Adam Lambert near miss!

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>> PHIL VILLENEUVE - Hello everyone we are here on the street in front of HMV Queen Street
West waiting for Adam Lambert arrival with some serious Glamberts right in front of us.
>> Yeah
>> PHIL VILLENEUVE - Okay so how long have you been a fan of this man??
>> For like three years
>> PHIL VILLENEUVE - Why are you a fan of his why are you so die hard?
>> Oh my gosh okay his voice first of all like there's such a range there like you know...talent.
His looks - gorgeous, flawless. His personality - he's so kind like to his fans to everyone
and umm I don't know he's like the entire package.
>> PHIL VILLENEUVE - He's a good package. How about you why do you love him?
>> I love him because I just love his voice and he's just like I don't know. He's an inspiration
you know and like the whole American Idol stuff I don't know I like him.
>> PHIL VILLENEUVE - What do you think about his album being number 1?
>> Not surprised. I so happy for him.
>> Not surprised. He deserves it.
>> PHIL VILLENEUVE - DId you match your shirts on purpose?
>> No.
>> Yes
>> PHIL VILLENEUVE - AWW. and did you especially wear this for Adam?
>> Yes. Except I'm not the one going in, he's the one with the pass.
>> Only one pass
>> PHIL VILLENEUVE - maybe you could pass it back like a ttc pass or something?
>> yeah could do that.
>> PHIL VILLENEUVE - so are you excited to see him? He's coming soon.
>> Yeah I'm excited of course
>> PHIL VILLENEUVE - what are you planning on saying?
>> That's what he was asking me! I just...I think he's really fun but I think he's also
done a lot for the gay world like he's comfortable being himself and even on the second album
he's singing about it a bit more and it's just normalized a bit more which is, I know
I don't want to say that to him necessarily, He'll see this now think "oh that nerd" But
I just think it's great that he's himself and that's all.
>> PHIL VILLENEUVE - That's great pop stars being himself. Who knew?
>> That's all I ask for. It takes a lot though right?
>> PHIL VILLENEUVE - Do you think it's important, I mean his album is number 1 as like a gay
artist in the states especially. Do you think that's something that's really important to
be happy about?
>> It is important and I am wondering if anyone is really talking about that fact or is it
just Adam Lambert? Like I wonder how much attention is coming to because there's a gay
artist openly gay singing about gay things with a number 1 album. It that coming out
or just that it's Adam Lambert?
>> PHIL VILLENEUVE - But will make sure it's coming out. We are going to make sure it's
coming out. Okay thanks boys.
>> ADAM LAMBERT - Hi guys. Where Am I Going?
>> ADAM LAMBERT - Nice to meet you what's you name?
>> Michael
>> ADAM LAMBERT - Hey Michael
>> ADAM LAMBERT - Hi How are you? Oh you got the album
>> Yeah
>> ADAM LAMBERT - How are you?
>> I'm good how are you?
>> ADAM LAMBERT - Thanks for coming, I'm good.
>> I just wanted to say that I'm like your biggest fan and you don't understand.
>> I just want to tell you that you are the only person to literally take my breath away
>> ADAM LAMBERT - Aww that's so sweet thank you that's so touching. Thank you so much.
>> Please come to Peterborough
>> ADAM LAMBERT - Where is that?
>> Peterborough two hours north.
>> ADAM LAMBERT - Okay I'm going to try.
>> Okay? Alright. Thank you
>> ADAM LAMBERT - Okay thanks for coming
How was it meeting Adam?
>> Umm. too exciting
>> PHIL VILLENEUVE - Was it? What did he sign for you?
>> A piece of paper and my cd
>> PHIL VILLENEUVE - and did you ask him anything?
>> I asked him if I could shake his hand and he said yes.
>> PHIL VILLENEUVE and it was a nice soft hand or was it hard?
>> It was both. Both at the same time!
>> PHIL VILLENEUVE - oh I love it!
>> PHIL VILLENEUVE - How was it meeting Adam Lambert?
>> It was fantastic I'm in this euphoric post-adam glow.
>> PHIL VILLENEUVE - What did you say to him?
>> I said "Hi - how are you" and then that was pretty much it.
>> PHIL VILLENEUVE - Did he wink at you or anything?
>> No. But he was really nice!
>> PHIL VILLENEUVE - I heard he's really nice. How did he smell?
>> I don't know I wasn't that close to him.
>> I actually commented on it. I said "You're lucky you get to stay so fresh in this air
conditioning. We've been sweating like you know nobody's business out in the heat waiting
for his presence.
>> PHIL VILLENEUVE - Okay good and his hair looked good didn't it?
>> Yeah it looks great.
>> Quaffed.
>> PHIL VILLENEUVE - flawless
>> We don't want to creep him out. We don't want to be creepy about it.
>> PHIL VILLENEUVE - you guys to a good approach. Thank you for talking to us.
>> PHIL VILLENEUVE - Hi everyone. We've reached the end of our evening here at HMV with Adam
Lambert and unfortunately we didn't get to speak with him because they wouldn't let us
have two seconds with him on camera. I'm not pissed or anything. But two seconds would
have been nice but I think he got to meet all of his fans and have a good time and we
got some good audience shots didn't we?�