Go Sukashi - Season 2 - Ep #2: Love & Taxes

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-Um, let's just say that I have a charge on my credit
card bill for the Kamen Rider DVD season 1.
Would you know anything about that?
-Yeah-- yeah.
It's-- it's reference material.
-In reference to what?
SUKASHI (OFFSCREEN): Uh, crime-fighting.
Uh, you know, crime-fighting ref-- reference material.
How is a DVD box set going to help you fight crime?
SUKASHI (OFFSCREEN): We'll watch it.
You know, it's like crime-fighting.
And then we'll watch it, and we'll learn
how to fight crime.
You know, I was thinking also we could buy a super-sweet
motorcycle, and we could write that off that too.
You know write the DVD box set and the motorcycle off.
-Yeah, because I've always wanted a motorcycle.
-Well, it's for the job, you know.
Kamen Rider had one.
-So for your job you're going to buy a motorcycle and a DVD
box set, um, to write off on your taxes with my money.
I'm afraid the government would
disagree with you on that.
SUKASHI (OFFSCREEN): It's like-- it's like-- you know,
it's hard to explain.
It's like filing taxes.
You know, my power is like seeing and fighting
And your power is making money and paying for things.
It's like, if we join forces, we're unstoppable.
It's like, remember when we first met?
It was like a crossover.
We're both cool, you know.
And we were like, hey, wouldn't it be cool if these
two stories, like, crossed over a new, like, storyline--
but it wouldn't affect the continuities of our original
respective source materials?
Remember that?
That's what I'm talking about.
We join teams and share the resources.

ANNOUNCER (OFFSCREEN): Next time, learn the secret origins
of Sukashi.