you must be able to say
what you want and so. So it's both for good and bad at the same time.
It can be my best trait and it can sometimes become my worst.
So now you know that Nicole.
How cool!
Thanks for your call.
Thanks! Ciao-ciao!
Bye! More calls now. Are you getting sweaty?
It is pretty hot in here. Hey there!
Hey! What's your name?
Felicia and Elvira
And Elvira. Felicia and Elvira, nice. What's your question for me?
Our question is: How does it feel that you have to reject
so many good looking fans every day, since you have a girlfriend?
What a good question!
I don't have to say 'no' so often because they know that I have her
and they have accepted that. They like me for my music and my performances
which I love because that's how every artist wants it to be, but I don't know,
many of you out there are very cute and sometimes I almost wish I could say 'yes'
but I can't say that. I don't know how I should answer really.
For me it's only about the music. Not about the private stuff.
I simply don't think about it very much.
Do you have a crush on Eric?
Not really. Rather in his music.
But we miss him a lot. We'll see his performance at "Gröna Lund" the 25th.
I really look forward to that. It will be an awesome show.
Right now we're in Halmstad otherwise we should have been at "Skansen" yesterday.
Halmstad? I'll be there the 4th of August.
But then we're home in Stockholm again.
Oh. How bad!
But you'll see each other in Stockholm then.
That will be at least as good. Take care.
Take care!
Thanks! Bye-bye!
Continue to call Eric on 0770 93 00 32. You have about 10 minutes left.
Ansiktet's "X" here in "Hallå P3" with Eric Saade.
Here we have a comment about our clever Web-TV broadcast.
"Hi, the live broadcast is really wonderful. It's great to read your lips
and see what you do during the songs. A really cosy and funny show. Love, Lovisa"
Great, how fun.
We are sitting here in the studio "swagging".
We do that!
You must learn that word! Say “swag”!
Swag, what does it mean?
Eh, it's just cool, you know.
We are “swagging”. Never mind, we will answer the phone instead.
Hello, what is your name?
Isabell, alright, your question to me is…?
I wonder, when you travel do you have something that you always bring with you?
Oh, I have many things I always bring. Like my computer.
My life is a bit in the computer since I travel a lot.
In it I have my life with me in some way. That's how boring it is today, but…
Toothbrush absolutely. I must get better at brushing my teeth at the nights.
My god, how dirty but I must get better!
Then I always have at least one glove with me on my travels.
Which you wear on stage later?
I wear it whenever I want too.
Okay, I understand. Thanks for your call!
I just want to say that I love you Eric Saade! You're the best!
Thanks a lot. I hope I'll see you at "Made of pop" in the summer.
Take care!
Yeah, I was at Liseberg.
You were at Liseberg? That's fun. Did you like the concert?
I loved it.
Great, but now we must move on. Thanks for your call!
I love you, bye.
Bye! What a love bombing. We have time for another call.